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The DeLorean Is Now A Bike??

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Delor Bike

The DeLorean is now a bike!

Yeah yeah, it doesn't have the super cool doors, flux capacitor, or really the ability to go 88 mph, but still — it's a DeLorean bike! And that's cool!

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World's Fastest Amphibious Car!

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Everyone, we'd like you to meet the Sea Lion.

Sea Lion, meet everyone.


Check it out — this car can transition into a speed boat IN SECONDS.

Not only that, but it's the fastest land-speed amphibious car. Meaning, it goes 125 mph on land and a whopping 60 mph in water — which is extremely fast and has earned it some records!


Watch the video (above) to see it in action!!

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Ricardo Rodriguez Gets Ticket On Way To RAW!

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Ricardo Speeding Ticket


Looks like this WWE star had a smack-down himself — from the cops who weren't too pleased that he was speeding on his way to work!

It's true, Ricardo Rodriguez got a ticket on the way to WWE RAW!

The thing is this, though: it wasn't just your average speeding ticket.

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Why Boxing Is A Fantastic Form Of Fitness

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Alex Brenes pic

Boxing will whip your butt into shape pretty quick, but FitPerez reader Janis wrote Alex Brenes to ask:

Hello Mr Brenes,

What are the fitness components in boxing?

According to Alex:

Janis, that's and easy one,all of them, Strenght (hit harder), speed (hit and move faster), endurance (hit harder, faster and move longer), agility (don't get hit and hit some body), coordination (don't be clumsy so you can do it right), nutrition (provide your body the fuel needed to perfom to the maximum). Done right like we do at DeLaBBC, boxing is one of the most complete ways to get in the best shape of your life!

Got more questions? Tweet Alex @ABrenesBoxing and check out his boxing gym or write to Tips@FitPerez.com for more answers!

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Older Men Who Walk Three Miles Per Hour Outrun Death…Literally!

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At last, we know how fast the Grim Reapers runs walks!

A study comparing the walking speeds of elderly men found the faster a man walk, longer he lives.

The study was done over five years surveying 1,700 Australian men aged 70+.

266 died. With their deaths, the researchers were able to estimate the Grim Reaper's speed.

The Grim Reaper catches you if you walk less 1.8 miles an hour!

Admittedly, the study was tongue in cheek.

But it did find that older men who walk at least three MPH live longer.

[Image via Family Guy Wiki.]

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New Couple Alert!


Oh man. This is one of the best things we've ever heard!

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves have been good friends since they co-starred together in the action flick Speed 17 years ago, but according to sources close to the two, they've moved past platonic and are now officially DATING!

According to the insider:

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The Benefits Of Quicker Repetitions In The Weight Room

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Alex Brenes pic

As we've heard from other fitness experts, lifting weights with a combination of cardio is a great way to lose weight, while getting your body in better shape.

FitPerez reader Jodie wants to know if lifting weights at different speeds will yield different results and wrote our favorite boxer Alex Brenes for some help! She asked:

Hi Alex!

Love that you are a new contributor on FitPerez & I am happy to say that I am going to come down and try your class at DeLaBBc.

My question is - I am an average size 27 year old who frequently lifts weights at the gym. Should I lift weights as fast as possible? Or should I slow them down in certain parts of the lifting?

According to Alex:

Hey Jodie!


I can tell you fast reps with low weight will help you with definition and speed. Use heavier weights for strengthening and muscle gain. (Muscle is heavier than fat).

I hope to see you at DeLaBBC some time and keep your hands up…

Got more questions? Tweet Alex @ABrenesBoxing for more answers!

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