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Fergie Denies Plans To Get Pregnant

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Fergie Denies Plans To Get Pregnant

Okay, who's telling the truth?

Yesterday rapper Taboo said the Black Eyed Peas are splitting up taking a break because Fergie wants to have a baby.

But at the Avon Foundation Awards Gala in NYC Fergie says, though the Peas are planning a break she is NOT necessarily going to have a baby.

"I'm not pregnant! There's no specific plans for babies, but we do want to have them in the future,"

explained Ferg. Instead she plans on getting to know husband Josh Duhamel's family.

"I'm excited to go back to Minot, North Dakota, for Josh's family and to see that part of my new family, to see my little niece and nephew. I'm also excited to go to Christmas at my mom's. It's always a nice time to reconnect with family."

That so?

This seems a little fishy to us…

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Would You Rather…

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Get horns implanted or get a tattoo on your eyeball?

Ah, the age old question! And, also, EWWW!!!

Taboo To You is a marvelous new series on the National Geographic Channel that asks ordinary people if they would considering doing some not so ordinary things. In this week's episode, a group of folks were asked if they were more likely to get horns implanted in their head (much like the Horned GaGa!) or get a tattoo put on their eyeball!

Watch the video (above) to not only see BOTH procedures in action, but also see people's initial, honest reactions to them.

Yeah, we're going to have to pass on both of them too, but more so the eyeball thing than the horns! How can they stand that???

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Celebs Did NOT Want To Talk About Arnold/Maria Dramz At Photography Event

celebs dont wanna talk arnold dramz at event

Perfectly understandable.

Last night, celebs at the new "Beauty Culture" photo exhibit in El Lay were NOT pleased when reporters asked them about photography Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.

Here were some of the reactions from celebs when approached about the subject:

-Jamie Lee Curtis walked away
-Emmy Rossum walked away
-Halle Berry's publicist wouldn't allow reporters to bring up subjects other than the photography exhibit

One celeb WAS willing to talk about the subject though. Here's Jenny McCarthy on Arnold/Maria dramz:

"All we can do is have deep sympathy for Maria and the family and hope that they can get through this."

Following her comments, Jenny "whispered what she really thinks of Arnold," and referred to him as "that jerk."

McCarthy comments aside, it def sounds like this subject was taboo at this event, which makes sense to us, given the fact that it was a photography exhibit.

MAYBE people would have been more inclined to speak on the subject if the event had been celebrating the 15th anniversary of Arnold's Jingle All the Way! Ha!

Do U think the Arnold/Maria drama subject should have been taboo at the photography event?

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J. Lo Does NOT Want To Talk About Glee Or Louboutins

jennifer lopez doesnt want to discuss glee or louboutins

Don't worry, Jen! Come in and chat with us and it'll be a totally Glee-less conversation!

While preparing for her interview with On the Record With Fuse, J. Lo had certain subjects that she was enthusiastic to talk about…but others that she did NOT want to discuss.

Jennifer was more than happy to talk about American Idol, her twins, and her album Love, but subjects that she considered taboo include her potential Glee appearance, and her less-than-successful single Louboutins.

Apparently she REALLY didn't want to discuss those topics, so her "handlers" sent a pre-interview e-mail to Fuse producers, making it clear to them not to bring up those subjects.

At least she gave Fuse fair warning before the interview. Could have been uncomfortable for everyone involved if she didn't say anything beforehand and then reacted strongly while on the show.

What do U think about J. Lo's refusal to discuss certain subjects during her interview? Reasonable, or do U think everything should be fair game?

[Image via WENN.]

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Introducing… The World's Biggest Baby

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Do you know what infantilism is? You're about to.

Prepare yourself - this is STRANGE!

National Geographic has a new show on right now called Taboo. The docu-series follows individuals with, shall we say, unique lifestyles where the lines of reality and fantasy are nearly non-exsistent.

Allow us to introduce you to Stanely. Stanley is 29-years-old, has a job and works hard for all the things that he wants. Thing is, the things that he wants include a binky, bib and a suck on a bottle before nighty-night time!

Stanley likes to pretend he's a baby and he's taken his fetish, if you will, to the extreme. He had a giant customized crib made for himself to sleep in, lives with a woman that has assumed the "mother" role in his life and…he wears a diaper. Ewww!!!

This is just…We can't even….WHY???

You have to see this to believe it. You might not even believe it when you see it, but this is most definitely true. Check out the video (above) to hear Stanley's story.

So, at what stage of this "documentary" does the therapist get called in?

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The Black Eyed Peas' Taboo And Wife Welcome Baby Boy!

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Such a happy occasion!

The Black Eyed Peas' Taboo and his wife Jaymie Dizon welcomed their second child together this morning, a baby boy named Journey Gomez!

He wrote via Twitter:

This is it 4:05 am it's time wifey and I are heading to the hospital contractions lasting 30-47 sec between 3-5 min it's time go time !!

3 cm dilated journey is on his way good times …. Wife is doing fine .. I'm doing my part with jalen !!

By the way it's A Boy for those of you asking and his name is journey .. Thanks for your support ..

Wifey is doing really good this pregnancy is different from when we had jalen , I feel more focused and in control and not nervous at all

Journey is next , Epidural is Here!

My wifey is now 6 cm dilated resting and getting ready for a long day ahead of us I'm proud of my wife and honored to be by her side !!

Baby journey born 2:57 pm yessssssss , I am so excited !!!!!!

Baby Journey is here pea-ple .. Love u all for supporting

Such a supportive Dad!

And it certainly didn't sound like an easy birth!

Congratulations, guys! We couldn't be more thrilled for you!

Here's hoping everyone is happy, healthy, and rested in the coming days!

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[Image via WENN.]

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