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Britney Spears & Will.i.am Get Close & Personal For Her New Album!! 'Not Even The Peas' Got This Treatment!!


If hearing this doesn’t convince you that Britney Spears’ next album will be THE BEST THING EVER, we don’t know what will!!!

Will.i.am, the producer in charge of Brit-Brit’s eighth album, is going ALL OUT to make sure her music will be her most personal yet!!

As will.i.am requested, the two have been hanging out and getting to know each other romantically personally for MONTHS before the recording even starts!!!

Will.i.am said the following about his unusual strategy:

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Kim Kardashian's Reality Show To Bite Her In The Butt?? Humphries' Divorce Case Could Prove So!

kim kardashian kris humphries divorce strategy

Good luck getting a judge to consider a reality show as fact!

It's been revealed before that Kris Humphries would be using Keeping Up With the Kardashians as big evidence in his divorce case with Kim Kardashian.

But secret sources now spill the specifics behind his strategy.

Giving the goods, they divulge:

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Katie Holmes' Divorce Strategy Uncovered!

Katie Holmes Plans

As we’ve been reporting, Katie Holmes’ decision to divorce Tom Cruise was no spur of the moment thing — gurl had this shiz PLANNED!

And when we say she planned the divorce — which shocked and surprised many — we’re talking numbers changed, apartment switched…the works!

Katie clearly kept her strategizing on the DL, because Tom was caught completely off guard once the papers were filed!

A source revealed:

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Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days With These Exclusive Fitness Tips!

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10 pounds in 10 days

Celebrity trainer Jackie Warner, the New York Times best-selling author behind This Is Why Your Fat and the star of several trusted fitness DVDS, has just released a NEW book called 10 Pounds In 10 Days!

As the title suggests, it's all about getting slim quick and is loaded with fantastic advice that doesn't necessarily just apply to the gym. Check out this exclusive tip from Jackie herself:

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Study Reveals How America Is Losing Weight

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How is America Losign Weight

And most, unfortunately, are just relying on dieting!

A Gallup pole of the 52% of American adults who have successfully lost weight at some point in their lives revealed they were more likely to make various dietary changes than try good old fashioned exercise!

Results showed that 31% of those polled named non-specific exercise as their strategy for losing weight, while 23% named non-specifically eating less.


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High Powered Lawyers, Assemble! Lindsay Needs Your Help!

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lindsay and her lawyer team up with blair berk

You can get as many lawyers as you want Lindsay, but we don't think it's going to change the undeniable fact that you're going to do some time.

Today, Lindsay showed up at high powered lawyer Blair Berk's office, in an effort to get another pair of eyes to review the evidence against her, and for some help with strategy.

We really don't think this was necessary, especially because it must have cost A LOT of money. We think Shawn Chapman Holley gave it a strong effort, but the fact is there's too much evidence pointing against you, Lindz.

Ya know, Lindsay, if you put half as much effort into staying out of trouble as you're putting into trying to stay out of jail right now, you'd be in fantastic shape!

Do U think more legal advice will make any difference for Lindsay in this case?

[Images via WENN.]

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Oksana Hires ANOTHER Lawyer With Mel's $$$

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Yep. She's got ANOTHER lawyer.

Oksana Grigorieva has hired a Legal Ethics Specialist, Jonathan Arons, to investigate whether or not her $15 million mediation settlement with Mel was unlawful.

Here's what Oksana's MAIN lawyer, Daniel Horowitz, had to say about the specialist:

“He is going to analyze the mediation process and agreement to determine whether or not the agreement was unlawful. If so, we must then determine if it is void in its entirety.”

The hiring of this new lawyer plays into the new strategy from Oksana's legal team, which is based on the idea that she was a victim of extortion by Mel.

Based on a draft of a settlement agreement, which both Oksana and Mel signed, she promised to destroy all MELtdown-related evidence, in exchange for $15 million.

Horowitz is saying the following about Mel's agreement with Oksana:

"It is my understanding that attorneys are not permitted to take evidence of a crime and destroy that evidence, under Californian law."

And so it continues…

What do U think of Oksana's legal team's new strategy?

[Image via WENN.]

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