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Man Gets Perma-Boner From Penis Tattoo

Perma Boner

As if you needed another reason other then "you're putting a needle and ink into your penis," you can now add "it might give you a permanent boner," to that!

That's exactly what happened to an Iranian man who got one done with a homemade needle (mistake #532) that said in Persian script, "borow be salaamat" (good luck on your journeys).

Kind of an odd thing to have on your dong, but we digress. So what

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Mark Wahlberg Chronicles His Tattoo Removal To David Letterman, Sylvie Is Still A Part Of Him

So here's something that's been trending recently… celebs gettin' all that old ink off their body!

Megan Fox has been trying to rid herself of Marilyn Monroe's "negative energy," and so has Mark Wahlberg!!

Well, not of Marilyn's… but of Sylvester the Cat!! Apparently that is just one pussy who can't take a hint!!

He's undergone over 30 removal sessions and its still there!!! Damn, what kind of ink did the artist use??

As he described it to David Letterman, the initial session was the worst:

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New Van Halen!

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It's an exciting day for Van Halen fans!

Check out the newly released music video (above) for Tattoo, which is the first single off of Van Halen's upcoming album!

We're far from blown away by this song, but it's cool to see the band reunited with David Lee Roth.

Good luck, guys!

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Ellen DeGeneres Gives Kirstie Alley A TATTOO For Her Birthday!

Ellen DeGeneres sure knows how to treat someone for their birthday!

Kirstie Alley made an appearance on the comedienne's talk show for her upcoming 60th on January 12th, and after revealing that was thinking about treating herself to a some ink in honor of the occasion, Ellen announced that she had a tattoo artist waiting backstage to grant her wish!

But of course, there's a bit of HIGHlarious catch!

Ch-ch-check it all go down (above)!

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RiRi Gettin' New Ink!!

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Rihanna Tattoo

Our gurl Rihanna hit up Body Electric in West Hollywood Thursday night!

We can only imagine what she inked up this time!! She's already got, like, a ton!!

But check out those killer Louboutins she's wearin! Werk!!

RiRi, tweet us a pic! We wanna see your new tat!!

[Image via Finalpixx.]

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Oh, God! Justin Bieber Gets A Jesus Tattoo!

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Biebs was snapped on the beach in El Lay sporting some new ink.

The young star was with Papa Biebs and beachgoers got to see his new Jesus tattoo on his left calf.

Biebs and his father already have Jesus inscribed on their chest and this is the newest addition to his body.

The Jesus tat adds to his leg collection, which includes

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Not So Blind Item

This C-List actor from a cable thriller recently got a tattoo in a very private area of his body.

What did he get? A Lady GaGa tattoo!

WHO do U think it is?!

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