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'Hate Cops?' Billboard Taken Down & Replaced Within Hours — See What Sparked The Controversy!

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Uhm, okay?

It's a very trying time in our country, with anger over unpunished police brutality boiling over to the point some misguided citizens are killing cops.

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Well for some reason, amid all the tension across the nation, someone in Muncie, Indiana thought it would be a good idea to post a billboard with the insensitive message:

"Hate cops? The next time you need help call a crackhead."

The billboard only remained up just a few hours on Saturday after local Megan Thomas noticed it around 1pm and posted a picture of it on Facebook, saying:

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Brandy Trapped In Her Recording Contract — See Why Her Lawyer Says She's 'Kesha… Without The Sex'!

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Poor Brandy!

The singer has filed a lawsuit seeking to cut ties with Chameleon Entertainment, a record label that she claims has mishandled her so badly, it's threatening her entire career!

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The former Moesha star and recording artist claims in the lawsuit, according to docs obtained by TMZ, that the record label has jerked her around for the last five years, promising "hundreds of thousands of dollars" in production costs to make her albums and then… never following up.

In addition, the label keeps threatening Brandy, trying to pressure her into

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Is Instagram Deleting The Snake Emoji From Taylor Swift's Comments?

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The snakes are slithering away!

As you probably know by now, Taylor Swift is having a really sh*tty couple of days. It all started when ex Calvin Harris accused her of trying to make him look bad after it was reported that she did indeed co-write his hit This Is What You Came For.

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If that wasn't bad enough, on Sunday, Kim Kardashian released video of the Shake It Off singer giving Kanye West permission to use her name in his song Famous when TayTay said she didn't.

In response, fans are spamming her Instagram comments with the snake emoji!

However, on Monday, images of the reptile are no longer there!

Apparently, the image sharing site allows you to post 1-26 snakes before giving you the following message:

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Omarosa Is Donald Trump's Director of African American Outreach!

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We can't make this stuff up, people!

On Monday, during an interview with MSNBC, Omarosa Manigault — famous for being the villain during the first season of The Apprentice — said she was named Donald Trump's Director of African American Outreach.

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The 42-year-old attended the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH where she couldn't help but gush about her new job title.

The reality TV star said:

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Piers Morgan Slams Black Lives Matter Movement — And Talib Kweli Responds F-U-riously!

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What are you thinking, Piers Morgan?!

On the very same day that he owned up to an apology for Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, Morgan decides to go right back to being a nincompoop, fresh with a truly terrible take on Black Lives Matter!

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The British blowhard kicked things off with a weird teaser tweet (below):

Uh… thanks for the heads up?

Sure enough, exactly one hour later, we got… this column:

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Was Donald Trump's Presidential Run Predicted By Nostradamus? See The Eerie Evidence…

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This is too crazy to be true… right?!

According to Christian tradition, the Antichrist will come to the Earth first hailed as a new messiah, until suffering rains down upon the people by the unsuspecting super villain — and some are saying that is an uncanny description of Donald Trump!

Saying a Presidential pick you don't like is the Antichrist isn't exactly new — Republican weirdos have been saying it about Barack Obama for years — but with The Donald, well, there are a few pieces of compelling evidence that might make you think that this time, it's different!

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There was Trump's massive fight with Pope Francis, for one. After all, who gets into a public bout with His Holiness but… the Antichrist?!

That's not what really has people talking, though — this is more along the lines of a prediction made by 16th century philosopher Nostradamus that is proving to be oddly accurate in our current political times.

At one point in his writings, Nostradamus includes a bunch of references to a "trumpet" that theorists have seized on to be a particularly, well, Trumpian reference:

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Russell Wilson Dresses Like An Old Woman To Interrupt Ciara's Dance Battle With Gronk! See The Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Sports Awards Highlights HERE!

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Once again, Russell Wilson slayed while hosting Nickelodeon's 2016 Kids' Choice Sports Awards — even dressed as a grandma!

On Saturday night, the Seattle Seahawks' QB took the stage to host awards show for a second straight year that honors kids' favorites in the world of sports!

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During the show, the athlete's new wife Ciara was having a dance-off with Rob Gronkowski — each of which had a squad of kids dancers of course — and Wilson jumped in the middle dressed as an old woman to boogie!

Ch-ch-check out Wilson bust a move as well as Kobe Bryant accept his Legend award and get SLIMED (below)!

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