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Siri Hates Zooey Deschanel!


We can only imagine what it would be like for poor Siri to be aware of all the stupid questions consumers ask her. Most notably, whether or not it's raining outside. Especially when the person asking the question is already looking out the window!

Sorry Zooey Deschanel, but that was a pretty silly question to ask. Luckily for you, we know you were just gettin' that green, so we're not judging.

Conan O'Brien and the rest of Team Coco got a hold of The New Girl's recent commercial for Apple and created their own version (above) in which Siri doesn't just sit back and answer dumb questions.

We kinda wish this is the Siri that we had on our phone. She's WAY more fun!

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Chelsea Vs. Conan: Who's On Top?!


The answer just might surprise you.

A year ago, this post would've read very differently. Conan O'Brien was on top of the world, having just come off of his The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour and was poised to make his much anticipated return to late-night on TBS. After selling out a 30-city tour and proving the strength of Team CoCo on Twitter, no one would've guessed he would lose in the ratings to another late night host, at least not on cable.

But alas, he has. He has lost his lead and he's lost it to Chelsea Handler. According to ratings reports, Chelsea Lately surpassed Conan in ratings for the first time in June, averaging 959,000 to Big C's 851,000. That's quiet a leap forward!

But will it last? Is a new era dawning? Is vodka everyone's new cup of tea over ginger???

What are U watching this summer? Are U still on Team CoCo or are you now being handled by Chelsea???

[Image via WENN.]

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Conan Knows What You Need…An F-Card!

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Let's get real, you're over Facebook.

It has nothing to do with the interface or the ads or even getting poked by people you haven't seen since you were 11. It's the Farmville requests, the constant updates on your newsfeed everytime that guy you like hooks-up with some new skank…the effing FARMVILLE REQUESTS! GAH!

Well, Conan O'Brien might not have a beard anymore, but he still has a clue and he's got something new for all of you on Team CoCo.

Let Conan say the things you can't! "Like" the Team Coco Facebook page and you will be allow to send your "friends" brand new F-Cards!

You need to see them for yourself to reeeeeeally appreciate them! CLICK HERE to head to the Facebook page and see what Conan has come up with every possible Facebook scenario that gets on your nerves.

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Conan's Ratings Already Dropping!


We were worried about this.

After squashing all of the competition in viewership during his Monday premiere, Conan had a pretty significant drop-off during its second night, pulling in a 2.1 rating!

This puts them down 28%, whereas Letterman pulled in a 3.0/8, Leno a 2.5/7, and Nightline a 3.2!


No need to get too discouraged, but we sincerely hope this trend doesn't continue!

Team CoCo!


[Image via WENN.]

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The Name Of Conan's New Show Is….

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How the hell should we know?!

But we will know tomorrow and so will all of you, if Conan O'Brien is true to his word. This afternoon, he posted this message on his Twitter:

"I was going to announce the name of my new show today, but my lawyers tell me 'The Return of Nanny McPhee' is taken. Tune in tomorrow."

Hopefully, he isn't kidding. We don't think Team CoCo would like that very much!

Don't be a tease, Ginge! Give it up!

[Image via WENN.]

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Conan Still Can't Be Funny On TV!

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Fingers are crossed across the nation as Sunday's Emmy awards are rapidly approaching and Team CoCo will finally learn the fate of their beloved leader.

It would be some hell of a feeling of vindication should Conan O'Brien walk away from the Emmys with a statue for his short lived stint on The Tonight Show, but those hoping to hear Conan tear into his former employers for all they've done won't get the satisfaction. Legally, Conan still can't say anything negative about NBC, Jay Leno or anything affiliated with the two.

Bummer right? Well, there is a silver lining.

Though Conan, per his settlement, is prohibited from making "false" statements about the network that could be considered "insulting or defamatory," he's allowed to say whatever he wishes if it falls under the category of a fact.

We think he could work with that!

Here's hoping you get to stick it to them, Conan! We're rooting for you!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jay Leno Comments On Emmy Nominations

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Interesting how The Tonight Show got 4 Emmy nominations yesterday and none of them were for Jay Leno!

Well, of course Jay had to address the irony of the situation on his show last night. Check out his lack of enthusiasm when talking about the EMMYS. (above)

Not so much as a congrats to Conan?

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