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Teacher Busted For Having SEX With Family Dog!!

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Gross dog sex haver

This is disgusting!!

A Maryland teacher was busted for bestiality after the cops found videotapes of her having sex with her family dog!

Stephanie Mikles, 45, engaged in several sexual acts with her dog over a several week period in August 2008.

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Will Sign Copies Of Her Sex Tape At EXXXOTICA!


She's loving it!

Farrah Abraham definitely seems to enjoy the attention she's received these past few months.

And now she will be able to give back to her sex tape fans. Or at least the fans down in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!

It has just been announced that the former Teen Mom star will appear at EXXXOTICA South Florida, "the nation’s largest event dedicated to love and sex", from May 31st to June 1st.

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's Parents' Reaction To Fake Sex Tape!!!


Farrah Abraham doesn't mind talking about her fake sex tape now.

Not at all!

But it wasn't always like that!

Here's what the Teen Mom said happened when her parents found out about her raunchy video:

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Sez She Made More Money From Sex Tape Than Is Being Reported!

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She can't stop talking about it!

Farrah Abraham had an interview where she goes into further detail about why she made a personal "sex tape", how she thought hiring a porn star would increase the likelihood that the tape would remain private, and why she finally decided to release the tape.

But the most inneresting part of the interview to us was when the Teen Mom star says that she made more money than is being reported.

Here's what she said:

"I did make more than what people would hear, so some information is wrong."

More than what we thought?!

How much MORE?!

Check out the full interview by watching the video (above) !!!

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Is Humbled By The Sex Tape She Didn't Realize Was Being Filmed!


Farrah Abraham has been receiving a TON of compliments about her just released tape of her having sex!

Here's what the former Teen Mom said:

“I’ve gotten a lot of compliments from men and women telling me this is the best sex tape they’ve ever seen from a celebrity so I’m humbled.”

Hey now! Compliments from men AND women?? Best celebrity sex tape EVER?? You're going straight to the top, Farrah!

But Farrah didn't plan any of this!

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Won't Be Watching Her Own Sex Tape!


Why watch it when you've already lived it!

That's what Farrah Abraham is saying to her fans on Twitter at least!

And we've got to say - it's the most sensible thing she's said in a while!

Here's what the Teen Mom star tweeted:

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Defends Her Sex Tape!!!

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Farrah Abraham is used to the camera. She was on Teen Mom for pete's sake!

So to try and rationalize her behavior these past few weeks, she made a video on Keek where she defended selling her fake sex tape!

She sure seems convinced of herself.

The question is though - are you convinced by her logic???

See for yourself by checking out the video (above) !!!

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