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Jack Swagger Found GUILTY Of Weed-Related DUI! Will Do NO Time!

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jack swagger wwe guilty of speeding dui weed 2

Jack Swagger likes his steak with a big ole helping of FREEDOM!

Well, sort of freedom.

The WWE star was arrested for a DUI in Biloxi, Mississippi back in February after the police found marijuana in his car.

Swagger, whose real name is

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Justin Bieber’s Bestiez Caught Speeding Around Calabasas In His Cars — Again!!

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justin bieber

Quite frankly, we are Beliebers!! But that doesn't mean we belieb in Justin Bieber’s bestiez, especially when they can’t stop getting him in trouble.

Two of his more notorious friends and housemates are Lil Za and Lil Twist, and boyyyy do they like to drive fast.

In this episode of, "What Kind of Trouble Can Justin's Friends Get Into Next?", the two "Lil" guys were caught speeding around Justin’s Calabasas neighborhood. Again.

Neighbors have complained about that possibly cursed white Ferrari before, so this is not a new thing.

A neighbor was going about her day-to-day when Lil Twist got tired of her slow driving, so he speeded

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Justin Bieber Finally Off The Hook! Video PROVES He Wasn't Behind The Speedy Wheel!

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justin bieber happy gif

At least, he's off the hook for this debacle!

Law enforcement went to Justin Bieber's cozy Calabasas home to check out security footage from Memorial Day — the same day Keyshawn Johnson and other neighbors were infuriated by the speeding done with Biebs' car throughout the neighborhood.

But just like Tyler, The Creator said, the video footage proves it was Tyler behind the ferocious Ferrari wheel and NOT the little prince!

Justin simply follows behind on his motorcycle, with Keyshawn showing up about 30 seconds later. And therein lies the confusion!!

Guess the eyewitness who said it was Biebs driving was lying, huh?

Though the case will still be sent over to the D.A. for review, a source finds it highly unlikely that criminal charges will be filed against anyone.

Congratz, Biebs!! Now, as for that spitting mess, that one might be a leetle harder to get out of! Keep your legal team on point!!

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Justin Bieber NOT Off The Hook For Daredevil Speeding! Investigators Smell Something Fishy!

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Justin bieber speeding evidence not tyler the creator

We spoke too soon.

While Justin Bieber's loyal friend, Tyler, the Creator, admitted that he was the one driving Bieby's ferrari at frighteningly fast speeds, police are STILL not convinced.

Actually, deputies are positively certain it was little rascal JB who was in the driver's seat!

Biebs causing trouble? But he is such a little angel. LOLz!

Believe it or not, Sheriff's investigators have at least 2 eyewitnesses that are sure that Calabasas' most beloved neighbor was behind the wheel.

We're not going to jump to any conclusions here, but didn't Justin's security say they had footage to prove that he wasn't responsible??! Why haven't they turned the supposed evidence to police??!

We KNEW Tyler was a bit too happy to take the blame! Sounds like he might Belieb a bit too much! LOLz!

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Justin Bieber's Neighbors Kicking Him Out Of The Neighborhood?!

justin bieber neighborhood protest

Selena Gomez isn't the only one fed up with The Bieb's antics!

Justin Bieber has acted out one too many times for his friendly neighbors in what is supposed to be a tranquil, suburban Calabasas gated community.

The residents that surround JB's party pad are uniting to force the homeowners association in their gated community punish the rowdy superstar or else they'll hit 'em where it hurts — by REFUSING to pay their dues!

We're not talking about a few dollar bills either!

Sources spill that 500 residents are supposed to pay

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Justin Bieber Off The Hook For Reckless Driving?! Tyler, The Creator ADMITS He Was Driving!

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tyler the creator justin bieber takes blame for speeding

Hot damn!

The plot thickens, Perezcious readers!

We had heard rumblings about Tyler, the Creator getting the blame for the speeding and reckless driving incident in Justin Bieber's neighborhood, but it looks like it isn't just rumblings going on.

In fact, the Biebs might be off the hook because Tyler actually IS happy to take the blame!

Tyler revealed some BREAKING news on Twitter about the whole incident:

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Justin Bieber's Speed-Mobile PULLED OVER! Guess Who Was Behind The Wheel!

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justin bieber crotch grab tour gif

Okay, look.

We're not saying Justin Bieber's friends are ill-intentioned.

We're not even saying they're necessarily bad kids. They could be rebelling for all sorts of reasons.

But WHY WHY WHY would you treat his property recklessly?

Lil Twist was driving Justin's white Ferrari when it was pulled over for speeding Wednesday. The cops caught him after he zoomed out of Bieb's gated community but let him slide with just a warning.

If you'll recall, Baby Twistie was the same one behind the wheel the night the photographer was killed too.

Hmm… Maybe the little prince should get his friends a less expensive car to ride around in. Sounds like the practical thing to us, LOLz!

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