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Melissa Etheridge's Ex Explains Her Side Of The Cigarette Burning Incident

Melissa Etheridge custody battle

Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels have been battling in court since their separation in 2010, and things are only heating up.

Most recently, Tammy has requested more money for child support, while Melissa has accused her of burning one of their children with a cigarette!

However, Tammy is speaking out about her side of the story and claims that her ex essentially made a big deal over nothing. In a recent interview, she explained:

"Miller was about three-years-old. He was inside, playing with my [then] girlfriend. And I was outside, thinking about cleaning the car, and so, I had opened the door of the car. He came up from around and behind me. I didn't even see him come up because the door was open … I felt so terrible. But it was the tiniest thing and Miller didn't care. He was like, "Whatever. Can I help clean the car?"

Accidents certainly do happen, but we can understand how ANY parent would be concerned if they found a cigarette burn on their child's arm. Regardless of the burn, we think Tammy should quit smoking around those kids because of dangerous second-hand smoke.

As far as her financial demands go, Tammy feels that she deserves more than $23K in child support a month because she "gave up the job that was $25,000 a week, not $23,000 a month." Essentially, her thought process is that if she would have continued her acting career, she could be making at least $100,000 a month.

She continued to assert that the amount of money she is receiving may ultimately be a gay rights issue, considering straight wives would be entitled to 50% of their husbands' income. While commenting on the issue, Tammy said this:

"It's the law. When we were together, there were a lot of things said and shared between us. And a lot of things were promised. I'm standing here saying: 'You wanted to fight for gay rights; you wanted everything to be fair. You wanted to stand up for all of us? Because now I'm an 'us,' the gays that wanted to have gay rights and equality and not look like dip s–ts.'"

She actually raises a VERY good point. If this world truly was an equal one, Tammy would be receiving half of Melissa's $178,000 monthly income, wouldn't she?

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Melissa Etheridge's Ex Writes A Poem About Burning Their Child With A Cigarette

Melissa Etheridge and tammy


It's a form of expression almost excessively used by angry teens and people in rehab; but sometimes poetry is used to make us laugh at you define yourself in court!

Yesterday, we reported that Melissa Etheridge filed documents with custody court that claim her ex, Tammy Lynn Michaels, burnt their child with a cigarette.

Lucky for us, Tammy has responded to Melissa's accusation… with a poem!!

In the brilliant piece of writing, Tammy explains that she was standing "20 feet away" from the kids, while taking part in her "bad habit" when her 3-year-old son playfully attacked her. Here's an excerpt from the poem:

"how does one know
that her amazing son
with strong and luscious arms and legs
would try to play
Invisible Monster Tackling Mommy

Well, that explains everything! LOL!

Now we understand how she may have mistakenly burnt her child. However, now we have a new question: WHY A POEM???

Treat yourself to the entire ridiculous masterfully written poem… AFTER THE JUMP!!

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Melissa Etheridge: My Ex 'Burned Our Kid With A Cigarette'

Melissa Etheridge custody battle

Oh, heeeell naw!

The epic custody battle between Melissa Etheridge and her ex Tammy Lynn Michaels has been going on for YEARS — and it's not showing any signs of slowing down!

Melissa has just filed legal docs claiming the mother of her twins had BURNED the kids with cigarettes!

The animal-loving singer wants a judge to order Tammy to stop smoking around the children.

Back in 2010 Etheridge claimed that Michaels "used our children as pawns," to get what she wanted out of their split, and it appears not a lot has changed between them!

In the documents she filed, Melissa attached an email she claims Tammy sent that says:

"They aren't leaving my care while you are on the road — a completely inappropriate place for 3-year-olds — not to mention you can't track them, have no child care, and they were bit by dogs in the house last time you had them."

Melissa says Tam Tam is just being "vindictive."

A hearing is set for May 22. Aside from the smoking ban, Melissa will be asking the judge for more time with the kids.

[Image via WENN.]

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Melissa Etheridge And Ex Dueling It Out In Court!

Tammy Lynn Michaels Melissa Etheridge Team Tammy Fight

Things are STILL hateful between Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels!!!

The two are meeting in court to battle it out for the custody of their two daughters, spousal support, division of property, fees, etc!!!

Not only that, but Melissa

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More From Melissa's Ex, Tammy, On Poor Living Conditions


She's blogging up a storm now.

Following her extensive rant against the world who she thought deserved to know her side of the story about her split with Melissa Etheridge, Tammy Lynn Michaels posted another entry yesterday, describing the state of her current living conditions.

