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Tori Spelling Has Millions Of Dollars In Furniture & Designer Clothing Despite Claiming To Be Broke!

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What is this? A celebrity edition of Hoarders?

We reported earlier how Tori Spelling claimed to be strapped for cash in her new book Spelling It Like It Is, but according to a source, she has millions of dollars worth of furniture and designer clothes stowed away in multiple storage units:

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Robert Pattinson & Mariah Carey Have Similar Fashion Quirks! Find Out How HERE!

Robert Pattinson shares a diva aspect with Mariah Carey when it comes to clothes!

Who knew that Robert Pattinson and Mariah Carey had comparable clothing habits??

Certainly not us!

Not too long ago, Nick Cannon revealed that his wife only wears outfits once before putting them into storage. Now, Rob is saying he does the same exact thing with his suits!

We expected it from Mariah, since she’s well known for her diva antics, but hearing that from R-Patz was a bit of a shock!

He explained:

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Josh Duhamel Does Some Cleaning In Preparation For The Baby!

josh duhamel packs up some things in preparation for the baby

While Fergie was preparing to be pampered at her extravagant Gayby Shower, her beau Josh Duhamel was put on cleaning duty!

The soon-to-be daddy did a little bit of tidying up and made sure everything was squeaky clean before he took his lady out to her party!

In fact, right before he whisked her away in his pickup truck, he made sure to move his old bike into the house so they could let the good times roll!

Maybe they should put that thing in storage and hold onto it until their baby boy is old enough to start riding bikes himself!!

[Image via GRPR/AKM-GSI.]

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Keeping Your Food Fresh And Filled With Nutrients

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We all love food, but what do you do with your food when you get full?

Do you throw it away or keep the remains for leftovers? And then there's tupperware versus aluminum and all that. How do you know what helps keep your food fresh?

One FitPerez reader is looking for the answer to these questions and wrote Margaux J. Rathbun, asking:

Hi Margaux!

I love watching your nutrition videos and I have recently been making the recipes you've showed us how to prepare. I had a question for you about food storage. Is there a special way to package food (like in Tupperware containers or bottles) to help keep all of the healthy nutrients fresh? Is there a wrong way to store food? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks and keep up the healthy and delicious work!

According to Margaux:

Thanks for your question. Yes, there are absolutely right and wrong ways to store fresh foods to ensure that the nutrients stay in tact. Generally, the longer you keep produce around, the more nutrients are lost.

For example, grapes have been shown to lose about 1/3 of their B vitamins if left out for long periods of time. Tangerines have also been shown to lose a lot of their vitamin C when they sit out on the counter for awhile. Freezing meat can destroy up to 50 percent of it's thiamin and riboflavin content, so fresh meat is best. When it comes to storing your veggies and fruits, separate fruits that ripen quickly from root veggies and leafy greens. Root veggies do best stored somewhere cool, dark, and moist. Leafy greens do well when stored in high humidity, and fresh fruits and veggies retain the most nutrients when stored in a cold environment. Just make sure your fridge isn't so cold that it freezes the food inside.

If possible, buy your fresh veggies and fruits about two days before you plan to eat them. This means that you have to buy less at the store and the nutrients in your food will be in perfect form. If you are storing your food in plastic containers, be sure they are BPA-free. I love using glass containers and jars as a way to store my food. It's good for you and good for the environment.

Hope these tips help you out!

For more nutrition tips, be sure to visit Margaux at her website, follow her on twitter @MargauxRathbun and, as always, write us at Tips@FitPerez.com!

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Tips To Get Your Office Organized!

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John Trosko office organization

With many of us spending 40 or more hours a week at work, their office is almost a second home and nobody wants a messy home (unless you've appeared on A&E's Hoarders)!

Consider using the holiday downtime this year at work to tidy up, as professional organizer and FitPerez contributor John Trosko explains:

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