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President Obama Joins Tumblr!

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Just in time to rally the youth vote in his favor! Yay!

Cue up your favorite GIF, because there is something to celebrate on Tumblr this week: President Barack Obama.

The leader of the free world has joined the masses on the social networking site to keep voters the world up-to-date with all his goings on. His page has only been up for 24 hours, but it's already got quite a following.

On his page, you'll get

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The Hoff Doesn't Know If He Is In Love Or Not

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And he's taking his confusion out on Twitter.

We were all set to send our condolences to David Hasselhoff's broken heart this morning, as he had tweeted that his 6 month relationship with his girlfriend Hayley Roberts was over. In fact, he said that the young thing actually dumped HIM. Burn!

But then, no sooner did he mention that he had been dumped did he delete the tweet and told the world that everything between he and Hayley was fine and that they're "doing great." He even repeatedly posted the sentence:

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KStew DOWN! Kristen Injured On The Set Of Snow White And The Huntsman!

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ZOMG NO! She can't be hurt! She has a vampire-baby to support and vampire-baby movie to promote and, and…

Oh wait. She's okay? Oh, good on her then. Such a tough cookie!

News travels fast in social networking and this morning, we came to find out via the Twitter of one of the duke's soldiers in the flick that Kristen Stewart was hurt on the set of Snow White And The Huntsman.

The fairest of them all had a fairly minor accident though as the extra, Max Manganello, revealed she was "fine" following her scuffle.

Got to be careful with all those swords and horses and shiz! You're not in Forks anymore!

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Juror Tries To Facebook FRIEND The Defendant In Court Case!


Are you kidding? What would make ANYONE think this is remotely appropriate?

22-year-old pizza delivery man Jonathan Hudson was apparently serving jury duty in a car crash case in Texas, when he decided it would be a good idea to friend the DEFENDANT, Courtney Downing on FACEBOOK!

When she told her lawyer, Hudson was kicked off the jury and charged with contempt of court. He then pled guilty, and was sentenced to two days of community service.

Of course, this didn't stop the genius from once again messaging Downey over the social-networking site:

"I'm pretty upset over this…I guess you know what it feels like to be prosecuted too. Good luck with everything."

All right - WHAT?!

A) What would this guy have to gain from friending the person for whom he was serving JURY DUTY?! Is he stoopid?! You can't be friends when you're making a decision that will affect the court's ruling!

B) You contact her again? REALLY? As if she's at fault for his dumbass decision!

Absolutely RIDICULOUS!

You have no one to blame but yourself, buddy. Just be grateful the judge didn't come down any harder on you!

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Everybody! Welcome Cheryl Cole To Twitter!

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It's going to be hard for us to concentrate today.

Chezza is on Twitter - and nothing hurts!!!

Cheryl Cole has decided to join the masses on the social networking site and unlike some people who've signed up (cough Vanessa Hudgens cough), she's actually already started tweeting!

Her first tweet just went out a few hours ago, saying:

"It's me CC! WHERE MY SOLDIERS AT…….?!!! I can't believe what my fingers are doing but yes I'm tweeting :-s so here goes…X"

WoooEeee! Gurl, you're going to love it! All the fans giving you love, all your friends sending you funny links! You won't regret this!!!

Oh, and if you're looking for someone to follow….

CLICK HERE to follow Perez! We're most definitely going to be following you!!!!

Team Chezza! Let's get her to one million followers by the end of the day!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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An Offer You Can't Refuse! The Godfather Game Coming To Facebook!

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San Francisco-based social game developer Kabam is bringing the underworld to social networking. The company announced today that Paramount Pictures has agreed to license them their Oscar-winning film The Godfather to be turned into a social game for Facebook.

Now, fans of the already established game Mafia Wars might not care so much, but real movie buffs who love the classic film series might really get suckered into this. The game is called The Godfather: Five Families and takes place in New York City in the 1930s, a decade before where the first movie in the film trilogy starts. As a player, you are born into one of the five mafia families Francis Ford Coppola created and then you must find a way to become don, by any means necessary.

As always, the game is free to start, but not if you plan on making it to don. Then, you'll have to start spending a little cash to get the weapons and special skills you'll need.

Sounds fun for those who always wanted to be Brando. Not so much for anyone else.

Think U might join this family???

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Rihanna Has Over 40 Million Facebook Fans, Too!

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She's joining the ranks with the best of them!

Rihanna has just officially joined Eminem and Lady GaGa as one of the top three celebrities with the most fans on Facebook, as she has just gained over 40 million of them!

However, the rapper still stands as the most-liked on the social networking site, having 42 million fans!

Hey! 40-42 million - once the numbers are that high, it's like splitting hairs anyway!

You should be proud of yourself, gurl! We certainly are!

Keep up the good work!

[Image via WENN.]

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