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LeAnn Rimes Gets Her Bond On With Step-Son Jake Cibrian


LeAnn Rimes and her step-son Jake Cibrian were feeling a bit down last Friday, so they did a bit of retail therapy in Malibu to get over the blues.

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Is Kelly Clarkson's Secret Boyfriend Reba McEntire's Stepson?


All signs are pointing to YES!

Kelly Clarkson recently revealed during an interview that she was dating someone "in the business" but refused to actually say his name, and now, we've gotten word that the mystery man is Reba McEntire's stepson and Blake Shelton's manager, Brandon Blackson!

Witnesses reportedly saw the couple

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Does Tina Turner Have A Drinking Problem?

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Oh no! We really hope this isn't true!

She's been through enough!

The National Enquirer is reporting that Tina Turner has become so overwhelmed with the tragic loss of her sister and her former stepson Ike Jr.'s grave illness that she's started to drink heavily enough for friends to be concerned that she needs rehab!

Her biographer, Mark Bego, reveals:

"Losing Alline and seeing Ike Jr. so sick has hit her like a one-two punch. Tina has been in misery ever since her sister's death. And now Ike Jr. has taken a turn for the worse. Her friends fear she is drinking heavily in private to get over the pain. Those closest to her are beginning to believe that going into rehab may be her only salvation."

So tragic!

Here's hoping that if this, again, is in fact the case, that her friends and loved ones can get her the help that she needs before it's too late!

She's getting up there in age, she needs to be taking care of herself if she wants to stay healthy!

Poor thing! You're in our thoughts, gurl.

Stay strong.

[Image via WENN.]

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NeNe Leakes's Stepson Speaks Out! Accuses Her Of "Disowning" Him & Siblings!

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And he wants his own reality show to prove it to you.

Turns out, Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes has a lot more children running around than you're aware. Well, at 34, Damian Leakes isn't really a kid, but he is NeNe's stepson and one of the five kids never featured on the reality show. They are all the sons and daughters of Gregg Leakes, NeNe's soon to be ex-husband, and Damian has come forward to reveal their anger for being treat like they've been "non-existent" all these years - and spill a few secrets for revenge.

Seeing as NeNe has "become a household name with [their] last name," Damian and his siblings are looking for their fair shake at the spotlight. But why were they omitted from the family tree in the first place? Probably because they'd spill family secrets, like how their father met her at a strip club!

Yep, NeNe was a stripper! Gregg walked into a gentleman’s club near Atlanta one day and there he found her. Such a nice thing for a stepson to just blurt out, right?

There are apparently loads more skeletons in NeNe's closet, but what Damian is really after is the chance to have "closure" from being treated so poorly by his parents. He told sources:

“We need some closure. We need to know what did we do to cause this? What did we do to get Gregg to say ‘I’m going to abandon this family! I’m not going to try to be your friend or work with you or understand!’ We knew she [NeNe] didn’t like us– maybe he had too many kids. We didn’t know what her actual ordeal was. A TV show could be building process for Gregg and his kids because no one ever knew he had kids. There’s a lot of healing that needs to go on and a lot of animosity.”

Aaand there it is! Their own TV show. What else is there, really? Oh, and don't worry interested networks, he's already got the whole thing planned out. He wants to start the series off with a family intervention! He explains:

“It could start the healing process for all the kids…and maybe that could build back the trust with NeNe and help her and Gregg get back together. It could change him and her people, bring us all closer even if they decide to divorce, and finally break the ice and air it out. A lot of beautiful things can happen too in the midst of all the drama.”

Omg, there's your catch phrase, Andy Cohen! Better jump on this opportunity quick! Who wouldn't want to watch a gaggle of adult children fight about being neglected by their father and stepmother for the good of their career, when clearly these five gentle, kind-hearted, unselfish souls deserve better!

U'd watch this, right?

[Image via WENN.]

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Megan Fox Plays Mom While Keeping It Organic

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Megan Fox Plays Mom While Keeping It Organic

Megan Fox is growing up fast.

She took her stepson Kassius Lijah Green and her husband Brian Austin to Sun Power Natural Organic Cafe in Sutdio City yesterday.

They ate quickly but seemed to be in a good mood.

Buying organic is almost always a better option if you can afford it!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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