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More Sarah Palin LOLZ! (Enhanced By Pure Moods)

Filed under: PolitikSarah Palin

Sarah Palin has put out yet another brilliantly genius political ad.

Watch as she soothes the minds of her zombie followers with, what thinkers would call, delusional messages set to the smooth spa jams of Pure Moods. LOL!

P.S! She says she's all about the constitution yet her YouTube videos don't allow comments. Hmm, wonder why she wants to hide all that free speech?

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SNL Alum Victoria Jackson Goes To Occupy Wall Street To Ask Questions, Gets Real Answers

Filed under: PolitikStephen Colbert

Ohhh wow! She's at it again!

Former SNL star Victoria Jackson is a member of the Tea Party.

Occupy Wall Street is obviously going to be a little confusing to her. So she takes her camcorder and goes to ask some questions.

While her curiosities are ridiculous silly but unfortunately real (no Stephen Colbert work here), she gets some real, concise, intelligent answers from the protestors.

And what happens is HIGHlarious, brilliant, and informative!

We really recommend this to everyone! You won't regret it!!!

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Occupy Wall Street Protestor Who Schooled Fox News Interviews With ABC

Filed under: PolitikInspiration

Jesse LaGreca, the Occupy Wall Street protestor who has recently garnered attention after schooling Fox News, got a chance to talk with political analysts on ABC.

And it. is. wonderful.

To recap…

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Levi Johnston To GOP: Palin Quit Alaska, I Wouldn't Want Her Advice!

Levi Johnston Can Sleep Now That Sarah Palin Wont Be President

And you thought Democrats would be the most relieved when Sarah Palin pulled her name out of the presidential race!

(Oh yeah. If you've been taking a long nap, she announced yesterday she won't be wasting everyone's time.)

But nope! Levi Johnston seems to be the most elated. He's responded to the news, saying he can sleep better now!

Bristol Palin's baby-daddy said:

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Rick Perry's Co-Chair Says Natural Disasters Are God's Punishment For Loving One Another Accepting The LGBT Community!

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These people have really lost their marbles, haven't they!?!

The person you see in the video above is Pam Olsen, the newly-named co-chair of Rick Perry's Florida Presidency 5 campaign.


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Fill In The Blank


While Marcus Bachmann has his wife, Michele Bachmann, in this compromising position at the CNN/Tea Party Express Republican debate, Marcus is thinking _______________.

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Boo! Tea Party Crowd CHEERS For Letting The Uninsured Die

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This is horrible. Whatever happened to helping your fellow man?

In a disturbing display of lack of compassion, Ron Paul was asked a very serious question — one that had the crowd (of what we assume are people who we'd never want as neighbors or care-givers) cheering and agreeing with the idea of just letting someone who is uninsured die.

And get this: in the hypothetical situation, the uninsured is a young, healthy male in his low thirties who has a great job and is a great part of his economy.

Who in their right mind would ever cheer the loss of a life at all? What sense does this make? Wouldn't we want to keep that kind of young consumer around?

We're just blown away by this. Check it out above.

This bums us out.

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