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Dr. Drew Weighs In On Lindsay's Betty Ford Scandal!

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Although the jury is still out on what exactly went down between Lindsay Lohan and the Betty Ford Center staffer, addiction specialist Dr. Drew is weighing in on the matter, and thinks that the hard-pAArtying starlet's alleged outburst is somewhat normal for people going through similar experiences to her!

He explains:

"It's obviously not a good sign for Lindsay that she is having these sorts of outbursts, but it is not unusual. The fact is she is still in treatment, she wasn't discharged from treatment, so it's not as though she was non-compliant with the treatment process. It's more that there was some sort of conflict evolved that was inappropriate. We don't know to what extent the staff was responsible for this. The reality is that staff should never touch patients, ever. Absolutely never. So even if the staff is being touched, they are trained how to manage that, and how to have a show of force with other staff members. It sounds like something broke down in their system as much as anything else. If you watch our Sex Rehab program, we had an excellent staff member that, for whatever reason, touched Carrie Ann, and she was immediately escorted off the grounds, the employee was. It just doesn't sound like Lindsay should be prosecuted. What Lindsay does need is at least one year of treatment, that could include outpatient treatment. I would encourage her to get at least one year."

Makes sense to us!

Obviously, we don't know at this point how much at fault LiLo is, but we agree that Dawn Holland should have known better than to go about the situation the way that she did!

Something about her just seems so shady to us!


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LiLo To File Complaint Against Betty Ford Staffer, Wants To Keep Incident Out Of Court!

lindsay lohan filing complaint against betty ford staffer

Looks like Lindsay has decided not to press charges, but she will be filing a formal complaint against the Betty Ford staffer who's incited so much drama in her life.

According to sources, Lindz is insisting that the staffer berated and grabbed her before she pushed her in defense.

The staffer is looking to get LiLo prosecuted for battery, while Lindsay would like to see the staffer fired, immediately.

Meanwhile, both parties are both in agreement on one thing - they want to keep the entire incident on the DL!

A source close the situation explains:

“Both sides are trying to work out something. But right now the talks do not include the worker involved in the incident. But people at the center who are above the worker are interested in working this out without it landing in court. Lindsay is now apologetic for being late for curfew that night. Lindsay now realizes she needs to be responsible."

A little late, bb! A few months of good behavior doesn't mean you automatically get a free ride!

It'd be nice if they could keep this one out of the courtroom, but unfortunately we're not overly optimistic.

We're sure we'll be hearing more VERY soon.


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LiLo Charged With Battery Over Betty Ford Confrontation?! Could Be Facing Jail Time!

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Oh, this is MUCH worse than we thought!

We reported that Lindsay Lohan recently switched to a new rehab facility due to a clash with a Betty Ford staffer after an alleged party bust, but new details have emerged about that night. The confrontation was not only physical, but the starlet could potentially be sent back to jail!

According to a source close to the Palm Desert Police Department, LiLo and her roommates went to a bar. Upon arriving back the facility, a female staffer confronted the group. Police received a call over "hand-to-hand battery," and that the staffer "desired prosecution!"

Lindsay, however, maintains that the staffer has been out for her since day one, "unfairly" scolded her for being ten minutes late for her curfew, and then demanded a drug/alcohol test. She then "put her hands on Lindsay," who in response, pushed back and said, "take your hands off of me."

Holy shiz! This is seriously NOT good.

Because of LiLo's 2007 DUI arrest, she's still on probation until August 2011. If Judge Elden Fox holds true to his word and this is prosecuted as a battery, she could be behind bars for 180 days!

Honestly, there's so many stories going on around this that we don't know what to believe!

We'd love to give her the benefit of the doubt, but her explanation of events sounds pretty fishy.

And she seemed to be doing so well!

Let's hope that all this progress doesn't just collapse around her now.

Image via WENN.]

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Lindsay Switched Rehab Facilities Due To Clash With Staffer

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lindsay lohan moves to new facility

We previously reported that Lindsay Lohan switched rehab facilities due to a stalker and safety concerns, but that is not the only reason.

A source claims that the move is a result of issues Lindsay had with a Betty Ford Center staffer.

Apparently, LiLo and the staffer clashed following a boozerrific party that her roommates hosted.

Here's what the source had to say about Lindsay's move:

"Lindsay was moved to another property owned by the Betty Ford Center in order to preserve her safety, yes, but also to deal with any differences she might have had with anyone in that house."

More from an insider:

"Because of the way last Saturday night's incident was treated, Lindsay had an obvious clash of personalities with one of the staff at the house.

Between the incident with the apparent stalker and this difference of opinion, Lindsay was moved to another location to remove her from a potentially hostile environment that had the potential to undo all the good work that she has achieved in her recovery."

Whatever the reason for the move actually is, we hope things work out for her in the new facility.

Keep up the good work, Lilo! You're almost there.

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