Once again, its a pretty lengthly entry, so we'll skip ahead to the part where she describes the condition of her house. As backstory, you should know the both her and her children are very sick this week, so that's added to the dismay of her home life. Tammy writes:

i have had the cold thing for two weeks
and as i cough up green
i am hoping the shades will fade to lemon
and let go of my lungs and we'll be on our merry way

but until then
there's piles of toys (trucks!!!!)
and dolls and crayons
and some towels on the floor
next to my bed from where
one threw up last night
–i'm waiting to see what he has–
i need to empty trash cans
of regurged whatnots and trash
i need to do some laundry
pay some bills
balance the checkbook
make an appointment with the phone company
cuz the 3 pound rat in the garage
ate through the phone wire before we caught it
(god i love my landlords)

and just sort of in general…
get the house in order before the kids
come back home tomorrow….

My god! A 3 pound rat? Disgusting! What kind of hovel is this woman living in? We're disgusted to think about the type of squalor she's forced to endure. Makes us sick.

And this…this is where the mother of Melissa's children is forced to live. We thought you were more considerate than this, BB. Why aren't you helping her out?!

[Image via WENN.]

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Melissa Etheridge's Ex Unleashes!


She's back on the blog… and this is some hardcore shiz!

It's no secret to anyone who has been following along that Tammy Lynn Michaels was completely blindsided by Melissa Etheridge and their breakup last year. For the most part, Melissa has been the only one talking trash about their relationship and if we may say so, pulling some very low punches.

But today, following the news that Melissa has started up a relationship with Nurse Jackie creator Linda Wallem, Tammy took to her blog to unleash a lot of unresolved feelings and divulge some secrets that the public might not even be aware of.

It's pretty long, so let's hit you with the HIGHlights.

First, she recaps her readers on the fact that Melissa made it seem like they were taking a trial separation from one another to work things out when she was actually tossing her out for good:

i moved out november 23rd 2009
she said it would help
i was convinced it would
too and i trusted there was
no one else
i didn't know
there was someone moving in
as i was moving out


three weeks later a box of new toys
was delivered and her assistant brought
it to my rental house as a mistake
i opened it
and that's when i felt something was up

Then, she goes on to reveal that this was the moment she learned that Melissa was cheating on her with someone else. Though she doesn't outright say Linda was the woman, she hints that after listening to the songs on Melissa's album, she had a feeling she knew who it could be:

and then i listened to the album
and i understood
you don't want to work it out
oh you already have someone in the wings
oh you already have pined for another
oh you are done here

oh i have become another one of your exes

Then she starts to talk about the aftermath of their breakup in which she "begged" Melissa not to let the story break too soon after their split. Tammy writes that she wanted some time to "process my feelings before the public did" and that their "divorce should not be a mass emotional project." But her pleas were ignored and the story "leaked" three weeks before Melissa's last album dropped.

Obviously, this rant that seems much too late has been ignited by two things: time to heal and the report calling Melissa and Linda a "new" couple. Tammy addresses both situations in her poem, saying:

but i have had some time to let it digest, rip my stomach apart,
digest some more, and i think i'm in a better spot now.
sometimes reality takes a moment to settle in. you know, like if
you were standing in the pitch black, and suddenly you threw
on some intense 1500W bulbs around you?? you'd need to quint
and adjust and maybe be blind for a minute? okay. maybe vomit up
your stomach until you have a brand new lining, but hey, who
doesn't do that when their world turns upside down? :-)

so. you know. people magazine tries to get things right. they try to
clean things up for the famous folk- their sources are usually the publicist
for the celebrity. i'm here to clarify. well… i want to clarify without
dealing with getting sued for SLANDER (and paying someone), which would include
me saying that the two were involved while I was living there (it is still my house, by the way).
and i haven't gone just that far yet.

since april of 09? mmm…. one of my little sweet peas told me otherwise much
earlier than that, Pooper magazine.

they should have shut the bedroom door.

She goes on for much longer, explaining that she loves her kids and despite everything, they still come first and then casting blame on Melissa for all the pain that has befallen their family.

But this was the one line that stood out for us the most: "speak true, spread the peace, and have faith that we all walk the talk. "

Now, we hope she really lives up to that.

[Image via WENN.]

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Melissa Etheridge's Dating Ex's Best Friend!

Filed under: Melissa Etheridge


Whoa! This is a low blow!

The National Enquirer is reporting the Melissa Ehteridge has finally moved on from her breakup with Tammy Lynn Michaels and has started dating Linda Wallem.

Linda is a writer/producer over at Nurse Jackie and according to sources on the set of the show, Linda has been happily telling everyone that she and Melissa are "in love" and boasting about their "committed relationship."

But this is a rather scandalous affair, as Melissa and Linda have known each other for many years, through Melissa's ex. Linda happens to be on of Tammy's best friends. In fact, she acted as the "best lady" for Tammy when she married Melissa!

OMG! Crazy! Haven't these ladies ever heard of the Bro-Code? We think some of those guidelines actually apply to ladies as well!

We can't imagine poor Tammy is taking this very well. We know we wouldn't!

[Image via WENN.]

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