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The DMV Doesn't Care Who You Are, Jessica Simpson!

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Oh, man! This must have been EPIC!

We wish we could have seen it in person! LOLz!

Jessica Simpson reportedly got quite the taste of humble pie recently when she attempted to use her star power for special treatment while renewing her license at the DMV - and was shot down by one of the badass bitches employed at the hell on Earth.

According to a witness:

"Jessica didn't want to sit with the average Joes who were ahead of her. So she went to the front desk and asked in a low voice if she could have access to a private room while waiting for her number to be called. The no-nonsense female staffer answered Jessica in a loud, forceful voice, saying, 'Miss Simpson, we didn't do that for the governor and we certainly aren't doing it for you!' Jessica pouted and scowled as she sat with her arms folded and stared straight ahead, kicking her foot. But hopefully she learned two big lessons - everyone gets treated the same way at the DMV and next time, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!"

Burn! Talk about HUMILIATING!

We would have been MORTIFIED!

But then again, just as the witness pointed out…we also would have been smart enough to make an appointment!

That's the only way you can EVER get anything done there!

Hopefully gurlfriend will think twice the next time she considers using her celeb status to get special treatment!

Lesson learned, right, Jessica?!

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Justin Bieber's Mom Cancels His Phone Plan!

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justin biebers mother cancels his cell phone plan

Hopefully he doesn't also get grounded on the same night of the Grammy Awards!

Justin Bieber was given a harsh reminder that he's still a kid when his mother cancelled his phone plan.

Here's what he had to say about it:

"Mom travels with me. We argue yes, I think every parent and son argue, but I love my mom. I think it's good she travels with me but sometimes I need a break because I'm with her 24/7, but I love her, I like being with her."

More from The Biebs:

"The other day she cancelled my phone plan. We got into an argument about something stupid, and she was like, 'Give me the phone', and I was like, 'No', so she just went and cancelled it."

Now he won't be able to take calls from Usher or play Snake!

We get the idea of trying to treat him like a normal kid, but then again, if your typical teenage boy loses his cell phone, he might miss out on plans to go to the mall. Bieber could miss an opportunity to record a duet with Kanye West.

Hopefully he makes amends with his mom soon!

Do U think Justin Bieber's mom should be able to treat him like an actual teenager? Or does he deserve special treatment?

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Paris Hilton Given Special Treatment In Drug Arrest

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Paris Hilton was released from jail only three hours after her drug arrest and Las Vegas police are even admitting that they gave the heiress special treatment.

She was out of jail in half the time it takes to process people facing similar charges! Metropolitan Police Deputy Chief Jim Dixon, who runs the Clark County Detention Center, did admit that the booking process was expedited to get her a separate room and out of jail ASAP.

Dixon added:

"Yeah, she was treated differently so I don't have a disruption of my process here at the county jail. When you bring somebody in like that, everybody comes over and tries to look at them. I'd have officers attempting to keep inmates away from her. I'd have disruptions.

She was moved along out of the general area and put in isolation where nobody can actually get to her. … As soon as (her release on her own recognizance) was pushed through, she was kicked out."

Although Jessica Murray of Bob's Bail Bonds doesn't think that Paris should have been moved along so fast.

"I could understand putting her in a separate room. But I don't understand putting her above everyone else," added Murray. "If you're alleged to commit a crime, you get treated like everybody else."

Paris will appear before Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Joe Bonaventure on October 27th and we'll see if she gets special treatment then.

[Image via WENN.]

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Charlie Sheen Negotiating Smoking Privileges In Jail

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Such a diva!

Due to the debacle in Aspen over Christmas, Charlie Sheen may serve up to 45 days in jail. And his biggest concern is being able to smoke behind bars!

The actor's attorney, Richard Cummins, has been asking local law officials if they would be willing make an exception for Charlie regarding the jail's no-smoking policy.

Authorities are not likely to bend over backwards for Sheen, but Aspen's Pitkin County Jail does allow nicotine patches for inmates.

Compared to other jails, Pitkin County is luxury living. The spacious living area is covered with plants, inmates have access to the TV and they are allowed to mingle with the opposite sex in shared areas.

The jail is also known for its cuisine. On Christmas day, the jail served prime rib for lunch and Cornish hen for dinner.

"He'd be crazy not to want to do his time here in Aspen," said an official.

Inmates served prime rib?! WTF?!

This is jail. Not the country club!

[Image via WENN.]

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O.J. Simpson Gets Down With His Gays Behind Bars

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This is absolutely ridiculous!

O.J. Simpson apparently has a giant gay fanbase in prison with him at Nevada's Lovelock Correctional Center!

According to an unnamed former prisoner, Simpson is known as 'Daddy Juice,' and is doted upon and receives special privileges from a group of gay inmates who call themselves 'The Girls!'


The source claims:

"O.J. may be a pariah on the outside, but in prison, he's still a somebody. He's really tight with 'The Girls.' Whenever we'd be let out to the yard, O.J. would almost always hang out with them. The 'girls' treated him like he was a king."

We don't understand why ANYONE would want to dote on him, but regardless, this is the funniest shiz we've heard all day!

Maybe O.J. will discover his inner Queen behind bars!!

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