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Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's Daughter Is NOT Dead!


News of her death has been greatly exaggerated!

The late Steve Irwin's daughter Bindi was the target of a strange Internet hoax that claimed the Crocodile Hunter's daughter had died.

The rumor started on Twitter last Friday, and picked up speed to the point where it was number 4 on MSN's hot search items chart.

But we have proof that Bindi is alive and well!

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Crocodile Hunter's Daughter Bindi Irwin Wants To Do MORE Acting!

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Bindi Irwin can't stop until she gets enough!

The daughter of the late Steve Irwin got her first taste of acting recently, and now she's caught the bug!

Here's what she said:

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Bindi Irwin Calls Late Crocodile Hunter Dad Her 'Superhero'

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Bindi Irwin was very young when her father, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin died. But he'll always be with her. She says:

"Dad was my superhero. He still is. He's the living breathing superhero of my life. My mom and dad are my biggest inspiration. And everything I do in my life is to make them proud."

The Return To Nim's Island star is making her parents proud right now by using her burgeoning stardom to carry on her father's message of protecting the Earth! She says:

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Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's Daughter Bindi Already A Movie Star!

steve irwin daughter bindi irwin movie return to nims island

Can we call it or what?

We predicted Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, would be a star!

Turns out, she's already starring in a major motion picture!

Bindi is the star of

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Crikey! Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's Daughter Looks Just Like Her Old Man!

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If Steve Irwin were still alive, we'd have no doubt that he'd be super proud of these awesome pictures of his wife and daughter.

Bindi Irwin was spotted with her mother Terri Irwin leaving a hotel in Sydney, Australia, and the girl was anything BUT camera-shy!

She was seen hopping up and down, giving the thumbs-up, leaning against a tree with a big ol' smile on her face, and ton of other stuff.

We guess being nervous just quite isn't her thing!

She's a lot like her old man in that sense.

Steve Irwin was of course the famous host of Crocodile Huner who passed away in a freak accident in 2006.

Actually, Bindi looked to be wearing what was his famous outfit in this picture. Here she's wearing a short-sleeved safari shirt, khaki shorts and matching Converse kicks.

Look out world!

We have a feeling this girl is going to be a star!!!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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Like Father, Like Son! Croc Hunter's Kid Feeding Gators At Aussie Zoo

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Is the Crocodile Hunter back? Not quite but his son is almost there!

Over the Easter weekend, Steve Irwin's eight year old son, Robert, fed some American alligators in Queensland.

In front of 200 people!!!!

Steve used to hold his baybay while feeding crocs and gators, so this kid isn't worried.

Be careful though!

[Image via WENN.]

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Sea Shepherd Ship Suffers Serious Damage From Rogue Wave

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The Sea Shepherd has a fleet of several ships, and one of them has been seriously damaged by a giant rogue wave.

It seems pretty serious and the rescue is still under way.

The Brigitte Bardot, the ship that was damaged, issued a distress signal.

“Steve Irwin responds to a distress call issued by the Brigitte Bardot. Brigitte Bardot was very seriously damaged by a powerful wave which has cracked the bow and the pontoon.

The Steve Irwin reported that they are currently facing the storm to reach the position of Brigitte Bardot, some 240 nautical miles South West. It will be on-site in approximately 20 hours.

The Steve Irwin and will ensure the safety of the crew and then plans to escort the ship damaged in Fremantle for repairs.”

The Steve Irwin is another ship in the Sea Shepherd fleet and it is on its way to rescue the damaged ship.

The entire crew of the Brigitte Bardot is in our thoughts, and we hope for a speedy and successful rescue.

[Image via AP Images.]

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