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Pets Need Sun Protection Too!

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Everyone knows that too much sun exposure can be dangerous, even deadly — but did you know it can be just as bad for your pets??

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The Car Of The Future Is SOO Eco-Friendly Thanks To Leaves And Sunshine!!!

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artificial leaf technology

WooHoo!! We LOVE the Earth!!

Simulating the way leaves harness the energy of the sun, scientists have a discovered a way to use "artificial leaf technology" to possibly powers ships and planes…. and even cars!!!

According to Professor Richard Cogdell:

What you need is to be able to lock that energy up in some sort of storage fluid that’s available on demand, and that’s what fuel is. To really sustain our way of life after the oil runs out we have to be able to make, renewably and sustainably, dense portable fuels for transport, especially for aeroplanes and ships. We’re looking at photosynthesis to see whether we can learn to copy it in a more robust and efficient way. What we’ve realised in just the last couple of months is that we should be able to use electricity to power these reactions. I would be very disappointed if this wasn’t working in the real world in 30 years time.

Uhm, ya!!

We'd be totes disappointed too!!

Oil is soooo last century!! Time to be smart about the way we use our energy!!!

[Image via AP Images.]

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First Ever Video Of A Comet Diving Into The Sun

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This is really cool.

For the first time ever, scientists have captured video of a comet diving directly into the sun!

The video was taken from several different types of cameras, so some shots are better than others.

If you look really closely, you can see it shoot in from the bottom right corner.

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Awesome Trick: Dog Fetches Beer

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beer dog

Man's BFF indeed!

Winnipeg resident Paul Carr has his made his yellow Labrador retriever "earn his keep" by teaching him how to fetch beer!

“He’s called an American heel Lab, but I call him the great Canadian beer Lab,” Carr told the Winnipeg Sun on Tuesday, as his dog Murphy sat ready to fetch cans of ale from inside a small fridge in a Transcona back yard. “Could you have anything better than your dog to get beer for you?”

A dog that also fetches Long Island Ice Teas perhaps? But we agree, Murphy is a super fab fella!

When Murphy was a puppy Carr realized that the lab has a knack for learning tricks, the beer stunt is the latest.

“I got tired of running back and forth. So I thought, ‘Let’s get Murphy to earn his keep.’ And within two minutes, he had it figured out. Now, he’s fetching beers for everybody. He loves it. He’s excited about it. And, well, he gets a carrot afterward too. That helps.”

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Katie Price Rides Into The Sunset

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Katie Price Rides into the sunset

She knows how to ride it!

Tuesday British reality star (and sesie model) Katie Price going horse back riding with her boyfriend Leandro Penna after enjoying some lunch with his parents at La Colina restaurant in Cordoba, Argentina.

Katie has Sir Elton John to thank for introducing her to her new boy, who she met at the his Oscars party in LA in Feb.

Now, after only two months of dating, Katie is in Argentina meeting Leandro's mom and pops!

Let's just hope they don't google her…

See more pics from their romantic ride below!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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