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Suri Cruise's $130,000 Christmas Wish List Demands

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Suri Cruises $130,000 Christmas Wish List

She's not spoiled, she has good taste!!

Srsly though, this is disgusting.

While some kids get NOTHING for Christmas America's princess Suri Cruise has $130,000 worth of demands this year.

Last year she may haven't been able to vocalize her desires, but this year all that's changed. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes little diva is 5-years-old — that's practically a teen in Hollywood — and the gurl has made a list.

Her list includes:

- A Pony (a must-have for every spoiled little girl)

- Diamond earrings for her to wear lose

- Gowns to make her look like a fairy princess (that will probably cost more your wedding dress)

What else is on her list?

That's between Suri, Santa and Louis Vuitton!

You gotta respect a girl that knows what she wants!

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[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Freelance What?? Freelance Sperm Donor Ordered To Shutdown


This dude runs a sperm bank he calls a "one mad operation."

Trent says he's been donating his sperm free of charge for the past 5 yeas. He says it's his way of "helping out the 99%"

We're not sure what 99% he's talking about… Howveves we DO know that federal regulars are asking demanding him to shut it down.

Meet the friendly free sperm donor in the video (above)!

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Governor Wants Teen To Get Detention For Saying He ‘Sucks’ On Twitter

Emma Sullivan Governor Sam Brownback's

This guy seriously does suck!

Instead of dealing with more important issues — like running the star of Kansas — the office of Gov. Sam Brownback are working on busting a murderer high school student for tweeting mean things about him!

Brownback’s director of communication spotted during the routine daily monitoring of comments on Twitter and Facebook mentioning the governor’s name. They are demanding Emma Sullivan's school force her to make a public apology for tweeting this during a field trip to the capital:

“Just made mean comments at gov. brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot"

Of course she didn't really say that. Sullivan says the tweet was a joke and she is NOT going to apologize to Big Brother Sam Brownback. She says:

“I don’t regret sending the tweet. It was harmless. It’s not like I was really fired up about anything he said. We all are liberal, and we are opposed to a lot of his views. I’m just an 18-year-old girl who knows what I believe, and I know what he believes, and we disagree. That is not going to change.”

Totez agree! Why are they picking on her? She can't be the only person who as a problem with the governor!

Every citizen in this country has a right to freedom of speech — even high school students!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Kelly Ripa's Picture Perfect Family

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Kelly Ripa's Picture Perfect Family

This is not a family portrait — it's a paparazzi shot! Seriously!

Kelly Ripa, her hunky husband Mark Consuelos, and their kids Michael, Lola and Joaquin casually posed like they've been practicing for a Sears catalog on Sunday when some photogs spotted the gang walking in the Soho neighborhood in Downtown NYC.

Move over Osmonds! America's new perfect family is loose on the streets!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Beyonce Is Not Gonna Let Pregnancy Slow Her Down

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Beyonce Is Not Gonna Let Some Silly Pregnancy Slow Her Down

She is keeping busy!!

The 30-year-old wife of Jay-Z isn't gonna let some silly pregnancy slow her down! Beyonce's rep gave the deets on the singer's up coming plans:

“She plans to take part in a Michael Jackson tribute concert in October at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium via satellite link, and although she’ll take time off after the birth, she’s committed to her role in Clint Eastwood‘s film A Star Is Born and to launching a perfume next year.”

Srsly? Now is the time of her life she has an excuse to lay around and this is what she does??

[Image via MTV]

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Sarah Jessica Parker Is A Minivan Driving Soccer Mom


Sarah Jessica Parker sat down with Nightline's Kate Couric this week to promote her newest film I Don’t Know How She Does It — a title that doubles as a question SJP is quite familiar with!!

Katy asked the actress, fashion icon, and mother what it's like to juggle a huge career and play mommy to 2-year-old twins Tabitha and Marion and 8-year-old son James Wilke.

That's when SJP let it slip:

“I sing along all day long as I’m dropping my kids off, driving my mini-van.”

Wait. Carrie Bradshaw drives a minivan now? Apparently so. She goes on to say describe how grandma got her the hook-up:

“My mother is a huge Honda [Odyssey] fan… so I called up Bronx Honda, because my mother told me to, and we got ourselves a minivan. I’m telling you, it’s the most wonderful car.”

This just in: Minivans are totally in! If SJP says so it must be true!

Watch the above video to see the proof for youreslf!

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Rihanna Wants To Adopt a Baybay??

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Rihanna Wants To Adopt a Baybay?

What have Beyonce and Jay-Z done?

Rihanna is planing on jumping on the bandwagon and getting a baby of her own! But unlike her famous friends, the singer wants to adopt - preferably an orphan from Haiti.

A source said:

“She’s dead-set on becoming a mom to a child from Haiti, and she’s just had lawyers make contacts. Rihanna doesn’t see herself having a biological child anytime soon because she doesn’t have a man in her life — plus, after all the drama with Chris Brown, she’s suspicious of guys. But mainly, she says, she needs to make her life less about her and more about someone else.

'She’s getting enthusiastic support from mentor Jay-Z and wife Beyonce and asked them to be godparents!”

This is so exciting!

If this is true we wish U the best of luck RiRi!!

[Image via WENN.]

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