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Jennifer Love Desperate Plugs Her Lifetime Hooker Movie!


Jennifer Love Hewitt, you are absolutely shameless, and we LOVE IT!

It gives us something to LOL about all day long! Bwa ha ha!

The hacktress, whose shiteous show Ghost Whisperer died TWO deaths after both CBS and ABC axed it from their line-ups, is now desperately attempting to promote her Homecoming Queen Hooker movie on Lifetime like it's the next big Oscar contender!

She gushes:

"It's really a movie about the human condition, and the heart, and where life can take you. [Samantha] has no choice at the end of the day but to give everything that she can in order to take care of her family. She really thinks she's doing the best thing possible for them, and it just gets out of hand. … It takes her on a rollercoaster ride."

How insightful! We're sure the production value is only rivaled by your surely nuanced and poignant performance, bb!

And, of course, because girlfriend is such a serious method actor, she took pole-dancing classes to prep for her next profession the role! She claims that it "really, really gets you in shape [and] it also really teaches you about your inner sexuality."

Thank you for once again sharing with the world your wealth of desperation information!

[Image via WENN.]

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Work It Miss USA!

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Nice legs!

The newly crowned Miss USA Rima Fakih was in a naughty dance contest featuring a stripper pole 3 years ago in her home state of Michigan sponsored by a local radio show. And she won!

Head DJ Mojo reveals:

“The strippers there taught the contestants how to do moves like ‘booty poppin’ and pole dancing. Rima told us at the time that she was a model — and her routine was awesome! She definitely deserved to win.

“We got phone calls from the Miss USA people and they’re pissed off! We asked if Rima’s going to be in trouble over these photos, and they would not comment on it. We would hope she won’t lose her title.”

But Donald Trump has already confirmed she'll be keeping her crown. He explains:

"Obviously she has great imagination but she's fully clothed and a high quality person. We back her to the hilt."

We've seen beauty queens do a hell of a lot worse — haven't we Carrie Prejean?

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Kendra Puts On A Stripper Show For Her Baby!


Some parents use puppets, some parents make funny faces…

Kendra Wilkinson uses a stripper pole to entertain her baby boy!

The former Girl Next Door confessed that she doesn't see anything wrong with her little man watching his mommy do what she does best, now or even when his older! She explains:

"I think he's gonna love it! There's nothing like seeing your mom sexy and happy. Your babies will grow up happy if you're happy!"

Uh-huh, okay. Now, does that same theory apply to social behavior. For example, will your babies grow up without a sense of boundaries if you don't have any?

This is a little much, girl! Can't you just stick with peek-a-boo?!

[Image via WENN.]