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First Trailer Released For Taylor Lautner's Abduction!

Run, Tay Tay, Run!

Check out the trailer (above) for Taylor Lautner's intense new action flick Abduction.

We're sure fans of Taylor's abs Twilight fans will be flocking to theaters for this one!

Good luck, Taylor! We'll look forward to seeing how you fare as a leading man.

Are U pumped for this flick?

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First Look! Taylor Lautner In Abduction!

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Oh man!

We could literally stare at him like this for HOURS.

Check out the just-released, first promo pic of Taylor Lautner in his new action film, Abduction, also starring his rumored lady friend Lily Collins (above)!

According to reports, the flick focuses on Tay Tay's character, who discovers that the people who raised him are not actually his parents. This revelation leads to events that force him to have to run for his life!

JUICY! In the immortal words of Rebecca Black, "We SO excited! So so so excited!"

What do U think?? Are U looking forward to Abduction?

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KStew, TayTay And Breaking Dawn Cast And Crew Evacuated From Vancouver Beach Due To Tsunami!


Truly so frightening! We are praying for everyone's safety.

While Hawaii and the North American west coast have been placed on tsunami advisories after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck Japan today, thousands have been evacuated all over the Pacific region - and that includes Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and the cast of Breaking Dawn, who are currently filming in the Vancouver Island beach area of British Columbia!

Sources close to the production have revealed that although they aren't believed to be in any serious danger, everyone has been moved out of the vicinity as a precaution.

Seriously! Better safe than sorry when it comes to this sort of thing!

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this horrible catastrophe. Stay strong, and more importantly, stay SAFE.

[Image via WENN.]

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Parenting Lola, Lourdes' Father Speaks

lourdes leons father talks about parenting

Don't worry, Carlos. You're def not the only lenient parent in the entertainment industry…

Madonna's ex Carlos Leon has opened up about his parenting style for their daughter Lourdes, and we're liking a lot of what he has to say.

Here's what he had to say about his parenting style, overall:

"I'm a lenient dad. I'm very empathetic, and I'm good at listening to my daughter … I'm probably a bad dad when it comes to disciplining her."

Lola's father on her curfew:

"I try to work with her on it. We settle on a time, say around 10 p.m., and she's like, 'How about 10:30?' And it eventually becomes 10:15."

And here's Carlos on his daughter and dating:

"I'm dreading it so much, because she's my little girl. I want her to stay young forever. I'm already overprotective, so when the time comes, I will be ready to have a talk with the guy she brings through the door. He better be ready, because I'll give him the rundown!"

And here's Lola's father on the movies they watch together:

"She loves to watch Harry Potter. It's a favorite of hers. We can watch that 100 times – well, she can. Twilight is also pretty big at our house. She likes Robert Pattinson. She's Team Edward all the way."

Really, Lola? Not a Tay Tay fan? To each their own! Ha!

We think it sounds like Lourdes' father is doing a pretty good job. As she gets older, the key will be for him to make sure she has SOME boundaries, but not SO many that she feels the need to rebel. It's all about finding that balance.

So far so good, Carlos. Keep it up!

[Image via WENN.]

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First Look: Get Abducted By Taylor Lautner!

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He's going to be the latest, greatest action hero! Faboosh!

Check out these newly releases stills from Taylor Lautner's latest non-wolfy flick, Abduction.

Hot! Look at the intensity in his eyes as he saves his damsel! Fierce! We're totes jealous of you, Lily Collins!

Check out the rest of the pics in the gallery below!

[Image via Lionsgate.]

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TayTay Taking The Lead In New Book-To-Movie Franchise

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Remember how in the first Twilight movie everyone just kind of forgot about Taylor Lautner and fell totally in love with Robert Pattinson?

Well, we just hope whatever supporting actor that gets cast along Tay Tay in his new movie has the kind of luck Lautner had!

Sources are reporting that Taylor has signed on to star in Incarceron for Fox 2000. Adapted from the successful YA novel, Tay Tay will play a teenage prisoner in a twisted futuristic reality where people have been placed in jail that goes way beyond just keeping people locked up. He enlists the daughter of the warden to help him make a daring escape.

Whoever gets to play the daughter is DAMN LUCKY!

Not like we don't already know the answer to this, but humor us:

How many of U would be interested in seeing this?

[Image via WENN.]

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Wet, Hot, American Werewolf!


The Twi-craze has finally settled down and the Holy Trinity of Twilight are taking a much needed rest from the chaos. (for now!)

That doesn't mean we have to stop ogling the goodies!

Check out these EXTREMELY HAWT outtakes from a photo shoot Taylor Lautner had with photographer Michael Comte! (above)

Hmm! Hmm! Bendy!

U like?

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