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5 Tips For Getting Rid Of Back Pain

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Back Pain

Got back pain? Who doesn't these days. In fact, about 8 out of 10 people suffer from back pain at some point throughout their lives.

Here are 5 easy tips that will help prevent back pain in the first place so you might be one of those lucky 2 out of 10 peeps who never have issues.

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How To Get A Victoria's Secret Body

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When we say How To Get A Victoria's Secret Body, it kinda sounds like someone named Victoria has a secret body somewhere, and that's creepy and that's totally not what we mean!

We mean, how to get a body like a VS runway model, such as Lindsay Ellingson!

Apparently all you need is a stability ball and a yoga mat!

Not too bad, check out the video above for the instructions!

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Zoe Saldana's Action Figure Cover Women's Health

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Zoe Saldana Women's health

Damn! It's no wonder Zoe Saldana looks so good kickin' butt on screen! She's got an action figure!

Zoe may be back in theaters with new film this summer, but she has the same bangin' body on the cover of September's Women's Health!

Despite her petite frame, her latest role in the film Colombiana is a lean, mean killing machine who can assemble and use a 30-pound sniper rifle with ease.

While that character sounds like a stretch for most actresses, her past work in movies like Avatar or The Losers proves she can carry an action sequence.

During her interview for Women's Health, she opened up about the physical roles she's become famous for, sharing:

"Physical roles give me a chance to learn something new. Like the fact that I can grab a gun, disassemble it, and put it back together. I’m a girl from Queens. I’ve never gone, ‘What am I doing today? Oh, I’m gonna grab a gun and learn how to use it.’ ”

Based on the Colombiana trailer, there is no doubt in our mind that this girl from Queens DOESN'T know how to use a gun or her perhaps more dangerously, her fists! So how'd Zoe get in such good shape for this intensely physical role?

According to her stunt coordinator, Garrett Warren, Zoe practiced not one, but THREE types of martial arts (Krav Maga, Kali, Eskrima) to develop eye-hand coordination for her fight scenes, explaining:

“They’re all about being able to maneuver quickly by throwing elbows, blocking, and punching.”

Of course she had to work on her cardio to make sure she didn't run out of breath while learning how to defend herself. To train for the films stunts, she ran 30 minutes on the treadmill plus 20 to 30-minute sessions on a stair-climber and an upright bike. Garrett elaborated:

“She wasn’t allowed to go below 90 rpms on the bike. The faster you pull your knees up to your chest, the harder a workout your abs get.”

To strengthen her skinny midsection, she used a stability ball for balance work, which Garret says "forces you to use your abdominal muscles."

Let's not forget about the weights! To get strong, but not overly muscular, she often varied the weight while performing bicep curls or tricep extensions. For a body like Zoe's, Garrett recommends trying deadlifts with dumbbells, explaining:

“Keep your legs straight or slightly bent, but make sure they’re as stiff as they can be. Use the muscles in your lower back and stomach—along with your glutes—to lift the weights.”

We're sure there were A LOT more exercises involved to shape Zoe's kick-ass body, but it's definitely a start!

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Christina Hendricks' Curvy Workout Secrets

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Christina Hendricks

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks has become as well-known for her acting as she has for her beautiful curvy figure and she's proud of it!

That kind of attitude is definitely refreshing in Hollywood, especially for all the women out there with a similar figure.

So how does the healthy woman keep such a seksi and voluptuous body in shape without sacrificing any of her curves?

She revealed in a recent interview that she regularly runs on the treadmill for cardiovascular benefits, but focuses on short interval workouts.

The actress also engages her entire core while lifting weights to tone by standing on a Bosu, which is a balance ball that looks like half of a stability ball.

As for diet, she doesn't sacrifice the food she loves, but instead eats in moderation. She has said that a healthy lifestyle isn't about deprivation, but about indulging once in a while!

What's Christina's healthiest secret?

Love your body's natural curves! Great advice and we couldn't agree more!

[Image via WENN.]

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