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EXCLUSIVE: Tanya McQueen's Springtime Tip!

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Tanya McQueen Spring Tips

We sprung our clocks ahead this past weekend for Daylight Savings and now it's time to REALLY get ready for springtime!!

Luckily, we have Lifetime's The Picker Sisters and ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition's lifestyle expert Tanya McQueen to help us out with our spring planting! What better way to bring in the change of season than with a beautiful garden of flowers?!

Tanya says

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EXCLUSIVE: New Year's Family Traditions AND A Deelish NYE Beef Stew Recipe!

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Tanya McQueen for zitos

Lifetime's The Picker Sisters and ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition's lifestyle expert Tanya McQueen is back and this time she's got some great new family traditions that will help us feel "rejuvenated" into the New Year.

And bonus! She also has a delicious recipe for New Year's Beef Stew! Nom nom nom!

Tanya says:

"One of the best parts of growing up in a small town was being able to pop fireworks. Two times a year, July 4th and New Years, we waited with crinkled bills in hand to go buy our Black Cats, sparklers and roman candles.

Another great part of growing up in a small town, is that our parents seemed to not mind that a bunch of kids were running around in the pasture with open flames, lighting fireworks. Well, as we all know well, things aren’t always that carefree. For starters, I don’t think I’ve ever seen fireworks sold in the city, much less kids running around with matches and poppers in hand; obviously for good reason.

While I do miss those memories, I’ve started to create a few of my own. New Year’s is a great time for rejuvenation. Without sounding too mushy, I do spend the 31st of December thinking about my life, my marriage and my children. We usually spend the holidays in Texas, which allows for us to ring in the New Year with my extended family. The 31st finds us around a campfire, roasting marshmallows on sticks that each kid has to find on their own…(part of the thrill).

We always make a stew that is washed down with champagne, while the kid’s kick back with their sparkling juice. Dinner is followed with an annual hayride under the stars, while covered in blankets. Then, the pinnacle of the night, for ALL the kids, is that they get to stay up until MIDNIGHT…gasp!!! I can remember the thrill of fighting Mr. Sandman, when I was a kid. I would try so hard to stay awake for the ball to drop with very little success. Now it’s fun to watch my kids deny their fatigue and fight through the night waiting to usher in another year. Even though the kids put up a heck of a fight, we always find ourselves counting down the clock with very few of them awake. After a whirlwind of kisses and well wishes, we add another log to the fire, pour a celebratory glass of champagne and think about how lucky we are to be with our family.

May 2012 be your YEAR!!"

Making New Year's Eve family traditions for your children is a healthy and fun way to keep you connected for generations to come!

And for Tanya's New Year’s Beef Stew With Red Wine recipe, click after the jump!

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EXCUSIVE: Fun Halloween Project For The Whole Family!

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Lifestyle expert Tanya McQueen from Lifetime’s The Picker Sisters and ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition is a crafty momma!

Known for beautifying things in an efficient way, the mother of 4 has a fun and interactive family project that will your kids will love this Halloween season!

Tanya teaches us how to make "Do-It-Yourself Scarecrows For Halloween!"

Using basic items like a yardstick, staple gun, paper plates, glue gun, sequins, scissors and old clothing, this really is a fun and easy project for the whole fam. Not only that, it’s a great interactive activity to bring the family together while getting into the Halloween spirit.

Trust me, as a busy mom of four I know how daunting a child friendly DIY project sounds. It involves glue guns, sequins, sewing and the inevitable pair of sharp scissors..(every mom’s nightmare). Though the thought of 'homemade' is scary, we all want to have that gold star next to our mom badge; the true display of maternal courage and creativity. So, I came across a great fall project that will have your kids smiling and you blushing with satisfaction: The 1-2-3 Spooky-ooky Scarecrow.

First off, mull the cider and add a dash of bourbon to yours, before settling in to this fall festivity. You’ll need two yardsticks per scarecrow, a staple gun, a few buttons, pipe cleaners, paper plates, glue and some yarn. The rest you can find in your closet.

1.) Take the yardstick and form a cross out of them, staple where they intersect (the great part is the yardsticks are so thin, the staples go right through them).

2.) Next, start dressing your scarecrow. Old shirts and jeans work great. You’ll need to cut a slit in the jeans to feed the end of the yardstick through.

3.) Once dressed, take the paper plates and create a face of your choice. Could be funny, scary, whatever you see for YOUR scarecrow. You can definitely utilize any spare scraps you may have around the house so great creative!

For our scarecrow, we used buttons for eyes & nose and pipe cleaners for a mouth, which came out really cute.

4.) Now it’s time to give your scarecrow hair. You can use yarn, old shoe laces, or anything else you may find around the house to give the same effect. Then you’ll staple the hair to the top of the paper plate which will be later covered by a hat, so don’t worry about it looking sloppy. The color and length are up to you, so have fun with it!

5.) Next, you’re going to staple the plate to the yardstick. You can cover the stapled area by wrapping a scarf, bandana, tie or any leftover fabric over the area. This will of course give your scarecrow more life and a flair of fashion.

Plop on a hat and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind, we-did-it-ourselves, scarecrow!

One word of advice, think about where you’re putting your scarecrow. We put ours by the front door and it 'scares' the crap out of me every night. Guess they work!! Happy Halloween!!

So much fun! And kids love crafts!

To keep up with Tanya McQueen, follow her on twitter @TanyaMcQueen!

[Images via Tanya McQueen.]

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EXCLUSIVE: Creating 'Their Own Space' On Their Own Budget

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Tanya McQueen for zitos

You know her from Lifetime’s The Picker Sisters and ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition, but lifestyle expert Tanya McQueen is also one proactive mama!

The décor prodigy and mother of 4, known for her cost efficient at home makeovers, says creating a space of their own is a project with a learning experience twist.

Tanya explains to exclusively to Perezitos.com how building a space for the kids to play keeps them productive, creative and learning.

McQueen says:

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