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Victorious! Comic Book Justice For Neil Gaiman

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You're not supposed to take things that aren't yours, especially in this business.

Author Neil Gaiman won his day in court this morning when he successfully sued for royalties from artist Todd McFarlane. You nerds know Todd as the guy who created the Spawn comic series.

So you know the characters Domina, Tiffany, and Dark Ages Spawn from the comics?! Well, they are actually based off of Neil's work in the series! Back in 1993, Neil was invited by Todd to pen an issue, an issue that introduced these characters under different names. Still, even with new names, it was clear to the jury that the characters had been derived from Neil's original work. Now, Todd and his team have to do some math and work out how much Neil is owed in royalties from the comics and the posters and the trading cards and the t-shirts and the mouse pads and the lunch boxes and the POGS and …. you get the idea.

Congrats, Neil! Hope the large sum of $$$ helps ease the pain of betrayal! (We're sure it will!)

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Bristol And Levi Plan To Spawn More!


So glad to hear that the still-teenaged Bristol Palin is already thinking about spawning more!

The daughter of Sexy Sarah, who is currently living in sin reconciled with her douchey baby daddy Levi Johnston, is already talking about about the possibility of more children, but she assures her mom the world that it won't happen anytime soon!

She says:

"I'm going to wait a while, definitely. I'm not going to rush into having another kid. But Tripp will have a brother or sister, eventually."

Oh great!

Not that you asshats should have ever combined their genes to create anything, but one is certainly enough, girl!

Exactly how many kiddies are you going to have running around while you two famewhores attempt to get on reality television?!

BARF. We have sickening, nightmarish feeling that Bristol and Levi are fast tracking their way to becoming the new Speidi, which means they've GOT to be stopped…but how?!


[Image via WENN.]

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Say It Ain't So! More Spawn For Mucca?!



It's bad enough that there's already a child in the world that has to call that hack 'Mom' - is she really going to terrorize another one?!

Evil Heather Mills is reportedly looking into adoption!!

She confirms:

"I wouldn't have another child because the world is already too overpopulated. But I might adopt one."

We'd suggest she get a puppy, but NO living thing deserves that kind of punishment!

The next time you're feeling especially maternal, how about you go dig up one of Beatrice's old cabbage patch kids, bb?!

We think you've done quite ENOUGH 'child-rearing!'

[Image via WENN.]

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