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Through The Ringer! Sneak Peek At This Week's New Episode!

Aside from the boat ride through green screen hell, we actually enjoyed Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show, Ringer. The pilot was a little story heavy, but we think moving, the show will have a better flow.

Case in point, this preview for next week. Out of the ten or so storylines established in the premiere, it looks like only three will be delved into more deeply in this second episode.

Check out the preview (above) and see what we mean.

Will U be tuning in tonight??

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Tina Fey Says Tracy Morgan's Homophobic Scandal May Be Written Into 30 Rock

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Here's some news that might shock and offend you:

30 Rock isn't coming back until January. Apparently, Tina Fey has to give birth before she can return to work! Pfft!

Okay, no, that's not it. The real disturbing news is that Tina confirms that her staff is considering doing an episode based off Tracy Morgan's homophobic scandal, in which he told an audience in Nashville that he'd kill his son if he acted "gay" and then spent weeks after that apologizing for his rant.

When asked plainly about the controversy being written into the show, Tina said:

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Check Out The New Trailer For Green Lantern!

We can certainly see why they're putting a lot more money into the special effects at the last minute, but damn, does this look epic or what?!

Check out the latest, just-released trailer for Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds in the title role, alongside Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard (above)!

Visuals still look a little too cartoonish for us - which doesn't help the already-out-there storyline - but we have a feeling that once the footage is displayed on the big screen, it's going to have a completely different feel!

Here's hoping, at least!

What do U think?? Do U want to see Green Lantern?

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Hey House Fans! So What The Eff Happened To Thirteen?!

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Finally! Some answers!

On last night's episode of House, Olivia Wilde made her glorious return as Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley, after being M.I.A. from the show's seventh season for almost its entirety so far - and we know we happened to her!


As everyone knows in real-life, Wilde politely requested some time off from the show so that she could focus on her film career, but as for her fictional counterpart, no one exactly knew what had happened to her!

In last night's episode, Hugh Laurie's House discovered that Thirteen had been in JAIL for six months, and although she gave him varying explanations as to why, her boss was just not convinced!

However, the truth FINALLY came out during a spud-gun competition - YEAH, random! - when Thirteen revealed that her brother also carried the dominant mutation that brings on Huntington's Disease, and she agreed to euthanize him when his symptoms became too much.

She finally agrees to re-join the team when House says he'll do the same for her when she begins to suffer, as well.


Pretty epic - AND heartwrenching!

But we ARE happy to see her back on the show, even though it's unclear how long it will last! As much as we've been intrigued with Amber Tamblyn's Martha Masters, it's good to have Thirteen back!

What do U think?? Are U excited for Olivia Wilde's return?

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Get Ready To See "A Lot" Of A Certain Nekkid Werewolf On True Blood This Season!

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Any objections? No, we didn't think so!

When Joe Manganiello was asked what fans of True Blood can expect from his character this upcoming season, he gave the best answer imaginable:

"A lot naked. I'll say a lot. A lot. A lot."

Our prayers have been answered!!! Hallelujah!!! Get's us to our DVR right now so we can record the hell out of this show!!!

Unlike some of you, we don't follow the actual storyline of this show - it distracts too much from watching sweet pieces of man candy, so we're THRILLED about where this season is going so far!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Get Ready For It! TWO Versions Of Till The World Ends Coming Wednesday!

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Oh, hellz to the YES!

We're pumped to be able to see gurlfriend possibly really MOVE this time!

Britney Spears' latest music video for 'Till The World Ends is set to drop this Wednesday, and we've now gotten word that director Ray Kay will be releasing TWO different versions of the clip!

According to sources, there will be a 'director's cut,' which will focus more on an apocalyptic storyline for the song, while a 'choreography cut' will also be released to show that despite recent performances, gurlfriend's STILL got it!

Amazing! We seriously cannot WAIT!

Bring it hard, gurl! We know you've got it in you!~

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Days Gays Of Our Lives Finally Getting Same-Sex Romance!

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Excellent! It's about time!

Days of Our Lives, which has been on the air for 45 years, is rumored to finally be giving one of their characters its first same-sex storyline in the coming months!

Although a spokeswoman for the show declined to comment, a production source revealed that one of their current castmembers will most likely be hooking up with a new addition to the daytime soap!

Nice! Here's hoping that it's equal parts seksi and sincere!

Glad to hear that they're finally getting with the times!

What do U think?? Who do U want to see go gay on Days of Our Lives??

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