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Sandra Bullock Says She Will NOT Do The Heat Sequel!

sandra bullock the heat

After making a HUGE mistake with Speed 2: Cruise Control, we understand why Sandra Bullock is hesitant to ever do another sequel to one of her movies.

But c'mon, Sandy! The Heat 2 would be AH-Mazing!

The kick-ass chick flick she starred in with Melissa McCarthy this summer has already made $130 million at the box office and gotten rave reviews from critics and audiences alike!

Still, Sandra is saying thanks but no thanks to the idea of putting her Spanx back on for another turn as Detective Ashburn. Bullock revealed:

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Man Of Steel Throws Toy Story 3 In The Chest; Earns Best June Opening EVER!!

man of steel gif

It's a bird! It's a plane!

It's $125.1 million in the bizzank!!

Man of Steel surpassed even its highest of expectations as it soared into history this weekend, marking itself as the highest June opening ever.

Beating the beloved Toy Story 3's record, Henry Cavill can rest easy now knowing that while his film may not have wooed the critics, it definitely seduced the audience!

With that ass, how could he not?? LOLz!!

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It's Been A Great Summer For The Movies!

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Paramount Pictures Summer Movies

Thanks to summer popcorn movies, the 2011 box office isn't dying anymore!

Though it was struggling immensely by the end of March, film like Pirates, Transformers, and Harry Potter saved the day by surpassing the $1b mark — amazing!

This brings the total box office revenue WAY up, at only four percent behind last year's total.

Warner Bros. President Of Domestic Distribution, Dan Fellman, says:

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