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kristen stewart robert pattinson wedding back on ok magazine cover february 2013(1)


Up first is the happy news of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's wedding bliss. Again…

Sigh. Ya know… we really wish they'd make up their freaking mind about this wedding! We can only purchase and return a box of crystal glassware so much before the Macy's cashier thinks we're pawning it for drugs, LOL!

Thanks to KStew's sexy Skype shows, OK! magazine is under the impression that her "wedding" with soulmate R-Patz is back on.

But again we ask… was there ever REALLY a wedding!?! For the love of all that sparkles, stop playing with our emotions!


While the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continue to bicker amongst themselves, Britney Spears is apparently letting one of her exes breathe on her in allll the right places.

Following her devastating split from Jason Trawick (really they seem cool with it, we were the ones crying), sources with Life&Style swear she's living it up with a familiar peen.

On the Island of Misfit Loves lives the hope that the mystery peen in question is Justin Timberlake's…

Ha! We kid!! Cheating is gross, so we definitely wish no ill will toward Jessica Biel's happy marriage. But OMG if it's Kevin Federline again… LOL!!


We're sure all of the "Kardashian Diaries" drama is still fresh

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What The Tabs Are Talking About!

angelina jolie pregnant justin bieber other woman jennifer lopez ben affleck drama star magazine cover january 2012


Ya know… sometimes we really think we should re-name this to The Krazy Kardashian Kaboodle. Seriously, these gurls are on the covers every single week, LOL!


Angelina Jolie is reportedly pregnant again. And Brad is just spending all of his free time gushing about it to Clooney.

Ha! We Wish!

Honestly, we had more fun learning about her passionate love affair with Colin Farrell! Though… a new baby would make the brood extra fabulous.

We're just not sure she'd rock a baby bump in her wedding dress. Surely she's bought it already, riiight??


Is that really the face of the girl Justin Bieber allegedly cheated on Selena Gomez with??

OooOoo saucy!! That story about what he did with his tongue was inTENSE… to say the least. And now he wants to win her back with his acoustic music. Young love…


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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West NOT Selling Baby Pics To Highest Bidder… YET!

Color us shockinged pink!!

It seems that lover-of-the-lens Kim Kardashian and her baby daddy Kanye West have rejected a big-bucks offer from an international tabloid for pictures of their newborn babe!!

The gossip mag is reportedly willing to dish out $3 million for the snaps, but Kimye is NOT trying to sell images of their future child…

At least not YET!

The business-savvy coupling are allegedly holding out because they know offers will only increase over time!

And seeing as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got a cool $6 million for pictures of THEIR baby, then obviously Yeezy and Kimmy will accept no less.

Hey, they gotta set up that college fund SOMEHOW.


[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Keira Knightley Goes TOPLESS! Talks Anorexia!

keira-knightley-allure-anorexia-talks-topless.jpgKeira Knightley went topless on the cover of Allure magazine.

It really showed off her consistently great figure!

When an actress is always really really skinny, the media cries "anorexia!"

But some people are just naturally incredibly skinny and lead an active lifestyle. Keira even sued a British tabloid for labeling her anorexic. She won!

In Allure, she talked about the claims of her "anorexia," saying:

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Amanda Bynes Suing Over Public Nudity Claims?!

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Amanda Bynes Suing Over Naked ClaimsAmanda Bynes has a lot of issues right now, but we're guessing the latest issue of In Touch isn't one of them.

The magazine reported that the All That star was recently all out at a tanning salon! According to the story, Amanda walked out of her private room and into the very public main salon room completely NAKED!

The rag also quoted a source as saying the actress looked "painfully thin" and "totally out of it!"

But Amanda isn't amused! Now she's saying "u can't In Touch this" to the magazine, threatening a lawsuit over the inflammatory story!

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