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QuickFit Tip Of The Day

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Besides squats, lunges are my favorite thing to do for a great butt work out. It is also great for your hamstrings and glutes.

Stand straight, keep your hands on your hips. lunge forward and lower your body down, the lower you go the better it is for your butt.

Remember to keep your back straight . Stand back and switch off to other legs, and repeat. I try to do 2 reps of 10 each.

- Professional Surfer/Beach Head Turner, Anastasia Ashley

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Pelvic Lifts!

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Lay on your back and feet on the floor hip length apart, your arms next to you flat to your side. Lift your pelvis off the ground and press up your hips as high as you can!

Make sure you squeeze your butt as hard as you can too . This is a great exercise for your hips!

- Professional Surfer/Beach Head Turner, Anastasia Ashley, is ready to help! If U wanna know more about pelvic lifts OR anything else, U can always email us at Questions@FitPerez.com!!

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QuickFit Tip Of The Day

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Squats are my favorite exercise to do. It is one of the best things for toning a sexy butt and legs. Keep your feet hip length apart and squat, make sure your back is straight , and your abs tight , knees behind your front toes. The key to a great squat is posture, it's not how many you can do , its more important to do less with great form.

Do 2 reps of 12 each!

- Professional Surfer/Beach Head Turner, Anastasia Ashley

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Scissor Kicks!

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These are great because you are working your inner thighs that are a hard area to target as well as your abs! I love these because they are fun and moving.

Start out lying on straight on your back with your legs out straight. keep your hands under your lower back.

Lift your legs in front of you with a slight bend and alternate a "kicking motion"kicking your legs upward in the air. Try to make sure you don't touch the ground with your legs.

20 repetitions with 2 sets.

- Professional Surfer/Beach Head Turner, Anastasia Ashley

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Surfer Rides Record Breaking 78-Foot Wave!

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Tubular, dude!

Surfer Garrett McNamara, a 44-year-old pro surfer, was just recognized by Guinness World Records for riding the tallest wave EVER!

It was a 78-foot wave off the coast of Portugal!

The funniest part is he almost didn't get out of bed that morning after a full previous day of wipe outs.

"I was really beat-up that morning. This day, I did not want to get out of bed."

Luckily, his friends got him to come out that day.

Check out the video (above) to watch him ride a tidal wave.


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Stranded Polish Kite Surfer Survives 40 Hours In Water With Knife And Energy Bars!

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Stranded Sharks

Now THAT's a will to survive!!

A stranded Polish kite surfer survived 40 HOURS in water with just a knife and some energy bars!

Not only that, but that knife was used to fend off 18 foot sharks.


Jan Lisewski was attempting to kite surf across the Red Sea.

Of course, the wind stopped and

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Gerard Butler's Surfing Flick Gets Its Ladies

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Gerard Butler Surfing Flick

Have you been wondering why Gerard Butler has had a sudden interest in surfing? The dude is out there like, all the time, bro.

It turns out it's for his new surfing movie called Of Men and Mavericks, and they also just casted their leading ladies!

Here's who they got, and a bit of plot:

Walden Media’s Gerard Butler surfing drama Of Men and Mavericks has landed a studio — Fox 2000 — while Elisabeth Shue and Abigail Spencer are joining the cast.

Of Men and Mavericks follows a chapter in the real-life story of young Northern Californian Jay Moriarty, a world champion surfer and adventurer who made his reputation surfing Marvericks north of Half Moon Bay before dying in a diving accident at age 22. Gerard plays local surfing legend Frosty Hesson, who mentored and trained the young Moriarty, played by Jonny Weston.

We'll be honest: that sounds a lot better than most surfing movies. For some reason, they don't usually do it for us!

But we'll suspend that because let's be honest — Gerard is a handsome, handsome man.


[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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