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Britney Spears And Will.i.am To Scream & Shout ALL OVER AGAIN! REMIX Features Lil' Wayne, Diddy, And Waka Flocka Flame!

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Okay, we're going to try and lay this out for you as clearly - and calmly - as possible.


Aw, screw it! We are TOTALLY BUGGING THE EFF OUT, you guys!

Broken up engagements aside, we have long said that 2013 will most certainly be the year of the Brit Brit!

Between her new Las Vegas residency and upcoming album, it's no secret that gurlfriend is planning to follow-up the Femme Fatale tour and X Factor gig with A VENGEANCE, and according to recent reports, her longtime bestie and collaborater will.i.am is already hard at work producing tracks for her latest musical effort!

But that is NOT ALL, folks! In fact, it appears the Black Eyed Peas frontman is not yet finished perfecting the glory that is Scream & Shout…and has enlisted the help of some SERIOUS talent to not only lay down some beats for its REMIX, but appear in ANOTHER, brand new music video!

YEAH. We're talking

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Chicken Wings Stock RECORD HIGH In Anticipation Of Super Bowl XLVll

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What a coinkidink!

The Baltimore Ravens are in the Superbowl and the sale of chicken wings are projected to sell at a RECORD price this year!!

Seriously, folks, lets put all kidding aside. Chicken wings are after all a MAIN DISH.

This year chicken wing buyers may be CLUCKING when they get a look at the costs of chicken wings.

A pound of frozen chick wings has FLOWN from $1.97 to

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It's Date Night For Beyoncé And Jay-Z!

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Even with an adorable baby at home and an upcoming Super Bowl performance, we're delighted to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z still find time for romance!

The pair were spotted enjoying a LOVELY dinner together at Giorgio Ristorante in the Battery Park neighborhood of NYC last night, sitting outside on the deck for drinks while they watched the sun go down before heading inside for their meal!

Ch-ch-check 'em out (above)!

Just look at how relaxed and happy they seem!

You can't fake that kind of love, folks!

It's all over their faces!

SO sweet! Hope you two had a nice time!

[Image via Splash.]

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Louis Vuitton Gives Warner Bros A Bad Legal Hangover


The legal drama in the fashion world never ends!

As we mentioned back in March, Warner Bros is dealing with a legal hangover of sorts for featuring a fake Louis Vuitton in The Hangover II without proper permission from the luxury brand.

The luxury fashion house retaliated by officially filing a grievance at a NY federal court this past Thursday, in hopes the judge sides with a verdict made by Judge Castel three weeks ago in a similar trademark infringement case against Hyundai.The similar trademark infringement occurred in a Superbowl 30 second spot which featured an LV inspired monogrammed basketball. Although the basketball was shown on camera for literally a second, it was long enough for the judge to rule in favor of the fashion house, ordering the Japanese automotive company to pay damages.

In the ruling, Judge Castel ruled in favor of the fashion line and said:

"The component elements of the Louis Vuitton Toile Monogram, and their overall effect, are virtually indistinguishable from Hyundai's stylized basketball design. Indeed, the brevity of the basketball's appearance in the 'Luxury' ad, totaling approximately one second, renders it more difficult to assess the minor differences between the Louis Vuitton marks and Hyundai's alterations. This similarity was intended by Hyundai."

He also concluded that because of the close similarity, a sophisticated consumer could easily assume the design in the commercial originated with Vuitton and rejected the automaker's First Amendment defense grounded on its argument the social implication was too broad.

A spokesperson for LV released a statement about the monumental decision and warned other copycats:

"As Judge Castel recently ruled in Louis Vuitton v. Hyundai, Louis Vuitton's 'aggressive' enforcement of its trademark rights and prompt action against those who misuse its trademarks are necessary concomitants of its exclusive rights in the brand."

Louis V is demanding that the studio delete the scene from any future releases AND that they receive a split of the film’s profits.

The studio continues to defend its right to use the luggage in the movie claiming the luggage was “artistically relevant” to the film and if there was ever any confusion it was only minor and is the responsibility of the company which produced the knockoff.

Like Hyundai, WB is also citing their First Amendment rights to reference trademarks.

Good luck with that!

Judging by LV's past history we're not surprised that this is turning out to be such a legal battle but seriously, isn't all this free press helping the line?!!

What do U think about this all? Is LV overacting?!!

[Image courtesy of Warner Bros.]

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Kia Teases Adriana Lima's Superbowl Commercial


This is a commercial. This is a commercial for a commercial — Adriana Lima's ad for Kia which will air during the Superbowl.

Ahh!! Not only are men frustrated with this teaser, but we are too!!

Way to go, Kia.. you've definitely got our attention now!!

Watch the teaser for yourself, but be warned! It really is a tease!!!

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David Beckham Will Be In His Underwear During The Super Bowl

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Beckham Undies

The only way David Beckham being in his undies during the Super Bowl could be better is if David Beckham was in his nonedies during the Super Bowl.

Ha! Yum!

But, since that is obvs not allowed, we'll have to settle for his new H&M commercial where he's scantily clad — for his new bodywear collection!

Here's what the company is saying:

“We’re always looking for new ways to surprise and delight our customers, and we see this as a unique opportunity to reach millions of fans and H&M customers. David Beckham is a true style icon and one of the most decorated soccer players of all time.”

Then they added, "And we hope to give everyone boners."


It'll be in the second quarter of the game, so don't miss it!

Who are we kidding, you're totally going to TiVo that shizz.

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Madonna Talks Nicki Minaj, Sex, And MORE GaGa!

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Sucha madgical day, isn't it!?!

Here's another part of the ah-mazing Madonna interview for U all to enjoy!!

This time, she's talking about KISSING Nicki Minaj

She's talking about her SEX book!!!

She's talking even more about LADY GAGA!! Just wait til ya see THIS part!!

And didja know she's never cooked a meal in her life!?!

Well what are U waiting for!?! PRESSS PLaAAaYYYYY!!!

P.S! If U missed her addressing the GaGa copYcat claims, click here!!

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