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Chris Brown Vs. Drake Surveillance Video Is All Garbage!

chris brown drake wip fight cognac

Whomp Whomp!

Doesn't look like the NYPD is getting any help from WIP's security cameras!

While they have all the tapes from Chris Brown and Drake's blood feast in their possession, the footage turned out WAYY too dark to make anything out.

How convenient…

Unfortunately, this is

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Lindsay Lohan Caught Lying! Cops Have Surveillance Footage From Night Of Alleged Assault!!

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lindsay lohan lying assault


Lindsay Lohan has been swearing up and down that she was NOT at the Standard Hotel after Marisa Dugas accused her of assault.

She says she was totally at home watching TV that night. You know, her usual behavior… LOLz!

But now the West Hollywood police have acquired surveillance footage that PROVES she was there!!

Oh No, LiLo!!! Why lie?!? It only makes you look guilty!!!

Law enforcement sources explain:

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Video Shows Boy Hero Trying To Stop Shopping Cart Attack


A surveillance video shows 14-year-old Achilles Baskin physically trying to take a shopping cart away from two 12-year-old boys who were planning on throwing it from the third floor of a parking garage at an East Harlem Target.

The boy describes what happened:

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Robber Mistakenly Targets Motel That Is Hosting Mixed Martial Arists

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Huge mistake! HUGE!

A robber mistakenly targeted a motel in Los Angeles that was hosting mixed martial artists competing in the World Jiu-Jitsue No-Gi Championship.

The attempted robbery was (thankfully for us) caught on video.

If you watch (above), you'll see the man demand money from the motel clerk to then be met with a few martial artists who bring him DOWN before the police come.


One of the men who caught the guy said he might be a little nervous to compete because of the incident:

"I might have more butterflies than usual because I already had my fight for this week."

Crazy! Thankfully, those men were staying at the motel and were able to catch the guy!

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LiLo Readies Her Defense In Stolen Necklace Case!


Sneaky, sneaky!

Just as we suspected, Lindsay Lohan has once again found a way to weasel herself out of trouble for her latest drama, involving the allegedly stolen $2,500 necklace that could ultimately get her thrown in jail for violating the terms of her probation!

We're hearing that the actress' defense is that she was told by the owner of the store, Kamofie & Company, that she could take the necklace on loan - and because the surveillance video doesn't have audio, there's no proof otherwise!

Other factors that may hint that Lohan didn't do anything wrong was that the store owner knows where she lives, and had not tried to get in touch with her personally about the missing necklace, and that she wore the stolen item, well aware that it was one of a kind and that she would probably be photographed with it on!

Um…yeah! But didn't she do the same thing when she 'borrowed' that mink coat?!

The only reason the original owner found out she had it was because gurlfriend was snapped wearing it!

Frankly, with her track record, we're not completely sold that she's innocent - but we hope that she is!

We truly do want to see a reformed LiLo!

What do U think?? Is Lindsay just making up excuses again??

[Image via WENN.]

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Lindsay Lohan = Jewelry Thief?!


The drama never ends! Has gurlfriend turned from one form of deviant behavior to another?!

Lindsay Lohan has once again landed herself in the middle of a police investigation, this time involving a stolen $2,500 necklace!

According to authorities, the owner of an El Lay store filed a police report, which claimed that the aforementioned piece of jewelry was missing. Upon looking at video surveillance, she discovered that LiLo was recored wearing the necklace, but it's unclear if the footage proves she left the property still wearing it!

Either way - before the fuzz could even secure the warrant to search her home, one of the actress' people turned the necklace over!


We WISH we could just write this off as an accident, but gurlfriend has been known to wander off with clothes and high-end jewelry that doesn't belong to her before!

Those are some sticky fingers, bb!

Let's hope that you can convince the store owner that this little stunt was an honest mistake, as you're still on probation!

What do U think?? Was LiLo trying to pull a fast one here??

[Image via WENN.]

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Insane Surveillance Footage Of Customer Taking Down The "Honeybee Killer" During Robbery Gone Wrong!!

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This is so crazy! And very scary!!

In a robbery gone very wrong, a man known as the Honeybee Killer was taken down by his own gun at an Orland Park, Illinois tanning salon! And it was all caught on tape!!

In the middle of the robbery, after asking the receptionist and a customer to bind their hands and feet with rope, the customer takes action and grabs the man's gun and shoots and kills him!!

Watch it all go down in the salon's surveillance video (above).

It's terrifying to watch! Especially when the man grabs his gun!! Yikes!!

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