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Lindsay Cries Wolf Victim!

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And now, Lindsay Lohan's side of the story.

By now, you've already read the incident report, filed by Dawn Holland, who insists that after a night of drinking, a belligerent and violent LiLo attacked her at the Betty Ford Clinic with such force, that she sprained the woman's wrist. Till now, its been her word against suspicions and assumptions, but sources are revealing Lindsay's side of things according to what she's been telling her friends.

According to sources, Lindsay is downright refuting every word that Dawn is spewing about what went on the other night. For starters, LiLo insists that she was not out drinking with her roommates as she was so accused of. She maintains that she was out getting her hair done while they were out carousing.

She must have managed to return around the same time though, because LiLo claims that when she returned to the house, the staffer grabbed her abruptly and pushed her! In fact, Lindsay claims she was shoved so hard, she began to cry.

But then, she adds onto her story that it was actually Dawn who refused to give Lindsay the breathalyzer test, not the other way around.

So basically, according to Lindsay, she's a good little girl with a new weave a top her head, who is being sabotaged by a woman, who also gets physically aggressive for no apparent reason.

Any of U buying this? Well, maybe this will help you…

According to Lindsay, her reps and lawyers will be requesting the tapes from the surveillance cameras to prove her story.

Ah! That could really help! We'd also like to see a receipt from the hair salon and talk to these supposed drunken roommates to get their side of the story. Once we get all the pieces to this puzzle, maybe then we can find it easier to trust Lindsay isn't yanking everyone's chain.

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Miley's Reps Tried To Bury Bong Video!

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Your Reaction?


Sources are reporting that Miley Cyrus' handlers knew all about the bong video WEEKS ago and did everything they could to bury it, including buying off serveral college students.

And the plot thickens!

According to sources, sometime after Thanksgiving, a college student contacted one of Miley's reps to ask if they were willing to make an exchange for their copy of the video. Money was apparently discussed, but in the end, they settled on an exchange of hardware. The student forfeited their MacBook Pro for a brand new one. The student reportedly wasn't given anything more, but a man was sent to the student's campus to personally retrieve the computer.

Sometime after this, another student make a similar trade-off with Miley's reps as they also had a copy of the video.

There could be countless more scenarios like this that we aren't aware of, but what we do know is that in the end, there was no way to keep the video under wraps.

It's like we've always said, there is only one sure fire way to keep tapes like this from getting out - not making one in the first place!

Whoever leaked it must have been happy with the computer they already had!

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Oksana Demands Mel Pay For PR

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Apparently now that Oksana’s got Mel Gibson in court, she’s going to try to squeeze money from him in every way possible.

Oksana wants Judge Scott Gordon to order Mel to pay for the $84,000 in PR expenses that she incurred while trying to counter the public perception that she sold the secret tapes of her and Mel.

According to sources, though, there’s no way that the judge will grant Oksana’s request, unless he decides to alter the existing settlement — $5,000 a month plus the house.

We think it’s about time for you to just take the money and run, Oksana. Everybody’s sort of losing interest, bb!

[Image via WENN.]

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Oksana's Spokesperson Resigns!

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Not good!

Steve Jaffe, a top Hollywood crisis manager who once worked for Bill Clinton, has resigned from his post as Oksana Grigorieva's spokesperson.

He explains:

"The case was so all encompassing in terms of my time and the strict orders by the judge. I have other clients in serious crises who require my time. There was frustration from the client, who wanted to defend herself - and rightly so - but also had to follow the judges' orders, so I thought it best I simply resign."

He joined the case after Oksana was accused of editing the tapes of Mel Gibson's rants.

Now Oksana is considering replacements for Jaffe including Howard Bragman who recently said:

"I think Mel Gibson is not going to have a mainstream Hollywood career again. Let's not feel really bad for Mel Gibson… He's reportedly worth more than a billion dollars."

We agree!

[Image via WENN.]

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Warning To All Of Michael Lohan's Future Girlfriends!


He will tape you and release all that shiz!

Michael Lohan is responding to Kate Major's abuse claims with threats of releasing audio tapes of their conversations, including information about Kate's "legal and personal issues!"

He says:

“Because of Kate’s behavior and false claims, I am going to release a statement and only the first of many pictures of Kate (obliterated) as well as the first of multiple recordings."

Here we go again!

Kate has obtained a restraining order against Michael and he is forbidden from contacting her or going anywhere near her! But their back and forth accusations don't seem to be coming to a halt any time soon.

As for the engagement, Kate supposedly returned her ring to Michael before he left for El Lay. She's also suggesting that he's fallen off the wagon and is drinking again.

Michael is claiming that Kate drained one of their bank accounts which she is denying.

So much he said - she said, but that's just how Michael and his women roll!

[Image via WENN.]

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