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3D Printing Is Better With Nylon

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3D printing is literally the future.

A young child wants nothing but the new popular toy car or doll, or more likely video game system or something, and it's Christmas morning and the stores were sold out.

Oh no! But wait… Good thing you have your 3D printer.

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Man Literally Flies Like A Bird

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This is absolutely amazing.

A real dream come true.

This man designed a machine that allows him to take off like a bird… by flapping his arms!!!

This is truly incredible… we want to fly!!!

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Endangered Cat Born At Research Facility

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This is amazing.

A critically endangered cat was born to a domestic house cat!!

You can thank the Audubon Center for Research of Endangered Species.

Using new techniques they were able to perform an interspecies embryo transfer!

Maybe the world won't run out of tigers after all.

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Apple Is DENIED!

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Apple iPadApple, the king of tech, has been denied the trademark of the "multi-touch."

Originally petitioned in 2007, the United States Patent and Trademark Office will not accept the company's application.

Their reasoning? Because the term has already taken a second, more generic meaning.

They explained:

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Android Beats The iPhone! By A Lot!

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Android Beats iPhone

It's a 2-1 win for Android, who is enjoying the luxuries of being the highest-selling smartphone.

This crown is three months old now

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Smart Collars: The Craziest Animal Technology To Date

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Pet PI: Smart Collars Will Tell Us Everything About Animals

We want one!!

A smart collar (like a smart phone) is combination of global positioning technology and accelerometers for measuring an animal’s metabolic inner life in leaping, running or sleeping.

They were originally designed for pets, but researchers realized a smart collar can change the way we study animals.

"What you end up with is a diary for the animal, a 24-hour diary that says he spent this much time sleeping, and we know from the GPS where that was,”

said Terrie Williams, a professor of biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and one of three co-investigators on the project.

The device is way more than a GPS, it can a researcher the animal's oxygen intake, when it's hunting and what exactly it's killed.

"He ate something and we know what it was because the signatures we get for a deer kill vs. a rabbit kill are very different.”

OMG, that's nutz!

But hold up, if they're making smart collars for pets and wild animals do you think they can make on for boyfriends??

[image via Matthew Staver for The New York Times]

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New Facebook Comment Editing Feature Causing Annoyance At First

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Facebook Changes Commenting System

If you've been on Facebook recently, and let's be honest, you have, you'll notice a small change if you've tried to comment on something.

That change is this: The "comment" button is gone!

We don't mean the first one, but the one you click to submit the comment! Instead, all you have to do is hit enter!

While this could be seen as an annoyance at first, they've done this because they've added a very handy comment editing feature. So no longer will you misspell something or immediately regret sounding stupid about something and have to delete the entire thing!

You can just click the X like you were going to delete the comment, but now you have the option to edit or delete completely!

Where's the annoyance in that, you say? The annoyance comes in the idea of hitting enter to post the comment, because that used to be for performing paragraph breaks. So until people get used to it, you'll be seeing a lot of accidental postings going on, but at least they can go back in and edit now!

To do a paragraph break, you just have to press Shift + Enter, like in a lot of instant-messaging programs.

We think everyone will get used to it easily, especially for the chance to edit!

How do U feel about this new change??

[Image via WENN.]

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