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Surveillance Footage Proves The MileyBird's Innocence In Beacher's Madhouse Brawl!


Poor Miley Cyrus hasn't had the easiest week, so we bet she's thrilled that she at least won't have to worry about this craziness!

The former Disney darling had a police report filed against her last weekend when a gentleman claimed she had punched him in the face after he bumped into Liam Hemsworth's chair during an evening at Beacher's Madhouse, but luckily for her, her denial that she ever touched him is backed up by surveillance footage!

According to sources with law enforcement, who is "almost certain" that no criminal battery charges will be filed, the MileyBird can be seen in the video trying to

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Hotel Employee Swears He SAW Lindsay Lohan Attack Her Accuser!

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Lindsay Lohan witness speaks up

The plot thickens! And somebody is LYING!

Lindsay Lohan swears she was at home watching television when this alleged incident at the Standard Hotel went down, in which a woman told police she was assaulted by the actress.

Even the staff at the establishment told investigators that LiLo was nowhere to be seen that night, but NOW a man who works there is claiming she WAS there and she DID get into a physical altercation with a woman.

How would he know? Because he broke up the fight and

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Underwater Thieves Rob Capsized Cruise Ship!

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Costa Concordia Bell Stolen

Underwater robbers?? What?!

After the cruise ship Costa Concordia capsized off the Italian island of Giglio in January, the Italian coastguard has held the ship under close 24-hour surveillance — 26 feet under water!

This, however, did not stop a couple thieves who somehow got THROUGH the laser security systems and stole the ship’s bell straight from its deck!

The mayor of the island isn't TOO concerned, though, stating:

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A Pregnant Beyonce Caught Shopping On Surveillance Camera


This isn't creepy at all.

A very preggers Beyonce was spotted doing some last-minute Christmas shopping with her mother Tina Knowles.

Bey's very protective bodyguards stayed by her side the entire time making sure that no one snapped pics of her while she took in some major retail therapy.

But that didn't stop a store employee from getting a snapshot of the singer from the store's surveillance camera.

LOLz! How inventive. And also, a little stalkerish. Wait, A LOT stalkerish.

Whatevs, Beyonce still looks great so hopefully she's not too mad that the picture has made the internet rounds.

Does she EVER take a bad picture??

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Classy Teen Mom Amber Portwood Gets Into A Fist Fight At IHOP


"Gurl, you better not get near our pancakes."

That would have been our reaction if we saw this go down.

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood did something completely out of character and started a fight with a complete strange at an Indiana IHOP.

OOohh! And guess what? It was all caught on tape.

Describing the video, a source says:

"She was drunk, and there was another girl in the restaurant who had been drinking too and apparently said something about Amber to her friend. Amber instigated the fight. She told the girl, 'You don't know anything about me! I'm gonna whup your ass!' They just attacked each other. There were a couple punches thrown and hair pulling, then they were separated."

Hmmm, wasn't Amber ordered to take anger management classes after her domestic battery charge against ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Gary Shirley?? Guess those didn't work out too well, did they??

Will she ever learn?? Come on! You're a grown ass woman now! This is ridic.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Michael Lohan Gets A Whole New Pile Of Charges Against Him!


It's still unfathomable to us that he would be this incredibly STOOPID so many times in one week, but then again, he is a Lohan!

And we all must remember thaat the law doesn't apply to them!

Oh wait. YES IT DOES.

Michael Lohan is still in the hospital recovering from the foot injury he gave himself after trying to flee police yesterday and jumping from a third floor balcony into a tree, but the Father of the Century is no where NEAR off the hook, as he's been booked in absentia in the Orient Road jail in Tampa, with a whole new slew of charges on top of the domestic abuse against his girlfriend, Kate Major!

According to a spokesperson,

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So What Goes On During That LiLo Surveillance Tape?

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LiLo Tape Might Not Be Incriminating

A whole lot of not very incriminating stuff, we hear!

Lindsay Lohan, who is currently in a legal battle for allegedly stealing a necklace from a store, was filmed by the store's surveillance camera and it seems pretty undeniable according to those who have seen it.

Undeniable that she probably didn't mean to take the necklace!

What was said:

Lindsay wore the necklace almost the entire time she was in the store. [The] video clearly shows Lindsay trying on the necklace, checking herself out in the mirror, and appearing to ask her friend and the store owner for their opinion (there is no audio on the tape).

Lindsay never took the necklace off, according to our sources, and she wore it in plain view for the next 45 minutes while she tried on several rings.

[B]efore walking out of the store, Lindsay put her own necklace back on, but it in no way obstructed the store's necklace.

Not only did she put her own necklace back on, but it DIDN'T obstruct view of the store's necklace!

AND she talked to the owner for a few more minutes before leaving, while both necklaces were on!

Sounds like she didn't take it to us, but we'll reserve absolute judgment until we get to see the tape or hear what the court has to say!

What do U think? Did she take it? Was it a mistake??

[Image via WENN.]

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