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Lindsay Lohan: The Mystery Of The Missing Money!


So that's why Linday Lohan's fingers get so sticky around expensive jewels… she literally has NO MONEY!

But where does it all go?! Why can't Our Lady of Perpetual Chaos pay any of her taxes?!

Well it seems that Lindsay's lavish spending habits are as allegedly out of control as her drinking!

One insider reveals:

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Michael Phelps Has One Crazy Game Of Poker In Sin City…And Walks Away With $100K!

michael phelps wins 100k poker las vegas

Holy shiz!

Michael Phelps reportedly took Las Vegas by STORM this weekend, and while he sadly kept his clothes on, he managed to make a whopping $100,000 from just ONE game of poker!

According to sources, the Olympic swimmer and his friends played cash poker at Caesar's Palace, which is where the odds were CLEARLY in his favor!

And just to prove

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Their Love's Price Tag Broken Down!

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Kim Kardashian Kanye Spending Amount

Man, it’s so hard not to act reckless when you’re livin’ the Good Life like Kimye!

Jay-Z and Beyonce’s power couple counterparts, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, have been combining their bank accounts and spending MASSIVE amounts ever since going public with their relationship in April!

So just how much cash has the duo dropped in recent months???


Dayum, KimYeezy!

Along with pricey

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Sesame Street Is Teaching Kids About The Value Of Money

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Sesame Street is taking initiative to teach kids about fixing our economy money while they're young!

The educational programs project called For Me, For You, For Later, uses games, videos, and activities to teach children the importance of saving, spending, and sharing.

They make managing money look so easy, even a pre-schooler can do it! So why can't the rest of America? Ha!

Kids will also learn that while sharing their money with people in need is good, sharing their TIME can be even better!

Check out the video above for the full scoop and to see how smart Sesame Street makes pre-schoolers!

Do U think this program will have any long term benefits for our county's economy?

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Miley's Been On A Spending Spree!

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Miley Has Been Spending Huge Amounts Of Money

The young starlet has been spending money like it's her only job in the world!

Recently, insiders have said that Miley recently spent $500k on fractional ownership of a private jet last week.

Okay, okay. This might be necessary if she's traveling all the time and doesn't want to have to deal with rabid crowds when flying publicly. We get it. Well, we get it enough.

Let's continue.

She has also apparently been shopping like a hurricane, because she's spent hundreds (HUNDREDS) of thousands in clothing in the last few months!

The source also says that she's already spent more than a million dollars this year. And what month is it? Oh yeah, it's only MARCH!


A cold mil and it's only March?? Gurl, take a breather!

But if you wanna take us shopping in Italy sometime soon on the private jet, we aren't gonna complain!


Miley, we love you! Don't go broke!

[Image via WENN.]

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Quote Of The Day

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"I'm very careful about the things I buy, because a year from now, I know I'm gonna look at a thing that I spent 30 grand on and say, 'What the heck was I thinking? I don't want a diamond skull."

-Miley Cyrus to Marie Claire

[Image via WENN.]

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Kate Gosselin In Financial Trouble For Diva Spending!

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We have a hard time believing that anyone with that many kids would be so foolish with her spending, but then again, we are talking about Kate Gosselin!

Sources close to the reality mom have revealed that despite earning a fortune from her show Kate Plus Eight and Dancing With The Stars, she's blown through almost all of it!

They explain:

"Kate lives like she is a movie star. She flies first class and stays at the most expensive hotels and spends money on herself like it's going out of fashion. Remember, this is a woman who once spent $7,000 on a haircut! Kate was hoping to get paid to endorse a bunch of products. She thought she would earn millions by advertising baby carriages, food and cloths, but no one wanted her. The poor thing even thought she would get a deal with Cover Girl after being on 'Dancing With The Stars,' instead they went with Beyonce. Kate is so worried about her finances that she's even thinking about getting a real job."

Good! We think that she should work normally again!

We hate to say it, but girl is probably long overdue for an attitude adjustment! She needs to remember that her first priority is being a mom!


[Image via WENN.]

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