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Time To Shut Up, Bristol!

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Here's the thing about Bristol Palin we think everyone should start to recognize:

Bitch is as big a fame-whore as effing Levi Johnston!

Face it, people! She got together with him for the publicity and now she broke up with for the publicity. She's doing interviews all over town, while her baby is probably off somewhere being raised by his uncle, Trig.

In a "new" interview, Bristol told sources that she considers herself "naive" to believe Levi was ready to settle down.

Translation - She was stoopid and didn't listen to her mother when Sarah Palin told her to get the whole fake-marriage-for-a-reality-show-thing put in a contract and signed in blood.

Then, Bristol goes on to say:

"I see that Levi's people equate me with a Bridezilla. This is not about me. This was about doing what was best for Tripp and making us a family."

Translation: "I wanted water lilies in the centerpieces, but Levi said they were out of season. I told him he was out of my vajayjay and he walked."

Seriously girl, you need to shut up now. No one cares if you had married him or that you're not. You're not getting any sympathy from America - just a continued dose of malice!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Drunk Woman Calls 911 Looking For A Date!

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Actually, it kind of is in your case. You just dialed the wrong number!

A drunk woman in Cincinnati was caught ON TAPE desperately calling 911 four times for help.

Her emergency? Not having a date.

Huh. Can't imagine why that would be so difficult for her!

Check out the tape of her sad, sad story above!

And by sad, we mean HIGHlarious!!!

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Jessica Simpson's Boyfriend Giving Up!

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On his education!


Jessica Simpson's boyfriend, former NFL player Eric Johnson, has pulled out of his graduate program in business at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School to stay in El Lay with Jess!

They've only been together eight weeks and a source says, "He doesn't want to move to Philadelphia and leave her so soon after they got together."

Well, we guess he thinks he doesn't need an Ivy League education with his new meal ticket now that's he's in love!

[Image via XposurePhotos.com.]

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Want To Know How Justin Bieber Is Going To Do At The Teen Choice Awards?

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Did they really think that this WASN'T going to leak?

STOOP execs!

Despite The Teen Choice Awards not airing for WEEKS, some idiot decided to send Shaq on stage to present Justin Bieber with the (SPOILER ALERT) four awards he will be winning this year during his concert!

So much for the element of surprise! LOLs!

Either way - congratulations, bb!

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Elizabitch Enrages Many Lesbians!

Not exactly evolved!

What else is new?

Elizabitch Hasselbeck made the ridiculous claim on The View today that "later-in-life" lesbians are just women who couldn't land a man!

So stoopid!

Check it out above!

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