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New Breaking Dawn Trailer Released!!!! Try To Breathe!

We've chosen a side. It's taken us three years and four movies to do it, but we think we finally know what team we're on.

Team Bill Condon all the way!!!! This looks INCREDIBLE! Best trailer for the series BY FAR!!!

The first full-length trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part One has released and not only do we get a significant glimpse at the (fictional) wedding of the year, but there's also enough new footage of the honeymoon, wolf pack and pregnant Bella to have a Twi-hard rip their pillows to shreds.

Also, there's more headboard breaking. SWOOOON!

In case you haven't already watched it about 14 million times - like us - check out the trailer for the next installment of the Twilight saga! (above)

Really all this is missing is a shot of that damn baby. You mean we're actually going to have to wait till November for that?! BLASPHEMY!!

P.S. - How HAWT is Angry Edward?!?!?

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Tay Tay Looking Dreamy On Seventeen Magazine

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Oh hai Tay Tay.

Taylor Lautner and his sparkling white teeth graced the cover of the upcoming October issue of Seventeen magazine.

Promoting his new movie Abduction, Taylor talked a bit about where he sees himself in five years:

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Even More Breaking Dawn Stills!


Squeal!! It's all so exciting, huh???

Soon the stills will become clips. Then the clips will become a new full trailer. Then, faster than you think, tent city will be back up at the Staples Center and the movie premiere will be upon us!!! And shortly after that, we'll get to see the latest Twi-vampy adventure with our very own eyes! Woohoo!!! But back the stills…

Yesterday, we share a bunch of shots from the new Twi-flick, Breaking Dawn. Lots of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan Cullen making with the honeymoon and a little glimpse of everyone's favorite werewolf, Jacob Black. Today, we have some more of the same, but more glimpses at the couple's honeymoon and the wolves taking a stand!

Soooo intense!!! LOL!

Check out the gallery (below) to see them all!

U like? How's the movie looking to U fans so far???

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HAWT New Abduction Poster!


You can abduct us any day, boy! WOOF!

The latest poster for Taylor Lautner's new movie Abduction has been released and you can ogle it above!

Don't feel bad if you don't get a little distracted and forget to do other things today!

Gosh, imagine if he didn't have a shirt on?! No really, imagine it with us! Aaah!

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Tay Tay & KStew Step Out To Support New Moon Director


Loyalty. We love it!

Last night, Chris Weitz premiered his new movie, A Better Life, at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Much to everyone's surprise, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart arrived at the screening to support the man who helmed the second flick in their Twilight franchise, New Moon.

As always, Tay Tay looks outrageously handsome, but we've gotta say, we're equally as taken with Kristen! That's quite a classy yet comfortable ensemble you've got going on there, girl! Who knew you had it in you!

Check out more hot shots of the Twilight pair in the gallery (below)!

Sigh! We miss R-Patz!

[Image via WENN.]

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New MTV Movie Awards Promos With KStew & Tay Tay!

What?! Hey, are you too good for the MTV Movie Awards now ROBERT PATTINSON?! Where is your promo for the big night? Whatevs!

Two of the pivotal members of the Holy Trinity of Twilight shot promos for MTV's special event and we've got them for you here.

Check of these promos featuring Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in the videos (above)!

Good energy, KStew! We can really feel your deep dismay over Jason cutting your hair!

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Are You A Taylor Lautner Fan? If So, He MIGHT Date You…

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taylor lautner would date his fans


During a recent interview, Abduction/Twilight star Taylor Lautner admitted that he would date a fan.

Here's what he had to say when the question was posed:

"That is a loaded question. I mean, nobody is excluded in my book."

We'll take that as an enthusiastic YES, Taylor.

…Let's just hope that TOO many Tay Tay stalkers aren't born out of this news.

If you ask out Taylor and he rejects you twice three times, then we'd say it's time to move on…but then again, third time's traditionally a charm, right?

Would U like to date Taylor Lautner, now that you know it's within the realm of possibility?

[Image via WENN.]

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