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True Blood: Sookie Meets ANOTHER Love Interest In New Teaser!

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Half vamp-tastic love is in the air!!!

HBO unveiled a sneak peek of True Blood Season 6 Ep. 2, The Sun, showing how Sookie meets her new love interest, Ben!

In the season premiere, Mizz Stackhouse makes a conscious choice to try living the life she used to, but that's before hearing moans from a wounded hunk on the side of the road.

She does her best to ignore the man, but obvi needs to make sure he's okay!

Sooks hears him thinking about the scent of his blood before admitting to being attacked by a vampyyy. That’s when she realizes something…

He’s a halfling faerie like her!

Ch-ch-check it ouuttt (above)!!!

We wonder if Stephen Moyer will be directing their love scenes?!

That's something we could sink our teeth into!

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Eric Is Red Hot In Blood In The New True Blood Season 6 Stills! See All 22 HERE!

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true blood season 6 still

We’re getting our fangs wet for the return of True Blood! Especially now that the network has released 22 new stills from the show’s upcoming sixth season!!

Stakes are higher than ever as the battle between vampires and humans continues, but what will happen to our beloved Sookie Stackhouse and Eric now that Billith is on the rise?!

Ch-ch-check out all the stills (below) for a look at the returning characters!

And be sure to take note of those new to Bon Temps, including Rob Kazinsky, set to play the fairy Ben Flynn, Rutger Hauer as the new potential villain Niall Brigant, and Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Nicole Wright!

P.S. CLICK HERE to watch the trailer!

[Image via HBO.]

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True Blood Wartime Sneaky Episode Peeks!

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The battle is upon us children of Lilith! And we simply cannot contain our blood thirst for True Blood's sweet, sweet ruby liquid!

So join us as we slip our fangs into the still-beating heart of these supreme sneak peeks from Sunday's episode, Gone, Gone, Gone!

Does Vamper Jess still harbor feelings for not-so-sweetie pie Hoyt (above)?! And WHO is a kn-kn-knocking on Sookeh's door (below)!?

It can't be Russell Edgington ’cause he's too busy romancin' his vampire-loveh to the dulcid tones of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream (below)!!

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HBO Teases BLOODY True Blood Season Finale!

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We spent all year sucking up every droplet of season 5 spoilers we could sniff out, and now it is coming to a sticky end!!

Like a vamper after receiving the true death, there's hardly anything left. But, there is still so much to resolve!

How will they do it?

According to this new "End of Season" promo, there's gonna be a LOT of Beel yelling "Sookeh" before this all ends!

What are U waiting for, fang bangers??

PRESSSSS PLAAAAAY (above) to see what the future holds for Bon Temps!

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True Blood Gets Taken Over By TY KU-Sipping Fangbangers!

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Tyku True Blood Episode

Awwww, Sookie, Sookie sake, sake now!

We all know by now how much Vampire Bill can’t get enough of Sookie’s sweet, sweet blood…but we didn’t know vamps loved sake, too!

In Sunday’s episode of True Blood, we spied a case of the super smooth sake, TY KU, in the back room of Fangtasia!

Check out the screencap (above) from when Tara went back to bring out some True Blood!

Wait…vampires drink TY KU too??? Does that make us…?!

Guess the liquor tastes good mixed with just about anything, LOLz!

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True Blood Suffers A Major Vampire Hangover!

Guys… what did we DO last night?!

Oh, only drink the hallucinogenic, ancient blood of Vampire Goddess Lilith which made us trip giant, deathly ballz!

After last week's sublimely insane True Blood episode, we are practically staking ourselves to find out how Sexy vampire Eric and vampire King Beeeehl deal with the fatal aftermath of their drugged up, religious excursion!

Thankfully our prayers have been answered, and NOT in the form of an acid-inspired blood-bath, PHEW!

Get a sneaky, dreamy peek of those wild and crazy kids vamps (above)!

And are Jason and Sookie still sniffing around fairy strip-clup land, searching for their parents' fanged killers?


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True Blood: Sookie Gets A Twin! Kinda…

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true blood sookie fairy season five twin

Another Sookie???

What in the name of Bon Temps is goin' on here??

First of all, we're still wondering what the new supernatural being is. Any bets??

We think it's either gonna be

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