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The Situation Is Working HARD To Make His Own Reality Show Happen!

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the situation reality show

TV airwaves will feel the Jersey Shore void a little less… thanks to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino!

The reality TV star will reportedly be strutting his stuff in front of the cameras once more for a show that will revolve around his daily life in his New Jersey suburb.

While the show has yet to be confirmed with a network, sources have revealed that he has already begun production at his house, allegedly located next door to Snooki and JWoww’s.

Uhh, reunion?!?!

[Image via APEGA/Elizabeth Goodenough/WENN.]

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New Jersey Suburb SWARMED With Over 100 Vultures!!!

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Well, this is straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Residents of a small New Jersey suburb woke up to find more than a hundred vultures staring at them from on top of their roofs.

And unsurprisingly the residents want the scary birds to go the eff away!

Authorities are less concerned about people being frightened, but are rather perturbed about the possible damage these birds might cause to peoples' houses. If they do not leave soon - the repair costs could rise very high!

One effective way to rid the town of the vultures is to hang a dead vulture upside down as a warning to other vultures to stay away.

We kid you not.

Here's how one resident described it:

"The vulture effigy is a visual deterrent to the birds for that season but they may come back in future seasons."

The effigy costs about $5,000 per dead bird. Is there no other way to get rid of these pest birds???

Check out a creepy video of the vultures lined up on people's houses (above) !!!

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Two Zebras Escape Into Suburban Virginia Neighborhood

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In Virginia, two zebras escaped a local petting zoo.

They ended up wandering right into suburban neighborhood.

When a woman looked out her window and saw two zebras walking down the street, she called the police.

Check out the above video to hear more details from an eye witness.

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Running Of Bulls May Happen In Phoenix

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Running Of Bulls May Happen In Phoenix

ATTEN: All Thrill seekers!

American's might not have to travel to Spain to run with the bulls this year!

Authorities of a Phoenix suburb, called Cave Creek, aren't giving the bull run's event planers a city permit — but it's still on!

The town's mayor Vincent Francia said a special-event permit was revoked ONLY because promoter Phil Immordino could only provide 2 million dollars in insurance coverage (the town wanted $3 mil).

The mayor wishes they could have come to an agreement. Yeah, he wants it to happen!! The crazy mayor said:

"The bull run was on my list of wishes for the town. It would be nice to be a part of because it is so Cave Creek,"

Well, his dream may come true without the permit. Immordino is saying that –because the town was that this is on private land — the town and council had no jurisdiction over the event.

So, guess we'll you you guyz in Cave Creek.

[Image via WENN.]

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Great Dane Gives Birth To 17 Healthy Pups!

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17 puppies born by Cesarean section in Poland

Take that Octomom!

Seventeen whimpering Great Dane puppies born by Cesarean section are keeping their mother, another dog and their breeder constantly busy trying to feed the unusually large litter.

The eight male and nine female pedigree puppies were born Monday at a veterinary clinic after their breeder decided to spare the mother, 4-year-old Hania, a long labor.

They are Hania's very first litter, her breeder said Thursday.

Hania, looking tired, her puppies and another female Great Dane (a doggie wet nurse) occupy most of the ground floor of her owners house in a Warsaw suburb.

The tiny pups nursed and slept by their mother on Thursday.

It appears everyone is happy and suuuuper cute

[Image via AP Images.]

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Cutest Cat Burglar You'll Ever See!

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A quiet neighborhood in San Mateo, California has been burglarized over 600 times over the last couple years and residents say a cat burglar is to blame.

Literally! Ha!

Dusty, a house cat by day and a daring thief by night, leaves his suburban home every evening and returns with stolen items including socks, gloves, and even shoes!

Even kids aren't spared from Dusty's debauchery as he's stolen himself a hefty collection of children's toys.

What's his favorite guilty pleasure? He loves to steal swim suits left out to dry!

Check out this criminally cute story above!

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Chihuahua Attacked By Owl

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Chihuahua attacked by owl


Chico, a 4-pound Chihuahua was almost snatched up by a great horned owl while out for a walk with his owner, George Kalomiris, in a Chicago suburb.

The owl swooped down and snatched Chico, but luckily Kalomiris held onto the leash and was able to scare the creature of the night off.

So scary, but we're glad he made it!

Chico may be recovering from minor puncture wounds from the owl's talons, but he may be scarred for life with a fear of the night.

Kalomiris says Chico still refuses to step outside at night.

Well, if there are hungry owls in the neighborhood, it might not be a bad idea to keep the 4-pound dog inside at night.

[Image via AP Images.]

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