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Wanna Be A Better Sleeper??

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In a survey of over 26,000 people, almost 60% of them reported feeling tired during the day or having trouble falling or staying asleep.

Many of the people also said that they had also tried an over-the-counter sleep aid before.

So we have some tips on having a great night's sleep every night!

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1 In 5 Americans Pee In The Pool!!!

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A recent survey by the Water Quality and Health Council found that literally 20% of Americans have confessed to using a pool as a toilet!


For #1 only as far as the study is concerned.

Another surprisingly gross statistic is that 70% of people jumped right in without showering beforehand.

We didn't know anyone showered before going in a pool.

Apparently sweat, cosmetics, sunscreen, perfume, hair stuff, etc. can mix with chlorine to create irritants that cause skin rashes and red eyes.

So it's not the chlorine itself that does that! It's the gross people you're swimming with!

So shower before and after swimming, make sure kids have water-proof diapers and please please PLEASE stop peeing in the pool!!!

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Mentally Ill? There's An App For That!

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A medical team has created an app that can actually screen for mental illness!

You just prick your finger and place a drop of blood on your screen.


The app, called WhatsMyM3 can tell if you're at an increased risk for depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The $2.99 app is meant to help adults "monitor their own symptoms and have a view of what's going on" when it comes to mood and anxiety levels.

It's basically just a survey you can take to assess your current mood and give you a readout about your risk of a mental disorder.

Apparently 1 in 5 adults has a mental illness but only about 60% of them get treatments.

A psychiatrist who's a fan of the app said:

"It helps give you a normative sense of what's in bounds and out of bounds [for mental health.] That can be helpful for anybody who's curious about or worried about how they're doing."

So you not sure if you're anxious or if it's just gas? Get the app or take the quiz HERE!

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The Best Beach In The U.S. Is…

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California's Coronado beach!

It's a 1.5 mile-long stretch of beach with perfect weather, a picturesque view of the ocean and sand that literally sparkles.

The sand sparkles because of the mineral mica, but it's still pretty magical.

It was named the #1 beach in the U.S. in the 2012 survey by professor Stephen P. Leatherman of Florida International University.

Also known as "Dr. Beach," Leatherman gave a California beach the top slot for the first time in the over 20 years he's been ranking beaches.

He bases his rankings on environmental quality and safety for swimmers.

"I think it’s one of the most super beaches around."

That's great!

Way to go, California!

Better get to the beach quick because we expect it to get pretty crowded pretty quickly now that they're number one!

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Loud Music Tied To Drinking And Drugs

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Loud Music Drugs

We guess there's truth in the phrase 'party like a rockstar!'


A new study has tied drinking and doing drugs to loud music.

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NASA: 4,700 Asteroids Want To Kick The Crap Out Of Earth

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Thanks, NASA.

We really needed to know that there are about 4,700 potentially dangerous asteroids that want to murder us all.

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Facebook Makes You Feel Fat

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Now we have yet another reason to not let young kids on the Internet.

A new study from the Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt in Maryland surveyed 600 Facebook users between 16 and 40-years-old.

Over half of those people said that Facebook makes them feel more self-conscious about their bodies and weight.

What's surprising is men were some of those surveyed with the most negative feelings.

More women admitted they'd like to lose weight, but men were more vocal about their own opinions, literally posting negative comments about their own weight.

The associate director of the center that did the study said:

"People are now constantly aware of their appearance, thanks to Facebook. A common reaction is, 'I need to be thinner' And it's that kind of thinking that can lead to hazardous dieting. Facebook is an influential factor in developing severe eating disorders."

The worst part is the new Facebook timeline. It can so easily show a person how much better they used to look.

That can lead to depression, which can lead to eating disorders, which can lead to a multitude of health problems.

If you can't stop staring at pictures and judging yourself on Facebook, then maybe it's time to log off.

[Image via WENN.]

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