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Every Glee-Tail: Santana Claus Is Coming To Town

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Very few things are off-limits in the universe of Glee: characters can become puppets, men can believe in fake pregnancies for far too long, and Molly Shannon can arrive and inexplicably disappear in the blink of an eye. But last night, Glee did something they’ve never done before: they aired a never-before-seen episode.

Well, sort of.

Last year, there was in fact a Christmas episode of Glee. Blaine and Kurt went ice skating, Sue bought presents for Marley and her mom … you all remember this right? Well, apparently, there was second storyline that could’ve come to pass; a plan B, if you will. So Ryan Murphy and the gang decided to go back and time, step on a grasshopper, and create an alternate timeline where Kurt didn’t spend his Christmas with Blaine, Santana still had a broken heart over leaving Brittany and McKinley gave a green light to one of the most twistedly perfect nativity scenes of all time.

So hop into RIB’s mystical time warp (it’s just a jump to the left) and read on to hear how Glee COULD’VE spent Christmas last year!


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Breaking Bad Stars Say Goodbye After The Stunning Finale! Watch HERE!

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All over the world, Breaking Bad fans are reeling - not just from a stunning finale but from the loss of one of the most acclaimed shows in the history of television.

But there's one group that's even sadder to see the show go- the cast!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, creator Vince Gilligan, and more say a heartfelt (and SPOILER-filled) farewell to their dysfunctional TV family!

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Pretty Little Liars Reveals The Identity Of Another A!

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*Look, obviously there are spoilers in here.*

*Don't read if you haven't watched! LOLz!*

So errrrmagerrrrd you guys, another member of the A team was revealed this week. And in true Pretty Little Liars fashion, they shocked us all.

The summer finale of the ABC Family smash series revealed the current person behind the A brigade to be

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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Have Some Steamy Sex Scenes Coming Up On The Vampire Diaries!

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While our hearts started racing after the CW released some new behind-the-scenes photos of The Vampire Diaries cast just the other day, executive producer Julie Plec's Season 5 spoilers have had much the same affect!

Boy, does she have us wrapped around her finger!

To start with, Julie revealed that the premiere will be picking up at the end of the summer, with the cast moving to college:

“It’s a time jump. Summer has passed in which poor Stefan has been suffering at the bottom of the quarry and Damon and Elena have been having hot lovin’ sex… We found a stylized way to show the audience how things went over the summer, what everybody was up to.”

HELLO!!!! "Hot lovin' sex" was pretty much all we needed to hear.

But she continued to say that Damon and Elena will have some normal relationship struggles “in which one is keeping a secret from another trying not to hurt their feelings, trying to make them happy, little things that any normal couple would fight about and then hopefully make up over.”

Keep reading for more spoilers…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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The Wolverine End Credits Scene Revealed! Find Out The Surprise Cameo HERE!


For most people, seeing Hugh Jackman in a tub is a good enough reason to go see The Wolverine in theaters.

But everyone who rushed out opening weekend got a little bonus to go along with their bath time! A special post-credits scene added a little X-tra incentive!


When Logan is arriving back in North America after a trip to Japan, the airport metal detector starts to go a little haywire, heralding the appearance of…

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Joe Manganiello’s Sex Tips: How To Have A Three-Way

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joe man

If we’re going to get advice on how to have a three-way, Joe Manganiello is the person we want to hear it from!!

Before we continue forward with an intimate discussion of how Joe Man gets durrttayy, we have to disclose that what we’re about to tell you contains SPOILER ALERTS!!! But in the best, seXXXiest way imaginable!

That being said, in the season six premiere of True Blood (this Sunday!!), Joey Manny has some quality nekkid time with his fellow cast members.

He spills on a seksi three-way in the woods:

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Ian Somerhalder Hangs With BloodyCon Fans; Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers Revealed!

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Ian Somerhalder loves his fans — especially the lady ones!

The actor made his way to the 2013 BloodyCon in Neuss, Germany with Vampire Diaries co-stars Paul Wesley, Torrey DeVitto, David Anders, and Malese Jow on Monday. By the looks of it, single life is treating him well! No sign of Nina Dobrev withdrawals here! But we have to wonder, is he filling the void with his fans?!

Ch-ch-check out photos of Ian and his Vampire Diaries cohorts at BloodyCon (below)!!

Meanwhile, back in Austin, Texas, the vampire show’s creator Julie Plec revealed five NEW spoilers for the upcoming fifth season!

Read them all …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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