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Kate Upton's V Magazine Cover Simulates A Striptease! Find Out How HERE!!

The Spring 2014 cover of V Magazine lets the reader take Kate Upton's clothes off! SeXXXy!!
The Spring 2014 cover of V Magazine lets the reader take Kate Upton's clothes off! SeXXXy!!

Ever dream of seeing Kate Upton strip RIGHT BEFORE YOUR VERY OWN EYES??

If your answer was an overwhelming YES, V magazine's spring cover is just the thing for you!

The mag asks on the front, “Why Can’t Kate Upton Keep Her Clothes On?”. Then, by way of a clever clear cover, you can take those burdensome rags right off with the mere flip of a page!!

And voila!!!

Beneath the cumbersome Diesel outfit lies Miz Upton’s very familiar bikini bod. Just like magic!

Editor Stephen Gan explained the unusual cover, saying:

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Demi Moore's New Boyfriend's Boner Is Literally Made Of Pearls! See Their Lustrous Love HERE!

demi moore pearl penis boyfriend will hanigan yoga pearl farming tradition

Demi Moore's fresh new, "complicated" boyfriend pierced his penis with a pearl!!!

This isn't one of those bizarre factoids we sugarcoated or spun — a mollusk-forged mineral is literally attached to this guy's d*ck.

Will Hanigan is a 30-year-old adonis with chiseled abs and a license to teach yoga. We know Demi prefers young, fetching hard-bodies, so none of that is a surprise.

The pearl peen, however… That's an unexpected development!

Ah, the crazy things kids do for attention these days!

The Striptease star's ex-husband Bruce Willis was born when Eisenhower was president. He's a traditional man.

We're sure the only thing that ever cut through John McClane's boner was

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Demi Moore Flew Solo Last Night In NYC, Looking FABULOUS Without Ashton Kutcher On Her Arm!


Get it, girlfriend!

Demi Moore dressed to impress last night at the GEMS Benefit Gala in New York City — and she didn't look at all out of place without Ashton Kutcher at her side!

The Ghost star has been MIA for awhile now and, when we have seen her, she hasn't exactly looked her best because she's reportedly jealous and frustrated by her old previous boy's new relationship with Mila Kunis!

Demi looked stunning in her black lace dress and sultry heels last night, though! We're not sure the Sexiest Woman Alive has anything on the Striptease star who turns 50 years old next month!!

The Girls Educational & Mentoring Services Gala benefits "girls and young women who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking."

Good to see you coming out for a good cause, Mizz Moore!

We hope you got some good-looking young dude's digits there too!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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Madonna Flashes Her Istanbul Audience While Performing Human Nature!

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Madonna may be 53, but during Thursday night's Istanbul stop on her MDNA World Tour, it was like we were back in 1993, watching her SEX IT UP during The Girlie Show World Tour!

During the icon's performance of Human Nature in front of a audience of over 55,000 people at the Turk Telecom Arena, she decided to incorporate a mini-striptease into the routine that resulted in her flashing her tittay to everyone, before jumping into Like A Virgin!


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Channing Tatum Will Be Bringing Those Magic Mike Dance Moves To The MTV Movie Awards!

channing tatum magic mike performance mtv movie awards

God bless the MTV Movie Awards!

As if it weren't already HAWT enough that Magic Mike co-stars Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey will be present at tonight's event, their castmate Joe Manganiello has revealed that the former, whose real-life past as an exotic dancer is on which the movie is based, will be putting on QUITE the performance for those in attendance!

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NSFW! Argentinean Dancing With The Stars Shows Nancy Grace A Thing Or Two About Showing Off Tittays…AND THEN SOME!


For those of you offended by the Nancy Grace Dancing With The Stars nip-slip…be glad you do not live in Argentina!

Check out footage from this week's episode of Bailando por un Sueño, which featured former Big Brother contestant Cinthia Fernandez and her dance partner stripping each other's clothes off, pouring wine down their body parts, and essentially ending up nude - yes, FULL-FRONTAL NEKKID - on national television - and for all we know, possibly pregnant!

Oh, and apparently her folks were in the audience. Because that's appropriate for them to see!

Check out the EXTREMELY NSFW performance (above)!

Opening sequence of Showgirls 2, anyone?

Just saying! Ha!

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Burlesque Movie Inspires Burlesque Performer To Call It Quits

burlesque dancers hate the movie burlesque

Kiki Valentine will NOT be happy to hear about Burlesque's Golden Globe nomination!

Burlesque performer Valentine is hanging up her fishnets after two years performing her Sunday Night Show at Ella Lounge in the East Village in NYC, because she doesn't want to be associated with the movie Burlesque.

Here's what she had to say about it:

“What do I do in my show you wouldn’t see in that movie? Burlesque!”

LOLs. Valentine and other performers aren't happy with the movie because they say it was poorly researched and doesn't properly represent the actual world of burlesque.

More from Valentine:

“Burlesque is a way to parody things that are going on in our lives. My show is very political in its nature. I also make fun of America’s obsession with celebrity. Even in the film Cabaret, they’re making fun of the Nazis. [Burlesque] just misses the mark with that title. They could’ve called it something else. Maybe The Adventures of Cher and Christina.

Here's what DeeDee Luxe, another long-time burlesque performer had to say about the film:

“It had nothing to do with burlesque, and that’s a shame because people will see it and say, ‘Oh, that’s burlesque.' It’s definitely not educating anyone.”

And here's Valentine on her concern that the movie will discourage women from doing the art form in the future:

“The beautiful thing about burlesque is that women of all body types and shapes and sizes and colors are empowering themselves through the art form. My concern is more that people will see the movie and think they have to lose 10 pounds before they can do burlesque.”

We knew the movie had issues, but to more-or-less accuse the movie of destroying burlesque as an art form? Ouch!

We wonder if the filmmakers will have anything to say TO THAT!


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