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Scientists Discover Squid Species Into Same-Sex Sex

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Scientist discovered a species of squid that engages in homosexual sex as often as it does in heterosexual sex.

These kinky invertibrates don’t do it for fun as much as they do for procreation.

They live very deep in the ocean, where it’s very dark and there aren’t a lot of squid, so they literally shoot sperm at any squid they happen across.

And we’re not joking. They have projectile sperm that embeds itself in the partner squid.


They’ve joined a growing list of animals that engage in same-sex sex, such as dolphins and bonobo chimps.

Apparently it’s hard to tell one male from female squid so there is a biological reason for their non-discriminatory sex.

One of the discovering scientists said:

“The animal is not making a mistake. It’s not mistaken to deposit sperm with another male because somehow, the behavior works, or natural selection would have eradicated the behavior or the squid.

We still have squid.”

We support you, squid! You were born that way!

[Image via WENN.]

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Dancing Zombie Squid

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A seafood bowl in Hokkaido, Japan contains salmon roe, seaweed, some other things, AND A DANCING SQUID!

The creature isn't hoping his perforce is so moving you'll show him mercy. This dancer is dead!

When you pour soy sauce on the dead squid, the muscles contract in response to signals from neurons, which transmit signals around the body by means of a series of sequential influxes of sodium across the cell membrane into the neuron.

Doesn't that sound delish?

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Our Noise Kills Giant Squids

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So sad.

When giant squid washed up ashore along Spain's Asturias province in the early 2000s, the events occurred suspiciously close to when ships had used air guns to conduct low-frequency sound-pulse exercises in the region, Ocean Leadership reports.

While the noises were a possible cause for the squids' deaths, it was not confirmed until a recent study completed by a marine bioacoustician at Barcelona's Technical University of Catalonia and his team.

We have known for some time that whales and other marine mammals which rely on sound for communication and navigation have been harmed by the noise pollution in the ocean — either by not being able to hear, and therefore find, one another, or by being so blasted by loud sounds that they beach themselves or are killed by the trauma caused inside their skulls.

The study showed that among specimens of two species of squid, one species of octopus and one species of cuttelfish exposed to low-frequency sound for two hours, all showed signs of damage to their statocyst tissue, with the damage becoming worse the longer after exposure the animals lived.

[Image via wikipedia.]

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New Species Of Large Squid Discovered

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An expedition in the Indian Ocean has resulted in the discovery of a new species of large squid!

giant squid

The new species is about 30 inches long and belongs to the Chiroteuthid family, which is known for the underwater light shows that they put on to lure in prey.

This discovery was made during the Seamounts project, when a team of the world's leading marine experts ventured out on a six-week research expedition above seamounts in the southern Indian Ocean. Seamounts are underwater mountains that do not reach the surface of the ocean.

These discoveries are said to help improve the conservation of marine resources and future management of deep-sea ecosystems around the world.

This is super cool!

[Image via AP Images.]

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