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The Spider-Man Musical Gets Some Competition…

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From off-Broadway!

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at SPIDERMUSICAL! (above)

No, no. Not Spider-Man, the musical. That's the billion dollar trainwreck Bono's left stranded on 42nd street. Spidermusical is a block over, in a regrettably smaller theater, with just as much music and action, at a fraction of the cost to them and you.

The hope of the cast and crew is to get up and running before the actual Spider-Man musical makes its debut…which is pretty much a definite at this point.

It looks like a really fun show! If you're in NYC, ch-ch-check it out!

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Spider-Man Musical Expected To Officially Open This Summer

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But if it will actually open this summer remains to be seen.

According to lead producers Michael Cohl and Jeremiah J. Harris, after a lot of firing, injury and rescheduling, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark's official opening night will be Tuesday, June 14, 2011.

The show will go on hiatus to implement all the new changes for the next several weeks and will start up a second round of previews on Thursday, May 12th.

Alright…here's hoping! Use this time wisely! Millions upon millions of dollars are at stake here!

Noooo pressure!!!

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Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Producers Hire More New People To Save The Show

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spiderman musical bring in new musical consultant to fix orchestration

You know that saying/Queen song that goes, "the show must go on" ? Yeah, maybe that isn't the case for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark if they need this much extra help to make it work.

So far, the producers of Bono's Spider-Man musical have hired a new writer to rework the show's book, a co-director to reign in Julie Taymor and now, they've announced they've hired a new musical consultant to work on the orchestration.

Producers have revealed to sources that they have hired Paul Bogaev, whose previous Broadway credits include Tarzan, Bombay Dreams and Aida, to work with the cast and orchestra on the musical arrangements and sound quality of the songs.

So, the acting is no good, the story's no good and the music's no good.

Why exactly should people shell out $200 bucks for a seat to this show again???

[Image via WENN.]

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Bono & The Edge To Attend All The Performances Of Spider-Man Next Week

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The big guys are coming to town! Let's hope their money time is well spent!

According to a production spokesman, Julie Taymor will be joined by Bono and The Edge at all of next week's preview performances for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. As the director and composers, respectfully, its important for them to be there in order to see if the show needs anymore fine-tuning. The spokesman explains:

“Julie and Bono and Edge…will be in the theater next week and for all of the preview performances leading up to the opening night working on the show.”

The spokesman added that the opening date is still officially Feb. 7, 2011 and considering recent events involving cast members being severely injured, there are already changes being made to the production without Bono & The Edge having seen it.

No specifics were given on what kind of changes are being considered so far, but when the topic of last week's catastrophe was brought up, all the spokesman would say is that the team isn't letting the accident stop them from continuing with the show. He added:

"If anything, this has created a [sense of] solidarity.”

All for one and we hope there's enough medics for all!

We kid, we kid. It's horrible what happened, but they were accidents. We're sure every precaution is being considered to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

[Image via WENN.]

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Julie Taymor Cancels Interview Due To Spider-Man Rehearsal



Due to the complications stemming from the troubled Broadway production of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, director Julie Taymor has canceled an upcoming speaking engagement at a New York Times event in which she was to be interviewed by staffer Patrick Healy!

According to a press representative:

"With the changes to the Spider-Man production schedule, Julie will be deep in rehearsals and will not be available to participate."

Somehow, we think there's a little more to it than that!


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Spider-Man Musical Canceled Post-Accident!


For goodness sake! These guys need to seriously re-evaluate the logistics of this show!

It's CLEARLY not safe!

After a lead stunt double Chris Tearney fell 30 feet last night during Monday night's show of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, yesterday's matinee performance was canceled!

However, spokesman Rick Miramontez insists:

“The production knows exactly what happened at Monday’s performance, and it is being dealt with. This is a maneuver that has been done hundreds, if not a thousand times, without incident, and additional redundancies are being put into place to ensure that will never happen again.”

We understand that a lot of money has gone into this thing, but honestly - if they can't get it right, they need to just stop! This is FOURTH person in a matter of months to be injured!

How many more have to hurt themselves?!

What do U think?? What should be done with Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark??

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New Images Of Spidey Musical Explain Safety Concerns, First Look At Villains

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Much thanks to Annie Leibovitz and Vogue for bringing us this theatrical look at the theatrics of Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark, but now more than ever, we have our doubts that this show isn't going to live up the hype.

Vogue has an exclusive look at some of the action, romance, and settings for the upcoming Spidey musical, that until now has been kept under wraps. In the article, we get our first look at Reeve Carney as Peter Parker, Jennifer Damiano as Mary Jane Watson and three main villains of the piece: Green Goblin, Carnage and Swiss Miss.

You can check out the rest of the pics in the gallery (below), but allow us to direct your attention to the stunt picture of Spidey, Green Goblin and Mary Jane. This seems to be a depiction of the staging that is causing all of the safety problems and has brought the show to another expensive halt. Apparently, the three characters get caught in an epic battle that sends them soaring above the orchestra crowd and places them right on a separate stage on the first tier balcony. The article explains further:

"To help create that immersive experience, Taymor turned to her frequent collaborator the brilliant Russian designer George Tsypin, who has a gift for haunting dreamscapes. He removed the orchestra pit and the proscenium, bringing the audience and the action together. (When Spider-Man makes his first entrance, he swings from the back of the set to the foot of the stage, landing mere inches from the innocent bystanders in the first row.) In one sequence, the fisticuffs between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin atop the Chrysler Building lead to Spidey’s jumping off the ledge—and suddenly the scenery shifts to a forced perspective that makes us feel as if we are staring down the side of a skyscraper into the street. Next thing we know, Spider-Man and the Goblin are whizzing through the air over our heads, locked in mortal combat, landing on a platform attached to the first balcony. “The people in the cheap seats are going to get quite a show,” says Taymor. If everything works, the audience should feel the vertiginous thrill of having landed in the pages of an expressionist comic book sprung to life. With a cast of 41 and no fewer than 37 scene changes, Taymor is clearly working hard to keep all the balls in the air. “I know it’s too much, but is that bad?” she asks. “Seriously, if you don’t want to do something ambitious that’s never been seen before, why do you bother?”

Sounds pretty awesome, but clearly has some logistics to be worked through before it is ready.

This thing is bleeding money, but maybe if they can keep the buzz up with spreads like this, they'll be able to make some of it back.

Here's hoping!

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