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Chris Hemsworth Starving Himself! Thor Reveals 500 Calorie A Day Diet!

But Thor!!! Those muscles tho!!!

Chris Hemsworth has decided to go all out for his next role, Heart Of The Sea, which is about the true events that inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick. And that means losing a LOT of weight and mass!

Here's what the 30 year old hunk said to Jimmy Kimmel about it:

”A bunch of sailors in a whaling ship get struck by a whale, the ship sinks and they jump onto the small rafts and drift for 90 days. And basically they begin to die and eat each other. [It's] a romantic comedy.”

All jokes aside, big burly sailors won't be burly for long in that situation… so the cast is eating just 500 or 600 calories a day!

Chris continued:

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Kelly Osbourne Says She Can't Eat After Her Trip To The Dentist!

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kelly osbourne says she cant eat after her trip to the dentist

Kelly Osbourne is HUNGRY!!!

The Fashion Police star recently had to get some MAJOR dental work done after she chipped ALL of her teeth during her seizure in March! But the real victim of the whole ordeal isn't her pearly whites, it's her tummy!!

Kelly took to Twitter to share her pain with the world, and said she hasn't been able to have a proper meal since her trip to the dentist's office:

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Gwyneth Paltrow's Kids Are Going Hungry On Her Intense Diet!

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While we're all for healthy children, we're not so sure if leaving them hungry is the best thing! What kind of childhood is that??

Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet is SO STRICT that she admits sometimes her family is left hungry by her restrictions! BOOO!

In her new cookbook called It's All Good, all is most definitely not good, and she details the food she doesn't let her kids have

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Horrible! Mother Accused Of Starving 4-Year-Old Daughter

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This is so terrible…

4-year-old Marchella Pierce was so malnourished the day she died, she only had a single kernel of corn in her body.

Her 32-year-old mother Carlotta Brett Pierce and 57-year-old grandmother Loretta Brett are on trial for murder by starvation.

The poor girl had spent the first 3 1/2 years of her life in a hospital as she was born premature. Although Carlotta was given detailed instructions by her doctors on how to care for her daughter, who relied on feeding and breathing tubes, she instead ignored all instructions and fed her solid food such as chicken and hot dogs.

If Marchella was found trying to sneak food, Carlotta would tie her to the bed and give her high dosages of antihistamines, "keeping her asleep as she slowly starved to death," according to the prosecutor.

At the time of her death in September 2010, her body was found "beaten, bound, drugged, dehydrated, starved."

Carlotta's lawyer Alan Stutman admitted that she was "ignorant, stupid, and neglectful," but "she thought she was doing the right thing."

Meanwhile, Carlotta's mother is also being tried for manslaughter as she shared a room with Marchella and just stood by and watched as her granddaughter slowly died.

This is absolutely disgusting. No matter what her lawyer says, this woman should not be allowed to be given any kind of mercy whatsoever.

What she did to her daughter is deplorable and she should be punished severely.

It just makes us sick thinking about this.

RIP Marchella. Hopefully you are in a better place now.

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Police Rescue Dozens Of Abandoned Starving Dogs And Cats

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This is a pet owner's nightmare.

You drop off your dog or cat at the kennel, only to find out the owners later skipped town and the police didn't arrive at the kennel until over a week later!!

Some of the animals had died, while some dogs resorted to eating other dogs to stay alive.

This is absolutely horrible and totally could have been avoided.

What we're wondering is… why do these kinds of people get into the pet care business in the first place?!?!

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Glee Star Mark Salling Helps Feed Hungry Children

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Mark Salling

Glee's Mark Salling was joined by actors and philanthropists on Saturday in the heart of Hollywood to pack bags of food that were donated to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

As spokesperson for ConAgra Foods’ fall Child Hunger Ends Here campaign, Mark hosted the event to raise awareness to help end child hunger in the United States.

It's hard to believe that kids go hungry even in such a developed country, but 17 million American children don't know where their next meal is coming from.

So sad!

It warms our hearts to see Mark making an effort to encourage others to take action in their communities to stop the problem!

Check out more pics of Mark at the event below, along with other celebs including Entertainment Tonight's Samantha Harris, The Doctor's Dr. Jim Sears, and MTV's Awkward star Jillian Rose Reed.

To find out how U can help end childhood hunger in our country, click here for more information!

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Pit Bull Nearly Starves To Death, Needs Your Support

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This is just a close-up shot of what Bubba the Pit Bull looks like.

The 6- to 10-month puppy was discovered last week in Ohio when authorities visited the home of the dog's owner, Tyree D. Kyle. Bubby was found in a locked room, lying in his own feces and urine. He was seriously emaciated.

Animal control officer John Ornatz examined the dog and reported that he weighed 14 pounds, instead of the 30 or 40 pounds a typical dog his age would weigh. Ornatz called it one of the worst cases of animal abuse he'd ever seen in his 28 years of service.

Owner Kyle pleaded not guilty to a charge of animal cruelty with members of his family testifying that he had no job or money to feed himself, let alone his puppy.

What a pathetic excuse.

Animal activists, who lined the courtroom wearing "Justice for Bubba" t-shirts, were also not convinced.

He is currently facing a very lenient sentencing of a maximum of 60 days in jail and a $750 fine.

Bubba is currently in good hands and is sleeping, but he is weak and can barely walk. Long-term effects of his neglect and abuse could mean that he will most likely never walk correctly again. Jennifer Bird, who is currently caring for Bubba, is appalled that Kyle could walk away with such a lenient sentence. She says:

"This man is getting charged with an M-4 fourth grade misdemeanor, which is the sort of penalty assessed for spitting on the sidewalk]. We want to see that be an M-2. Instead of community service, we want this man to not be allowed to have a dog for five years, and we want to see him serve some jail time. 'We don't want him to pay a fine and do community service and get a slap on the wrist, not for what he's done. Animal abuse is happening in this area and we need stricter laws in Ohio. I want the community to be outraged and say enough is enough."

We are just as outraged. This is just so, so horrible.

To support Bubba and find out what you can do, please visit his Facebook page.

And to see a full-body picture of Bubba and his emaciated body, click after the jump. WARNING: Very graphic image. Trust us, you will be outraged too.

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