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Steven Seagal To Lead In Reelz Scripted Cop Drama

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Steven Seagal To Lead In Reelz Scripted Cop Drama

Reelz network is diving into the murky waters of original scripted TV, and for some reason they're doing it with Steven Seagal!

The fancy cable network that hopes plans to compete with HOB and Showtime, announced that they have picked up True Justice, a Seattle-set cop drama starring Mr. Officer Seagal.

A rep for Reelz talked up their new project, saying:

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Steven Seagal May Have Killed A Puppy For His Reality Show

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Steven Seagal May Have Killed A Puppy For His Reality Show

A new low for Steven Seagal!

While filming his reality show, Steven Seagal Lawman (ironic much?), the actor-turned-reality-whore participated in a deadly police raid on a Arizona home thought to be a operating an illegal cockfighting farm.

The home owner, Jesus Sanchez Llovera, says the raid was totally "unfounded," and that his family's pet puppy was shot in the process.

Jesus claims Seagal arrived to his home on with a TANK and rammed into a gate on his property. Seagal was backed up by an MCSO Tactical Operations Unit — armed in full riot gear — which stormed the house.

Llovera's puppy, along with than 100 roosters — that he owned "for show" — were killed by the cops.

Jesus' Lawyer told TMZ his client is demanding $100,000 for the damage and he wants Seagal to issue a "formal written apology" to his children "for the death of their 11-month old puppy.

[Image via WENN.]

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Steven Seagal Clears Up Dispute With Production Company Over Lawman

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Steven Seagal movie yet

We're just happy this story has nothing to do with "sex" or "harassment", but a dispute between a company called Genuine Entertainment and Steven Seagal's Lawman reality series has been settled.

Genuine Entertainment claimed A&E had stolen the idea for Steven Seagal: Lawman which it presented to the network in several meetings. After the company's claim went public, A&E promptly sued them.

A press release on the issue read:

"Genuine Entertainment, Inc. d/b/a The Idea Factory and Rebel Entertainment Partners, Inc. and A&E Television Networks, LLC, Steven Seagal, Steamroller Productions, International Creative Management, Inc., and Nick Reed have amicably resolved their dispute concerning the Steven Seagal: Lawman program, and the parties have resumed normal business relations."

Yay! Television's biggest hit is saved! Ha!

[Image via WENN.]

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Steven Seagal Vs. Cockfighters

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steven seagal vs cockfighters in arizona

This is awful! We will NOT be watching the next episode of Steven Seagal: Lawman.

Joe Arpaio, the Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, has been fighting against cockfighting in his home state, and recently he brought Steven Seagal along with him to help with his mission…and of course to provide material for the show.

Here's how things went down with Arpaio's most recent bust on a suspected cockfighter, according to a report:

"[In] a massive show of force…the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant and arrested the homeowner, Jesus Llovera, on charges of suspected cockfighting."

Apparently, Arpaio and Seagal utilized "armored vehicles" and "a tank," and they also brought with them "dozens of SWAT members in full gear…and a bomb robot."

Here's what Llovera's neighbor Debra Ross had to say about it:

"When the tank came in and pushed the wall over and you see what's in there, and all it is, is a bunch of chickens."

Here's more about the incident from a report:

"Thousands of dollars in damages were made to the property and 115 birds were euthanized on the spot."

What's the point in stopping cockfighters if you're going to kill chickens in the process???

This is so upsetting and ridiculous…we can barely even believe it's true!


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Steven Seagal Vs. Jenny McCarthy

jenny mccarthy vs steven seagal

It was only a few months ago that Steven Seagal's $1 million sexual harassment lawsuit from a former assistant was dropped, and now another harassment allegation has resurfaced, this time from Jenny McCarthy.

In a Movieline interview in 1998, McCarthy claimed that Seagal asked her to undress during an audition for Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. The interview was revisited on Access Hollywood last week during an investigative piece.

Here's what a spokesperson for Seagal had to say about the allegation:

Warner Brothers casting for the film ‘Under Siege 2’ has confirmed that Jenny McCarthy never auditioned for a role on ‘Under Siege 2.’ Her claim is completely false.”

Here's the original allegation by McCarthy:

“I went to the audition for ‘Under Siege 2’ with, like, 15 other Jenny McCarthys. These girls came in and out of his office and I was last. Steven comes out and goes, ‘Hmm, so you’re last.’ I’m thinking, ‘Shouldn’t a casting person be doing this?’ I go inside his carpet, which has shag carpet and this huge couch, and he’s by himself and says, ‘Sit on the couch.’ I have my [script pages] and I say, ‘OK, I’m ready,’ but he says, ‘No, I want to find out about you.’ I knew what was coming. He goes, ‘So, you were Playmate of the Year."

“I was wearing this very baggy dress, which I always wear to auditions, with my hair pulled back. I’m listening to him go on and on about how he found his soul in Asia and is one with himself and whatever. When I said, ‘Well, I’m ready to read,’ he said, ‘Stand up, you have to be kind of sexy in the movie and in that dress, I can’t tell.’ I stand up and he goes, ‘Take off your dress.’ I said, ‘What?’ and he said, ‘There’s nudity.’ I said, ‘No, there’s not, or I wouldn’t be here right now.’ He said again, ‘There’s nudity,’ and I said, ‘The pages are right in front of me. There’s no nudity.’ He goes, ‘Take off your dress.’ I just started crying and said, ‘Rent my [Playboy] video, you a**hole!’ and ran out to the car."

More from McCarthy:

“I’m closing my car door and he grabs me and says, ‘Don’t you ever tell anybody.’ He won’t sue me or say anything because he knows it’s true. If I saw him today, I would still say, ‘You’re a f***ing a**hole and I really hope you change your ways."

Seagal's spokesperson has denied these claims.

Given Steven's track record of being accused of this type of thing, we're inclined to believe Jenny.

Guess we'll see if either party chooses to comment further.

Who do U believe? Jenny McCarthy or Steven Seagal?

[Images via WENN.]

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Steven Seagal's Lawman Returns To TV

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Even though the production of Steven Seagal's Lawman was shut down in April after Seagal was accused of sexual harassment, A&E has now decided to bring the show back for a second season after Seagal's lawsuit was dropped.

The first of eight episodes that were shot earlier this year will premiere Oct. 6.

No word yet if A&E will order any new episodes after the Sheriff of the New Orleans-based show considered Seagal's lawsuit a "distraction."

Would U still watch Lawman?

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Steven Seagal Scores A Permanent Restraining Against Crazy Lady!


He is no longer under siege from a looney toon!

This morning in Santa Monica, a judge enforced a permanent restraining order against Steven Seagal's accused stalker.

The request came from Seagal, who already had a temporary order placed on one Angela Rain Bates, and the judge agreed, extending the ban until August 17, 2013.

Wait a minute. That doesn't sound too permanent to us! Shouldn't permanent mean, like, FOREVER?!

Oh well, at least he is safe…for now!

Now, it's just other woman that have to look out for him!

[Image via WENN.]

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