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Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits To Fathering Child With Staffer!


So scandalous!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger has admitted to fathering a child more than a decade ago with a longtime member of his household staff!

Not only did the woman work in his family home for over twenty years, she remained working for Arnold and wife Maria Shriver 10 years AFTER giving birth to the child.

Arnold apparently didn't even tell Maria until just very recently.

He has released a statement:

"After leaving the governor's office I told my wife about this event, which occurred over a decade ago. I understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family. There are no excuses and I take full responsibility for the hurt I have caused. I have apologized to Maria, my children and my family. I am truly sorry.

I ask that the media respect my wife and children through this extremely difficult time. While I deserve your attention and criticism, my family does not."

The crazy thing is that this whole baby dramz went down BEFORE he became governor of California.

As for the woman in question, she retired this past January. "I wanted to achieve my 20 years, then I asked to retire," she said, adding she received a severance payment and "left on good terms with them." When she was told that Arnold admitted to their affair and admitted to having a child with her, she declined to comment. The one good thing out of this whole thing is that Arnold took financial responsibility for the child since the beginning.

This is such shocking news! Well, the infidelity isn't shocking, but the fact that Arnold fathered this child and kept it a secret from his wife and family for this long is unbelievable! We have a feeling Maria had to deal with a lot of crap while being married to Ahhnold, but she probably was forced to slap a smile on her face and keep her mouth shut while he was the Governator.

Thankfully, he has taken financial responsibility, but so many questions remain. DId the child know that his or her father is Arnold Schwarzenegger? Do they have any type of relationship??

We're definitely going to stay tuned to this story!

[Image via WENN.]

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Olbermann Having Trouble Finding People To OlberMANN His Team

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Olbermann Struggling To Staff UP

Keith Olbermann isn't necessarily the easiest dude to work with, we hear. And we fear that it's that idea that is keeping him from quickly staffing his new show.

Countdown has been notoriously hard to fill for Keith, to the point where he's trying to poach people from MSNBC to come work from him.

A source had this to say about that:

"Everyone is laughing. They would never leave the network to work for him."

He offended a lot of people when he left. Yet, someone affiliated with his new show is singing a different tune:

"Keith is also assembling a first class team and that's going nicely too. We have already hired three former "Countdown" staffers and others from MSNBC. We are announcing the EP shortly."

We're more inclined to believe the first quote, mainly because it has taken him forever to staff up. This is why you don't burn bridges, Keith!

[Image via WENN.]

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Lindsay Officially Off The Hook In Betty Ford Assault Investigation!

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Another lucky break in the life of Lindsay Lohan!

Although we got word a few days ago that the formerly hard-pAArtying actress was still being investigated by authorities over her rehab assault on a Betty Ford staffer during her time at the facility last year, the Riverside DA announced today that they have decided NOT to prosecute her!

Spokesman John Hall said in a statement:

"We are not filing any charges in the Lindsay Lohan case due to insufficient evidence. It wasn't looked at any differently than other cases, and we didn't put any special priority on this. We also had to re-interview subsequent times several witnesses in the case."


We doubt that anyone will ever know what really went down that night, but there was enough shadiness surrounding the situation for us to be glad that nothing further will come from the whole mess! That way Lindsay can focus on slithering her way out of trouble regarding the stolen necklace!

Best of luck, gurl. We want to see you put ALL of these headaches behind you!

[Image via WENN.]

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Just In Case Felony Grand Theft Isn't Enough…Riverside D.A. Still Investigating Lindsay's Rehab Criminal Battery Case!


The day she has no legal issues to worry about is the day that hell freezes over.

Lindsay Lohan has been up to her elbows in her latest court case for felony grand theft, but don't think that the Riverside County District Attorney's Office is through with her yet, because sources close to their investigation - regarding her attack against Betty Ford Staffer Dawn Holland during her time in rehab - have revealed that they've been meeting with various witnesses the past two days!

Authorities are still unsure if they want to pursue criminal assault charges against the formerly hard-pAArtying actress, and have reached out to witnesses to find out once for all whether or not it was Lindsay or Dawn who was the "aggressor" the night in question, and if they would be willing to cooperate with a trial, if it were to happen!

Uh-oh! Here's hoping this comes back in gurlfriend's favor - we think she's got quite enough to worry about as it is - especially now that she won't take the plea deal!

Ugh. It never ends!

[Image via WENN.]

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Will Chris Brown Face Charges For His Good Morning America Meltdown?

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They should charge him! He clearly hasn't learned a thing!

In light of Chris Brown's post-Good Morning America appearance meltdown - in which he trashed his dressing room and smashed a window after Robin Roberts asked him about his assault on Rihanna - many are wondering if the singer will be facing probation violation charges, and although sources close to production of the show revealed that there may have been talk of involving the authorities, so far, nothing has been filed!

Once Brown had fled to the streets of Manhattan without his shirt, a GMA staffer was reportedly overheard telling a glass repairman:

"I have a police officer coming just to take a look at it before we do any work."

However, an insider at the NYPD reveals that no officers were dispatched to the scene, and another source close to Brown reveals:

"The police weren't called, and unless ABC decides to call the NYPD, no action will be taken against Brown, who is still on probation. No one saw Chris break the window. It would be a different scenario if the cops were called, which would prompt Brown's probation officer to become involved. If that did occur, Brown's probation officer would then notify the court, and the DA. Deputy District Attorney Mary Murray would then decide what action, if any, would need to be taken. It's certainly concerning that this happened, but unless the NYPD becomes involved, and ABC wants to press charges against Brown, he most likely won't be facing any probation violation."

You hear that, ABC?! Time to call the fuzz!

We count at least TWO crimes on his part - vandalism and assault on the pedestrians below the window! He could have SERIOUSLY hurt someone with those broken glass shards!

And most importantly - we think that this behavior perfectly captures WHY he needs to face more serious repercussions!

Only an ABUSIVE person with serious anger issues would react like THAT when forced to discuss his history as an abuser! Clearly, the system has failed him, and he needs to learn that actions have consequences.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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