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Original Version Of Spider-Man Musical Swings On 42nd St For The Last Time

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An end to a era, but hopefully the next chapter will be better than the last.

It's been a grueling few months for the cast, crew and creators of Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark. The $65 million musical has found most of its cast in the hospital, its director without a job and its reviews scathing to say the least. With time not on their side, producers have planned a major overhaul of the "historic" show creatively and are hoping to get it back on its feet next month.

So this weekend, the original version of the show, imagined by director Julie Taymor and her team, will take its final bow swing. After that, the show will go on a three-week hiatus to implement all the new changes.

We're sure this is for the best, but then again, what other choice do they have really? Hopefully, whatever producers have up their sleeve will be profitable to them and still enticing for audiences.

Good luck with that!

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Spider-Man Ditches The "Geek Chorus"

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To all those nerdy theater arts kids who thought Bono had finally written a role with them in mind - consider your dreams dashed.

In what of what are sure to be MANY changes from to the creative format of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, sources reveal that the show's "Geek Chorus" has been nixed. The idea stemmed from the use of a chorus in classical Greek dramas and featured three comic geeks and a young woman who would show up intermittently to explain some key plot points.

However, when pushed for more details on the change, a spokesman for the show would only say:

“The production will not comment on any substantive changes to the show."

Makes sense. In actuality, it was Julie Taymor who came up with the idea of having the Geek Chorus. She's out, so why shouldn't all of her contributions?

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The Spider-Man Musical Gets Some Competition…

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From off-Broadway!

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at SPIDERMUSICAL! (above)

No, no. Not Spider-Man, the musical. That's the billion dollar trainwreck Bono's left stranded on 42nd street. Spidermusical is a block over, in a regrettably smaller theater, with just as much music and action, at a fraction of the cost to them and you.

The hope of the cast and crew is to get up and running before the actual Spider-Man musical makes its debut…which is pretty much a definite at this point.

It looks like a really fun show! If you're in NYC, ch-ch-check it out!

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Spider-Man Musical Expected To Officially Open This Summer

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But if it will actually open this summer remains to be seen.

According to lead producers Michael Cohl and Jeremiah J. Harris, after a lot of firing, injury and rescheduling, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark's official opening night will be Tuesday, June 14, 2011.

The show will go on hiatus to implement all the new changes for the next several weeks and will start up a second round of previews on Thursday, May 12th.

Alright…here's hoping! Use this time wisely! Millions upon millions of dollars are at stake here!

Noooo pressure!!!

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Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Producers Hire More New People To Save The Show

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spiderman musical bring in new musical consultant to fix orchestration

You know that saying/Queen song that goes, "the show must go on" ? Yeah, maybe that isn't the case for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark if they need this much extra help to make it work.

So far, the producers of Bono's Spider-Man musical have hired a new writer to rework the show's book, a co-director to reign in Julie Taymor and now, they've announced they've hired a new musical consultant to work on the orchestration.

Producers have revealed to sources that they have hired Paul Bogaev, whose previous Broadway credits include Tarzan, Bombay Dreams and Aida, to work with the cast and orchestra on the musical arrangements and sound quality of the songs.

So, the acting is no good, the story's no good and the music's no good.

Why exactly should people shell out $200 bucks for a seat to this show again???

[Image via WENN.]

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