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Pauly D Don't Support Tanning Mom And 'What She Done'


Pauly D thinks Tanning Mom is overcooked.

The reality superstar recently passed some bro criticism on THE Tanning Mom, and his advice to stop this from happening again is actually pretty good!

Here's what the Jersey Shore star said:

"Um, I do. I think you should be a certain age to go tanning. Um, that mom, I don't support what she done, and I think she tans too much herself. But there's gotta be some kind of law. I think the age should be sixteen or better."

Sixteen may even still be too young, but at least da man's in the right ballpark.

Maybe it's just us, but we think the entire shore crew needs to step up and speak on the matter.

We've already gotten Snooki and Pauly D's view, so let's get the rest of 'em.

We seriously think this needs to happen.

Come on, MTV!


[Image via WENN & Pacific Coast News.]

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Tanning Mom Apologizes…NOT!!!


All Tanning Mom wants to do is raise her kids, be a good housewife and tan, but all the attention she's receiving has made it hard for her to get her bronze on.

In a recent interview Tanning Mom laid down what she wants and why she isn't apologizing for the way she looks.

Here's what she said:

“I’m sorry, I’m tan. I like to be tan. It just feels good. I really think these moms and dads need to step off. I just want people to leave us alone.”

The 44-year-old mom also swore she was innocent and did NOT bring her daughter into a tanning bed with her.

She said:

“It was beautiful out, and they went into the kiddie pool. She’s a redhead. She got sunburnt.”

The redhead and sunburnt part are absolutely true, but it's the other part, about the kiddie pool, that people want to know if is honest or not.

The too-tan woman's court appearance is set for June 4th.

She also wanted to make it perfectly clear that she is a good mother, and underneath her shiny red exterior is a good mother and wife.

Here's what she said:

“I’m up at three in the morning, making sure all the wash is done. My husband goes to work at 4:30. He works from Wall Street. And then I make pancakes, pack their bags, and they’re all off and gone. And then I work all day inside and outside of this house.”

When does she find the time to tan?

And where does she go??>

Isn't she banned from all the tanning salons???

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Kim Kardashian Thinks Tanning Mom Is CRAY CRAY!!!


You already know a chick's got some SERIOUS issues when Octo-Mom points a finger and calls U cray!!!

That's exactly what's went down with Patricia Krentcil AKA Tanning Mom and now even Kim Kardashian is chiming in on the wacky mom!

Halloween came early as Kim shared the picture of herself (above) channeling the tanorexic nut job with 14.6 million of her closest Twitter friends.

Kimmie said:

"The tannerexic mom has some serious competition!!! LOL,"

Naturally, her fans freaked out, and that’s when Kanye’s wifey revealed that she was just kidding!!!

"Relax that's just a spray tan!!! I washed off & I'm back to my normal tan self! But how crazy does it look after being on for 8 hours."


We're glad she wasn't being serious, but that shiz sure was HIGHlarious!!!

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[Images via CBS & Twitter.]

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Tanning Mom Says She'd Do Porn


Things are heating up for the Tanning Mom.

Sources say the infamous mother has had many offers to star in her own reality television show.

But would she ever consider starring in a porn movie or posing for Playboy is apparently the question on some people's mind.

Why this is on their minds is another question entirely, but nonetheless there are no wrong questions - just gross ones.

When asked if she saw Playboy in her future, she jokingly said yes and then later said "I'm not doing Playboy."

We don't think these rumors are serious (please don't be serious), but there is some truth to every joke.

What do u think?

Will Tanning Mom do porn?

Would U watch?

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Octo-Mom On Tanning Mom: 'She Needs Mandatory Parenting Classes'



Ladies & gentlemen, let's get READY TO RUMBLE!

Octo-Mom recently dropped some knowledge on Tanning Mom, and no we are not joking!

The porn-for-hire mother said she'd heard about Tanning Mom, who is accused of bringing her 5-year-old daughter to a tanning salon, and didn't want to "judge a fellow mom" before proceeding to judge the heck out of her!

Here's what she said:

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Salon Owner On Tanning Mom: 'Don't Blame Me'


Not everyone that goes to tanning salons look like Tanning Mom, that's for sure.

And the owner of City Tropics where Tanning Mom went for regular UV treatments is insisting that neither him nor his tanning beds are in any way responsible for the color of the infamous mom's skin.

He believes her dark tan was brought about by using a special sponge that bodybuilders use, and there's no way his business was the one who provided that to her.

The owner said:

"On stage [bodybuilders] look normal because the lights are so bright, but when they come outside it looks like tree bark."

He also thought his reliable customer looks like she was "dipped in chocolate."


That's a creative observation.

Tanning Mom paid $99 a month to have unlimited use of City Tropics tanning beds and it is estimated that she went approximately 20-25 times a month.

Damn, that's some tans!

The owner also said, contrary to what he reported earlier, that Tanning Mom's 5-year-old daughter was in the car with her father while the mom had her session.

We certainly hope so!

On Patricia Krentcil's (that's her real name, if you didn't know) ban from tanning salons, the owner mentioned he wouldn't ban her.

He said:

"I don't know if that's legal to do. So I wouldn't do it."

We're not sure if she wants to go back at this point.


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Tanning Mom BANNED From Local Tanning Salons!


You can't hide no mo'!

Patricia Krentcil, the leathery orange tanning mom accused of taking her 5-year-old daughter to a tanning salon, has now been BANNED from local tanning salons in her New Jersey neighborhood.

In fact, even the New Jersey Department of Health has gotten involved with this case.

Employees of the 8 Planet Sun locations, plus several other salons, have been ordered to refuse business to the mother if she steps foot through their doors.

Some of the salons even have pictures of the Patricia on their front desk to remind them of what she looks like - as if anyone could ever forget!! (See her face above.)

Meanwhile, an inspection of the City Tropics Tanning Salon, where Patricia took her daughter, is currently being investigated and inspected by New Jersey Department of Health.

They're not messing around! They want to make sure this woman pays the price! And she should!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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