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Lindsay Lohan Isn't Spilling The Dirt In A Tell-All, But Dina Lohan's Dirt Is Ready To Be Served!

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lindsay lohan dina lohan writing tell all

You want some Lohan secrets??

Well, you're about to get those secrets served up on a silver platter…

…unfortunately, it WON'T be Lindsay Lohan bringing us the delicious morsels.

Instead, it is infamous momager Dina Lohan who will be dishing out all the Lohan durt for fans to read!

Dina clarified confusion about which Lohan has been telling their stories to a ghostwriter taking pen to paper:

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Lindsay Lohan and Dina LohanLindsay Lohan and Dina LohanLindsay Lohan and Dina LohanLindsay Lohan and Dina LohanLindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan

Colin Farrell Reveals Intimate Details On His Heartfelt Relationship With Elizabeth Taylor


Who knew Colin Farrell and Elizabeth Taylor shared late night conversations with each other?

There's not much we know about Colin & Elizabeth's relationship except what he shared with the world after her passing.

But thankfully, Ellen DeGeneres and the film star are good friends, otherwise he probably wouldn't have shared anything at all!

The actor shared a few fond memories he had with the late Elizabeth!

Take a look at his adorable stories (above)!!

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Lamar Odom Is NOT In Rehab! Where In The World Is Lamar??

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lamar odom not in rehab or is he

Well, which is it?? Is Lamar Odom in rehab or not??

According to some, he most definitely IS in rehab, and some are even saying he's doing it for career, not family. But, now, word is coming out that the b-ball player and reality husband didn't actually

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John Stamos Loses His Virginity And Creates Show About It!

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john stamos lost virginity stories become webseries

We've often wondered how John Stamos lost his virginity- and now he does too!

The Full House star ran into his old bandmate's sister a few years ago, and awkwardness ensued! John says:

"I said, 'Nice to meet you.' She said, 'Meet you?! Don't you remember? I took your virginity.'

I was shocked. She didn't look quite the same. She was a bit older and bit rounder.

I said to her, 'I remember now. We were driving and I dropped my keys between my legs and you grabbed me.' She was like, 'No, it was more romantic than that. I held your hand and we walked through a park together.' The stories were vastly different."

That interaction gave John an amazing idea. He dropped his keys and looked around. LOLz!

OK, but after that, he created

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Amanda Bynes CUT OFF From Mom And Dad!

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amanda bynes doesnt talk to parents

How sad for her!

After a story surfaced about Amada Bynes' parents and their obvious concern over Amanda's behavior, the retired comedian took to Twitter to set some things straight.

The wig wearing woman tweets:

Oh man!

No wonder Amanda's parents are (reportedly) worried… she won't even let them know what's going on in her life!

Plus, if she really has stopped speaking to her parentals, then any

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Disney Celebrates Earth Day With New Vid Series!

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It is no coincidence that the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund was created on the same day as Earth Day - April 22nd.

Since then, the corporation has generously donated $20 million towards programs that support animals.

That's a lot of bread! We know those animals appreciate it!

To celebrate their own anniversary, the Disney corporation is producing a series of videos called Stories From The Field.

In these videos, Disney fans will learn about endangered species from representatives from Disney!

The first video is very magical indeed!

Ch-ch-check it out by watching it (above) !!!

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What The Tabs Are Talking About!

kristen stewart robert pattinson wedding back on ok magazine cover february 2013(1)


Up first is the happy news of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's wedding bliss. Again…

Sigh. Ya know… we really wish they'd make up their freaking mind about this wedding! We can only purchase and return a box of crystal glassware so much before the Macy's cashier thinks we're pawning it for drugs, LOL!

Thanks to KStew's sexy Skype shows, OK! magazine is under the impression that her "wedding" with soulmate R-Patz is back on.

But again we ask… was there ever REALLY a wedding!?! For the love of all that sparkles, stop playing with our emotions!


While the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continue to bicker amongst themselves, Britney Spears is apparently letting one of her exes breathe on her in allll the right places.

Following her devastating split from Jason Trawick (really they seem cool with it, we were the ones crying), sources with Life&Style swear she's living it up with a familiar peen.

On the Island of Misfit Loves lives the hope that the mystery peen in question is Justin Timberlake's…

Ha! We kid!! Cheating is gross, so we definitely wish no ill will toward Jessica Biel's happy marriage. But OMG if it's Kevin Federline again… LOL!!


We're sure all of the "Kardashian Diaries" drama is still fresh

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