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David Beckham's New Tat!

David Beckham Harper Tat

The cutest thing about David Beckham's new tattoo is the picture he took to show it off!

Coming from a tweet that his wife Victoria spread to the masses, we can see that it's the word "love" written in script.

But like we said, the cutest thing is Harper squeezing her daddy's finger! We doubt she even knows what a tattoo is, so that's why we're melting over the presentation rather than the new ink.

Hope she's sleeping through the night!

[Image via YFrog.]

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New Incredible Pics From Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

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New Girl Dragon Tattoo Pic 1

We are so excited for David Fincher's Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. So much so that these new, incredible picture from the movie hurt us more than they help us!

Who says snippets like this will hold you over??


Only a few more months, guys! Check out the pics below!

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Megan Fox Seen With Her Fading Marilyn Monroe Tattoo!

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Megan Fox Fading Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

It looks like the process is working for Megan Fox!

Meggerz recently had some breakfast in Los Feliz when she showed off her arm sans heavy ink.

Her Marilyn Monroe tattoo is definitely fading. We guess it won't be too long before it's all gone!

As we reported before, Megan decided to rid herself of the sexy face's influence since Marilyn's life was "shrouded in mystery and tragedy."

Welp! It's a good thing she can afford it! Kinda sucks for all those inspired by her to get their own…

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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New Trailer For The Muppets The Pig With the Froggy Tattoo

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God, they're good. They are SO GOOD.

There's a new spoof trailer out to promote The Muppets (and blatantly cross promote the movie album) and we have to say, it might be the best yet!

Have a looksie at the latest Muppets masterpiece, The Pig With the Froggy Tattoo! (above)


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Vintage GaGa: Tattoo Edition!

Check out this clip of Lady GaGa getting a tattoo from back some time in 2008!

It's pretty rad to hear her talk about being a singer/songwriter and her job before she got to the level of fame she has now.

Watch the clip above!

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Mugshot Hall Of Fame


Well, if this image doesn't chill you to the bone, then we don't know what will!

Check out this HOrrifying mugshot (above) of 31-year-old Caius Veiovis, who alongside two other men, are apparently connected to a chapter of Hells Angels, and are accused of the kidnapping and murder of

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Snooki Snickers, What In Hell Is On Your Arm?!

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Darling girl. Sweet, silly, orange sunny, sassy Snooki.

What on Earth have you done?

Yesterday, Snooki Snickers debuted a new tattoo on her Twitter - a large, extravagant piece of inkwork right on her right arm. When asked to explain the design by one of her followers, Snooks replied:

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