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A+ Revenge: Tattoo Artist Puts Poop Tattoo On His Cheating Girlfriend!!

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A+ Revenge: Tattoo Artist Puts Poop Tattoo On His Cheating Girlfriend!!

This gives "Tramp Stamp" a whole new meaning!!

Ryan L. Fitzjerald deserves endless congratulations for pulling off the most highlarous acts of revenge we've EVER seen.

The tattoo artist / evil genius found out his lady had cheated with a long-time friend of his, and did what sane person would do: confronted her told her he wanted to give her the tattoo of "a scene from Narnia" she always wanted.

Obv, instead of marking her with the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, Ryan gave his cheating lover a big pile of poop!! Probably to match her lying cheating face.

His girlfriend ex, Rossie Brovent, is now suing Fitzjerald for $100,000. She claims:

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Kim Kardashian Gets A Tattoo…


Kim Kardashian likes to experiment with her style and makeup.

So after finding some temporary lip tattoos in Kylie’s room, she decided to try them on!

Reveals Kim on her blog:

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Megan Fox On Marilyn Monroe: I'm SO Over It!

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megan fox marilyn monroe tattoo

When Megan Fox was 18, she had Marilyn Monroe's face tattooed on her arm.

She's since regretted the decision and decided to begin laser removal. She said it's because she didn't want any of Marilyn's bad juju following her around.

But now she says she's just plain over it! Foxy says:

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Kendall Jenner Chickened Out On Getting Birthday Tattoo

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Bawk bawk bawk!

JK! Tattoos are a big deal!

Which is why we totally get why Kendall Jenner chickened out on getting a tattoo for her 16th birthday.

The reality star is currently filming a special for E! that covers her sweet 16, but looks like things aren't going out with the quite bang she was hoping for.

Tattoo artist Mario Barth says that she was planning on getting the words "vous tees belles," which is French for "you are beautiful." But she quickly changed her mind. He adds:

"She loved the design. But she was saying, 'I don't feel 100 percent. Can I wait?' She made the right call."

Kendall's big sis Kim Kardashian will be pleased that she changed her mind. As well as her dad Bruce Jenner. Even though he and mom Kris Jenner signed a consent form, Kim says:

"Bruce will be so happy! I'm not a fan of tattoos. Especially at a young age when you change your mind so much."

Guess you can change your mind when you're 31 too. (You know, cuz Kim's second marriage only lasted 72 days…)

Anyway, good call, Kendall! Wait until you're older to make such a committed decision.

[Image via WENN.]

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Another The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Poster!

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Damn! We're getting close to the release! We're getting close to A LOT of good movie releases.

This is one of our top five though!

We have another poster from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, featuring stars Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara looking all sullen and perplexed.

A dark movie deserves this kind of representation! Very eerie! Very cool!

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Another Hangover Lawsuit! This One Claims Plagiarism!

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Really? Is this guy serious? C'mon! Obviously, this is a tale as old as time! A fable passed down for generations! And besides, who hasn't gotten blackout wasted in Thailand, only the wake up with a tattoo on your face, a drug-dealing monkey at your side and ping pong balls … well, let's just end it there, huh!

Still, Warner Bros. is now facing a THIRD lawsuit against their flick The Hangover II, this time from a man who claims the studio stole the story from his Asian adventures. According to Alan Rubin, who is representing himself, the concept was stolen from a script he had written about his outrageous life after he married a Japanese woman named Tamayo in 2007. In his complaint, he asserts:

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David Beckham's New Tat!

David Beckham Harper Tat

The cutest thing about David Beckham's new tattoo is the picture he took to show it off!

Coming from a tweet that his wife Victoria spread to the masses, we can see that it's the word "love" written in script.

But like we said, the cutest thing is Harper squeezing her daddy's finger! We doubt she even knows what a tattoo is, so that's why we're melting over the presentation rather than the new ink.

Hope she's sleeping through the night!

[Image via YFrog.]

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