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Are Medicinal Maggots Good For You?



If you're eating anything, we recommend you stop because it's time to talk about gross bugs.

Maggots to be specific.

Maggot therapy was first used in the time of Napoleon, and through the civil war and world war one.

What happens is when maggots are placed in an open or necrotic wound, they feed on

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Does Earth Have Enough Wind Power For The Whole World?

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Wouldn't it be great if the Earth just naturally gave us everything we needed to run all our electronics and helped us to stop polluting so much?

Well two new studies have found that the Earth does actually have enough wind to power the whole world!

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Minor Anxiety Can Lead To An Early Death!

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Well if you're an anxious person, we're sure this won't help at all but, a new study found that people with minor psychological duress, such as anxiety or mild depression, have a greater chance of dying!

That's literally the last thing anxious people need to hear.

The author of the study said:

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Vacationing Is Good For Your Health!

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We had a feeling this was the case… which means all you bosses out there need to listen up!

If you wanna keep productivity high, give plenty of vacay time!! LOLz!

It's true — the more vacation time the high the productivity and better quality of work.

Beyond that, though: studies show that if you don't take vacation, you have an increased risk of heart attack.

So quit holding off and visit Nebraska like you've always wanted to.

Check out the video (above) for the full details — and some shocking stats about other countries' vacay times!

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Two Cups Of Coffee A Day VS Heart Failure!

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Coffee Good Heart

Well well well. It's the age old battle!

Is having coffee multiple times a day good in the defense against heart failure??

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What IS Brain Freeze??

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Brain Freeze

We ALL (okay, only 1/3 of us) know what brain freeze is in terms of having felt it, and there's even a definition for it:

'Brain freeze is a painful— though harmless— sensation in the front or sides of the head occurring a few seconds after the rapid ingestion of cold foods or drinks[1].'

But what is it REALLY? What's going on to cause it??

We're about to get science on all of your asses! Ha!

Studies are now suggesting that when something cold comes into contact with the palate (particularly the back, topmost part of the mouth) it causes a sudden constriction of blood vessels.

This happens VERY quickly. So quickly that the change in temp alerts pain receptors to trigger nerves carrying nerves from the face to the brain.

These nerves usually sense face pain, so they tell the brain that it's coming from the forehead and not the mouth!


The cure is to stop scarfing down cold things. Take the time to let your mouth get acclimated to the temp change!

Science! Science! Science!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Hold Up! Circumcision May Cut Prostate Cancer Risk!

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Are you vehemently against circumcision?

Well, probably nothing we say will sway you — but you should totally hold up and think about it for a second.

According to a new study, circumcision might lower prostate cancer risk!

Here's what it says

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