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NYC's First Case Of West Nile Virus Found In Mosquitoes

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NYC's First Case Of West Nile Virus Found In Mosquitoes

First Jersey Shore now West Nile??

The city's first case of the West Nile virus has been detected in mosquitoes in Eltingville, according to the NYC Health Department.

So far, no human cases have been found this season in the five boroughs.

The Health Department said it has increased mosquito surveillance and mosquito larvae control efforts in the area where the mosquitoes were found.

West Nile virus has returned to New York City, but simple precautions can help protect you and your family,”

the Health Commissioner warned.

Oh Staten Island, what nastiness will you breed next?

[Image via WENN.]

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Wild Turkeys On Staten Island

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A bunch of wild turkeys were seen roaming around a residential neighborhood in Staten Island, NY!

Thankfully these turkeys are protected, so they should not end up as dinner tomorrow!

LOL! What would U do if you saw turkeys walking the streets??

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Jersey Shore's Angelina Attacked At A Mall!

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Oh dayum!

Jersey Shore's Angelina Pivarnick says she was attacked by a "rowdy group" of young people at a Staten Island mall on Friday, claiming she even has a welt on her head to prove it!

The Staten Island Dump, a name given to her by her Jersey cast mates, claims she was shopping in a Hot Topic, possibly buying some hot pink hair dye or the latest My Chemical Romance t-shirt, when somebody attacked her from behind, apparently striking her in the back of the head.

And not only that, but Angelina's friend and shopping companion also said that someone threw a bottle at Angelina, skimming her lip.

The odd thing is that mall security had a slightly different story, saying that a few people were taking pictures and filming Angelina, when things got out of hand and somebody accidentally hit her in the face.

Angelina is reportedly still talking to police about the incident. Sources say she does have a welt on the back of her head so maybe she is telling the truth?

What do U think?? Mall attack or accidental smack??

[Image via WENN.]

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MTV Cuts Back On The Amount Of Jersey In Their Lineup

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Now see, if the geniuses at MTV can understand when a fad is fading, why the hell are there still like 37 vampire movies in production???

Sources have confirmed that MTV has scrapped plans on a new reality show called Bridge and Tunnel. The show would have been in the vein of The Jersey Shore, following a group of Staten Island dwellers as they work, play and smoosh in the tri-state area.

After several months of filming and prepping for the show's release, the network decided the throw the show out, agreeing that it was just to similar to The Jersey Shore to work. As of now, even with so much material to work with, sources believe that the show will never see the light of day.

In all fairness, the show might still be good. We think people would have watched to fill the void left behind once Snooki packs up her pickles for the season.

But still, we're happy to hear someone is thinking of going outside the box for new ideas!

Hey, here's one for you, MTV: PLAY MUSIC VIDEOS!!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Gay Violence Still Happening…Even In NYC!

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another case of gay violence at nyc stonewall inn

This is absolutely disgusting!

Two Staten Island men, 21-year-old Matthew Francis, and 17-year-old Christopher Orlando attacked 34-year old Benjamin Carver in the restroom of NYC's Stonewall Inn, which is known as the birthplace of the gay rights movement.

The men demanded that Carver tell them if they were in a gay bar, and then they insulted him and attacked him. Fortunately, he was able to defend himself.

Here's what Carver had to say about it:

"To so many of these bullies, they think that gay people are an easy target, and that we're just going to give in. Those two guys found out that night that's not the case."

Good for you for fighting back, Benjamin! You're an inspiration.

The attackers now face assault, hate crime, and robbery charges by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.'s Hate Crimes Unit.

Here's Carver's advice for anyone who is attacked:

"If you've ever been bullied or attacked, then fight back with all you have. Don't let them win."

We would certainly recommend avoiding violence whenever possible, but it's certainly important to defend yourself, and we think Carver is amazing for not allowing himself to be quietly victimized!

Here's what City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is a lesbian herself, had to say about the incident which took place around the corner near her home:

"Obviously anytime a hate crime happens it's incredibly upsetting but to have two anti-gay incidents happen so close together both time and geography in neighborhoods that have large gay populations it's extremely upsetting and outrageous. It is hard to imagine what someone could be possibly be thinking being in the Stonewall bar and committing an anti-gay crime. It really shows a depth of confidence in one's hatred that is deeply upsetting. These two [incidents] are particular upsetting because they occurred both this weekend in two neighboring communities. They were both violent not just verbal attacks.

To anyone who thinks they are going to walk around the city and attack gay people and get away with it you have another thing coming. The police department and the government of New York take these crimes very seriously and they will apprehend you and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law."

We're glad to see so much support out there, but it's just awful that these incidents have to take place at all!

Truly, very upsetting.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Angelina Challenges JWoww To Z-List Celebrity Boxing Match!

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How desperate!

We guess a certain Staten Island swamp donkey is feeling the cold, throbbing thud of irrelevancy knocking at her door!

Jersey Shore's Angelina, the self-proclaimed Kim Rob Kardashian of Staten Island, has agreed to fight in a Celebrity Boxing match, and wants her opponent to be our gurl JWoww!

She says:

"I've been asked to do it and I'm so excited. I want to beat the sh*t out of someone. I don't care who I fight, but I hope it's JWoww in the ring. My mom taught me to fight. She is so beautiful with a perfect body. She has a six pack and a black belt in Karate. I have beaten the sh*t out of so many people. Girls always start it with me, so I just have to punch them in the face."

Well ain't that something?!

Sorry, bb!

We imagine that JWoww has some other, much brighter career prospects to focus on! Or maybe she's just enjoying the paycheck from season three of Jersey Shore!

Yo know, that show that you got your pancake ass fired from!

Bwa ha ha ha ha!

Sucks, bitch!

[Images via WENN.]

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PS 22 Chorus Does MJ

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Amazing as per usual!

Check out the PS 22 Chorus in Staten Island do their rendition of Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror.

LOVE them!

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