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President Obama Gets Offered Some Weed While Out In Denver! So Did Barry O Go For A Hit? Watch The AH-Mazing Video HERE!

President Obama made an official visit to the great state of Colorado this week, where legal weed now flows like a sea of dreadlocks within the crowd of a Phish concert.

And while partaking in some pool at a local Denver bar, Barry O, an admitted pot smoker back in the day, got offered to take a hit off of some dude’s joint!

Wait. Someone actually asked the President of the United States if he wanted to toke up with him?? What, was he HIGH?!?

Oh. Right. He definitely was.

The bar patron asked Obama on his way out the door:

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This Pilot Bought Pizza For EVERY Passenger On His Plane, One-Upping Every Pilot Who Has Ever Come Before Him!

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pilot buys pizza for entire plane

In a world where airline food is nothing but a punchline, one pilot is doing whatever it takes to combat in-flight, culinary mediocrity.

Well, not really. But when a flight from Denver, CO, to Washington state had to make a surprise layover in Wyoming due to a storm, the pilot of the plane actually bought pizza for the ENTIRE cabin. 38 pizzas to be exact!

But what’s even more insane is that the pilot, Gerhard Bradner, bought the Domino’s pies with his own money!

Earlier in the flight when the flight attendants ran out of regular airline food to serve the annoyed passengers, Bradner decided it was better to spend his own money on some pizza rather than have an entire cabin full of disgruntled fliers.

Hear that Jake Pavelka? That’s how a real gentleman gets his passengers On The Wings Of Love. With pizza.

The plane did eventually complete its trip to Washington, and plus, everyone got free pizza! That’s definitely a better flying experience than the one some passengers had to face on this runway.

[Image via Logan Marie Torres/Twitter]

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The Internet Paid This Hot Guy $40,000 To Do WHAT?! We’ll Give You A Hint: It’s White And You Put It In Your Mouth!

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potato salad guy doodle

Well, that does it. Kickstarter has OFFICIALLY jumped the shark.

Because this guy (who we have to admit is pretty freakin’ fine) just got paid $40,000 to do something we just cannot believe!

Zach Danger Brown opened up his crowdfunding campaign in order to earn money in his quest to make his first ever potato salad.

You read that right. He made potato salad.

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90s Heartthrobs: Where Are They Now?!

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devon sawa then now

Ooooooh baby! Devon Sawa has grown up!

Our crush on Devon began on Now And Then in the 90s and from the looks of it, we're pretttyyy sure our crush is going to last for as long as we live!!!

But besides getting even HOTTER, what has Devon been up to since he first stole our hearts??!

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "90s Heartthrobs: Where Are They Now?!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "90s Heartthrobs: Where Are They Now?!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "90s Heartthrobs: Where Are They Now?!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "90s Heartthrobs: Where Are They Now?!"

CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "90s Heartthrobs: Where Are They Now?!"

[Image via New Line Cinema/Tyler Shields.]

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New Doritos 'Roulette' Edition Will Have You Putting Your Tongue At Risk! Get The Details On The Dangerous Snack HERE!

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Doritos' new \'Roulette\' edition makes each bite a risk!

We always knew eating a bag of chips was hazardous to our health, but this is just ridiculous!

The evil geniuses at Doritos have unveiled yet another diabolical creation with the new "Roulette" edition, which turns every handful into a suspense-filled bite!

So where does the gambling come in? Well each bag is filled with mostly classic nacho flavored chips. However, a few are extra EXTRA spicy!! Needless to say, this is NOT a bag of chips you'll want to

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